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Naruto Uzumaki.

A seven-year-old boy with blond hair, blue eyes, three whisker marks on either cheek... and the holder of a heavy burden bestowed on him since his birth. The Fourth-Hokage, the man that saved Konohagakure, who was both feared and loved by many, who had been Naruto's number one idol, and the man who gave Naruto this burden.

The young boy was currently running from a mob of villagers once again. It almost seemed like nothing new, but it still made Naruto scared and angry. Even with the happy face he usually has on, the boy himself can't deny the growing rage within him. He was currently running through the road that lead out of Konoha, straight into the forest surrounding the village.

As he passed the gates, the villagers decided to just leave him. If he ever came back, they'd just hurt him even more. Had they known how Naruto would return, they probably would have run after the child and begged for forgiveness. And the young boy would've forgiven them, but he was about to go through an immense change. One that will cause a great fear to Konoha and all it's enemies.

A young girl stumbled out into the forest, her shoulder-length green hair in a mess while her yellow, pupil-less eyes were full of fear. Half of her body was pitch-black while the other half was albino-white. She wore what seemed to be a tan cloth around her, much too big for her small eight-year-old from. She kept stumbling around the woods, not sure where to go. Eight years of living under hate and loneliness was too much for her as she finally left her 'home'.

'Some home that was! I wonder why they hate me. I look like them! Why do they call me a freak? Maybe it has something to do with my skin and my petals.' thought the little girl in double voices. She kept walking, her malnourished body becoming weaker as time went by. It was the fact that she could call to the earth for energy that she was still alive. Finally deciding to sleep, the girl lay down and clasped her hands together, creating a blanket of moss to keep her warm.

Naruto kept walking, even when he could no longer hear the shouts of hatred. Unable to move anymore, he slumped to the ground and hit a batch of moss covering something up. That something stirred slightly, but soon went back to being silent and still.

Slowly, he drifted into his mind.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and got up, realizing that he was in a sewer. He frowned, wondering when he entered a sewer. 'Last thing I remember was running through the forest.' The young blond got up and looked around. He was in a dead end of a sewer with two pipes hanging above him. One was large with red energy running through it. the other was blue and slightly cracked, blue energy running through it.

He then realized that someone was grumbling. He walked down the corridors towards the sound. He reached a room and could here the grumbling a bit clearer. "Stupid humans always attacking the kid. As soon as I get out of this place, I'm gonna make him strong enough to not only protect, but burn an entire village! Why do they hurt him anyway?" came a deep voice that sounded like that of a teen. He kept walking until he finally entered the room.

Well, 'room' was an understatement. The place was big enough to fit the Hokage-monument. In it was a large cage that seemed to have no end. He walked closer and inside was a teenager around fifteen with brown spiky hair wearing a black coat, pants and sandals, with red fox decorations curling around his form. He was well built, not bulky, and had the same whisker marks as Naruto had. What was much more noticeable were the red eyes with the slitted pupils and the nine red fox-tails flowing behind him. They were feral and untamed, and also black fur at the tips. As he got closer, he noticed the two red fox-ears on top of the teen's head, also tipped in black.

In front of the teen was a blue humanoid shape. The shape had no details beside the spiky hair at the top. The teen with fox features was sending stripes of red chakra towards the blue figure, who had multiple scrapes and wounds with a few bruises on it. Naruto realized that the teen was healing the figure. The young blond walked closer to the other boy and asked, "Excuse me, can you tell me where I am?"

The young man turned to him and stared at him for a moment before mumbling, "About time you came to visit me, I was starting to believe I'd have to act all mean to you for entertainment and say shit like, "Give me your soul." or, "You are weak without me." Honestly Naruto, why don't you visit me? It's been seven years since I saw any other living soul, and those I've seen in your memories only want to kill you."

Naruto just looked confused. Visit? Memories? He shook his head and asked, "But where are we?"

"Oh, right, sorry. This is your mind. Its a sewer because the village fucked you up pretty badly. But now that your finally here, it can be anything you want."

"Um, then who are you?"

Naruto was confused when the teen bowed and said, "Kyubi-no-yoko, at your service. I'm pretty much the reason the village hates you. Sorry though, it wasn't really my intention."

Naruto looked at him for a moment, unsure what to think. So the villagers hated him because of the Kyuubi... That made him angry, as he knew he wasn't anything like Kyuubi. He sighed and said, "They think I'm you."

Kyuubi nodded, a sneer on his face. "I hate all of them. I still don't get why you want to be Hokage, but I guess I'll be able to give you enough power to make you probably as strong as me."

Naruto frowned. "Why would you do that?"

The Kyuubi smiled warmly and said, "I've seen everything you've been through and I want to help you in your dream to become-" suddenly Kyuubi's face became unhappy and he said, "Ah, fuck it! You're a kid with a horrible life! I just want my vessel to not be fucked with. You've been beaten, stabbed, glared at, accused of, the list goes on! I don't want you to be hated for something that's out of your control, ningen! So you either take the power I offer and take shit from nobody, or rot like the village wants you to. Your choice, Naruto!" Red chakra swirled around him as his anger began to raise. Demon or not, nobody deserved what Naruto had gone through. "If you wish, I'll give you the power of plants. It's a combination of water and earth manipulation. You'll be one of the greatest entities in this world."

Naruto was silent for a moment. The more he thought about it, the more he realized he despised Konoha. Perhaps not the few people who cared of him, but still he hated the villagers who hurt him and the kids who put him down. He looked into Kyuubi's blood-red eyes and said, "I want power. Power to protect those I care about. Power to fight off all my enemies. Power to be the greatest of all ninja!"

Kyuubi smirked, his thoughts on something else. 'Maybe he can be a great ninja. But he'll also be one of the greatest demons of all time!' Red trends of chakra started to come out of Kyuubi, before his whole body was nothing but red strings floating in the air. "Come forth, Naruto Uzumaki. And take the bloodline of the first Hokage!"

Naruto spread his arms out, preparing himself. The red chakra swirled around him before entering his body. Even more was coming off the walls, the floor, and even from the bars theme selves. Stopping, the small bits off chakra that didn't enter Naruto soon formed a large sword in front of him (Sparda's blade.). "When you can handle it, I will give you this blade. For now, just wait and become a great warrior." came Kyuubi's voice. Naruto nodded, and he soon disappeared, leaving a pleased Kyuubi.

In the real world, Naruto's body began glowing a red color as he was changing. The ground around him seemed to reach to him, trying to get his attention. The moss next to him stirred as a girl inside felt the earth act up. There was someone else like her.

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