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It was here. The last test for becoming Chunin. It was a rather interesting stay, if Naruto had to be honest. Not only were there a few 'mysterious' disappearances of about a third of the genin, which left him and Zetsu full during most of their time here, but the Uchiha boy just got a power-up from Orochimaru's hickey thing. Kind of weird, but he wasn't exactly going to call the poor Uchiha gay. Yet.

Currently, he and Zetsu were mingling among the crowd of spectators, not really doing anything besides watching the fights. Zetsu, of course, cast a slight genjutsu around herself to make sure she blended in well, and Naruto took off his mask while making sure his whisker marks were covered by a bit of make up. Kyuubi was right next to them, eating a piece of meat that was in between a pair of hot-dog buns. No one had to know that the meat was once a person, just that it was being devoured happily by the man. All three watched the fights below, making sure to keep an eye on the suna kids and the Kazekage.

The genin Neji was strong, fighting against the Aburame, though it seemed that the bug-user might just loose. Whenever his bugs got close to the Hyuuga prodigy, he would just spin and expel chakra to make a dome, repelling the bugs and keeping him safe. Still, the Hyuuga didn't seem to be having much luck either. He was obviously a close-combatant, so the bugs made sure that he stayed away from the 'hive' body. It was finally won by the Aburame, surprisingly, when he let a few of the bugs scattered around the ground whenever Neji repelled them with the 'Rotation'. The hyuuga, even with his byakugan, didn't notice the few bugs that attached themselves to his ankles and back, something that made Naruto wonder just how limited that byakugan really was. If it was truly capable of seeing all around the user, why was the kid caught off guard? Was he arrogant? Probably, he did beat the living crap out of his own cousin, so it was a possibility he considered. Still, it would be interesting if the Hyuuga's eyes weren't as powerful as they were said to be. If even a single weakness were to be found, it would make the damn pompous idiots much easier to kill. Maybe he should have killed the heiress. Might have been a good idea to have kept the eyes, maybe even study her a bit more, but not right now.

Right now, all that mattered was for Konoha to fall. Fall and become a home for him and Zetsu, once it was completely covered in a wonderful forest. And then... He let a grin spread across his face, Zetsu also smiling while holding his hand, feeling his malicious intent as Kyuubi's eyes glowed a bit. A demon of malice always knew when a soul was feeling contempt, and this whole stadium was full of it. Peace this, peace that, they can say the damn word all they want. Small war? Yeah, but that wasn't a good idea. Keep a war in a small scale, and it'll just bubble up until it blows up in your face. That's, so far, the only thing he liked about humans. They were so funny!

Feathers fell, people began to sleep... and Naruto almost giggled like a schoolgirl as the invasion began. Kyuubi also grinned, his body transforming into a blade as Naruto grabbed it and twirled it around faster than anyone could see. At first, it seemed to have been only for show. Until about a dozen civilians around them were killed instantly, some even had their eyes opened. In a last attempt to live, they woke up, only to die. He didn't care, taking the man in front of him by the head and ripping the head along with most of the spine. He gripped the spine with one hand while his teeth dug into the man's eye, the small orb exploding in a shower of gore that was immediately gulped down Naruto's throat. He grinned wider, blood and a bit of brain matter gripping from his mouth as he roared to the heavens.

"Konoha! Today, you will all die!" And with that, he leapt up into the roofs, swinging the blade as it extended into a scythe and impaling three men and a single kunoichi. He didn't pay attention to who they were, in the end they were all going to die. Nobody will be left, no child, no baby. He killed his humanity a long time ago. He was no longer a human. He was now a monster. After all, what other can create a monster besides another human. Even Orochimaru was a human, no matter what he had done. A human is the only thing that can make a monster. He laughed maniacally, a few shinobi looking at him in silent horror as trees and other plants began to grow around him. "Yondaime! Mother! WHat do you think of Konohagakure now? Look at it from the heavens while you can, because soon it will be gone!" With a wave of his hand, more trees began to grow, some even managing to stab a few people. civilians, shinobi, enemy and ally. None were spared. None would ever be spared. Not now. Not ever. Not again. He gave them a chance and they spat at his face. Now they were dying. The chances were gone.

"Move it, Naruto! We have much to clean up! I want to hear more screams, more blood! I want to see whether this village is worthy to be the ones who locked me up... or nothing more than a litter box! The Hokage! Find the Hokage! Let's see how much he remembers! I want to see if the bastard has gone senile yet!" cried Kyuubi from his prison turned home. No longer was there a cage, or sewers. Instead, there was nothing but darkness. Darkness... and a giant grey tree floating in the middle of it all. All across the tree's surface, people were melting into it and becoming one with the bark, some still having skin, some completely bark, some sunk so deep that only the faces were visible. The tree's leaves were different colors, some black, some brown, some tan, and a few a paler color. All of them were actually pieces of human skin. And the sound of thousands upon thousands of humans could be heard throughout the small world the Kyuubi had made as his body glowed with his red youki, the only light source he needed for now.

Naruto nodded, smirking as he flicked the blade, the bodies flying off as he began to kill off all of those in his way. He sliced, stabbed, kicked, punched, and sometimes even bit his way through the many bodies that were in his way. As all this was happening around him, he pumped more chakra into ground and felt all his trees, his 'children', grow exponentially, ripping the ground asunder and the buildings crumbling like sand. Off in the distance, he could see that Shukaku was free and rampaging happily. The giant tanuki was swinging its arms around, slamming its tail haphazardly, and screaming in glee.

Naruto shrugged, deciding that the demon deserved to have a bit of freedom. For now. 'Once the people are gone, I'll make this whole place a forest worthy of the gods. No... not the gods.' thoughts of Zetsu's face, her laughing, her smile, all passed through his mind as a softer smile graced his face, his body on auto pilot as he dodged and blocked any of the shinobi's attacks. 'One. One goddess. My goddess. My beautiful flower. I'll give her this village. And if she asks for it, then Suna will be hers. Then Kumo. Then Kiri. All of it. All of it will be hers. I promise.' As he grinned, his entire body was covered in Kyuubi's chakra before branches extended from his back, curving around him and branching off more until they pierced over a dozen shinobi. One was in front of him, running through hand signs at neck breaking speed.

"Fire-style: Fire Snake jutsu!" he breathed out a flame, easily bigger than Naruto, a snake hissing while lunging and swallowing the boy whole. Before the jonin could even think of grinning, the roof he was on crumbled as grass shot up, impaling his legs and thighs. He cried out in pain, falling to his knees as Naruto appeared in front of him, melting out of the ground and biting the man's shoulder. With a jerk of his head, the man's whole left arm was torn off, a gush of blood following Naruto's head and painting his hair and face red. Before the man could scream again, Naruto's left hand shot out and gripped the man's throat, squeezing it until he felt it collapse easily. He cackled when he saw that the man's neck looked like a toothpaste tube, all squeezed and empty-looking. With a shrug, he licked his lips and tasted the blood. He instantly stuck his tongue out.

'Bleh! Great, a sick one. This guy obviously had one-too-many hookers.' he thought, tossing the body aside while walking towards one destination in particular. The Hokage Monument. 'Pretty soon, it's be gone.' he looked to the faces of each Hokage, briefly wondering if they would have ever guessed that their own jinchuriki would ever turn on them. 'Well, technically speaking they're the ones who turned on me, so it's not much of a surprise.' With a shrug, he hefted the blade onto his back and reached into his pocket. In his hand was a seed, very much unlike any most would have seen. It was a deep purple color with red swirls, and the shape was sort of like a tear with a black tip. "You're going to be the biggest surprise for Zetsu, of that there's no doubt." he told it, almost feeling the little thing tremble in excitement.

He ran across the rooftops, meeting no resistance initially. It seemed that people were so focused on getting the civilians to safety that they didn't pay attention to the boy. Making a shadow-clone, he pointed tot he civilians.

"Find out where they're taking them and make sure none of them survive this. Absolutely no one." he said, the clone nodding before quickly transforming into a random civilian boy. It quickly leapt into an alleyway and joined the crowd, none of the ninja noticing it.

He looked up, ready to jump again to another building, when the sound of chirping birds was heard and he had to dodge to the side, the raikiri grazing his side slightly. He looked over to meet the sharingan eye and a black one. "I was hoping never to see you again, Blood Leaf." said the jonin, the jutsu disappeared from his hand as he took a kunai out and got into a stance.

"Come on, do you really think you can kill me, Inu?" Naruto asked, crossing his arms while shrugging. "I could easily kill you, but I guess I'll give you a handicap. Make things interesting. I'm in no rush, after all." He reached for his blade before taking a stance, the blade pointed horizontally towards Kakashi. "I'll use only my kenjutsu. I'm sure you can at least keep up that way."

Kakashi's response was to leap forward while making a single hand sign, a clone appearing in front of him as it ran forward with kunai at the ready. Naruto Slashed through it easily, leaning back as Kakashi leapt through the smoke and tried to stab him, only to be stabbed through the stomach. Naruto's victory was short-lived as soon as he saw the jonin's body explode in smoke. From beneath him, two hands shot out and grabbed his ankles, pulling him into the ground. Only his head was left on the surface, Kakashi appearing above him and driving the blade through his face. Or he would have, had Naruto not opened his mouth and bit down on the kunai, stopping the blade from progressing any further. Naruto grinned as he sent a bit of chakra into the blade through his tongue, the blade slowly heating up and making Kakashi wince, quickly letting go of the blade. Naruto's hand busted through the roof, then the entire arm, and he quickly pulled himself up while spitting the kunai out, just as Kakashi finished his sequence of hand signs. "Earth-style: Quaking Melody!" The roof suddenly broke all around Naruto, making him stumble a bit as it slowly began to grind together. A horrible screech sounded all around him, at first it was only an annoyance, but it quickly became painful as he held his head. He was beginning to see double, and the screeching was getting worse. With a growl he brought both fists down, completely crumbling the ground. He fell through, a bit of dust and smoke temporarily blinding Kakashi as it was kicked up. Before it settled, Naruto leapt through and brought the blade down, ready to split the jonin straight down the middle.

Kakashi brought a kunai up and managed to hit the side of the blade, letting it barely graze his shoulder. His shirt was a bit torn, but he was okay besides that. With his left hand, Naruto gave the jonin a good punch to the face, again resulting in the body disappearing in smoke to be replaced by a log. Naruto smashed the log on the ground, quickly jumping down to the streets and looking around while expanding his senses. He grinned as soon as he felt Kakashi moving underground. 'Nice try, you fucking bitch.' he thought, Stabbing the blade straight down and suddenly slashing upwards, sending a shockwave across the earth and ripping the ground open, Kakashi also ripped to shreds. Again, the jonin was replaced by a log, but this time Naruto saw this coming and took out a kunai from his coat before flicking it in the direction of the jonin's chakra. There was a clang before Kakashi walked out of the alleyway, holding a trashcan lid with the kunai imbedded on it. "Heh, look at that. A dirty dog among the trash. Right where it belongs."

"You have no room to talk. Your parents gave their lives for this village, protecting it."

"And yet this village saw it necessary to make my life a living hell. And you of all people have no say in me turning on this village. My parents made their choice, they decided that something of worth was in the village. I don't have those same ideas, so I'm not gonna hesitate. They made their decision, I made mine. Simple as that." He pointed the blade at Kakashi and it quickly extended, ready to pierce the ninja's heart, before Kakashi threw the lid at Naruto's face while side stepping the blade, jumping to the side and throwing a barrage of kunai and shuriken at Naruto while making a few quick hand signs. "Shadow-kunai jutsu! Shadow-shuriken jutsu" The dozen or so kunai and shuriken became a whole wall of sharp black steel as it flew towards Naruto. Said teen retracted the blade and spun it like a staff, the shuriken and kunai all thrown off all around him and leaving him unscathed.

"Was that all yo-" He didn't get a chance to say more before he noticed the paper tags on the kunai and a few rolled up in the shuriken. 'Fuck.' With a violent explosion, Naruto was consumed in flames and smoke. Kakashi waited for a moment, hoping that the explosion would have at the very least crippled the boy. No such thing happened as he saw a red glow coming from the center of the explosion. With a sudden twitch of the light, the smoke cleared to show Naruto with a cloak of blood-red bubbling chakra around him in the shape of a fox. A single tail swayed lazily behind him, his chakra ears on top of his head twitching a bit because of the noises happening around them. His clothes were a bit shredded, showing the orange shirt he had under the cloak, and a few bruises appeared in the little skin he could see. "Not gonna lie. That hurt. That hurt a lot, Inu." he growled, flexing his left hand in a claw while the right brought the blade up and pointed it at the silver-haired man. "And for that, I'm gonna eat that eye of yours before I kill you. I swear, I'll make sure you watch me swallow the damn thing." With that, he leapt to the side while extending the spear and slashing horizontally, trying to bisect Kakashi.

Leaping up, the blade continued to sail past while he took out another kunai to throw at Naruto, only for a red hand of chakra to rush out and grab his ankle. He grit his teeth as he felt the chakra burn his skin, before being pulled towards Naruto at fast speeds,the blade already retracted and read y to impale the man. Twisting his body, the blade ripped his jonin vest before he brought a fist up and punched Naruto in the face. That was a bad idea.

As soon as his fest met the cloak of red chakra, it began to burn his hand, and Naruto didn't seem that harmed by the punch. Throwing down a smoke bomb, Kakashi swiped another kunai from his vest and cut a bit of Naruto's hand. It wasn't anything serious, but it got Naruto to let him go. Leaping back, Kakashi jumped up a wall and quickly hid in the roofs, trying to think. Before he could even take a breath, the wall he was leaning against exploded as Naruto rushed through it, the blade becoming a scythe as he swung it, intent on stabbing Kakashi on the side. Again Kakashi jumped, this time grabbing wall behind him and with a flick of his wrist, threw a kunai straight at Naruto. The teen caught it easily, a bit annoyed when he noticed the black ball attached to the end of the small knife that exploded into black smoke. The copy-ninja quickly moved, resting in an alleyway and taking stock of his inventory. Three more smoke bombs, a dozen or so paper bombs, three kunai, and about six shuriken. Things weren't looking good.

Slowly getting up, he started to get out of the alleyway before there was a blast of KI that made Kakashi stop in his tracks. That was the chance Naruto needed as he leapt down from the alley's roofs and sliced off Kakashi's head... only to disappear and be replaced with a log. A log with multiple exploding tags on it. He leapt back and let the thing explode, seeing Kakashi appear above him and a slight glinting in the air made his eyes widen. 'Crap!' Too late he realized that all around him was ninja wire, and that it was already around his arms and beginning to tighten. With a roar he pushed out more of Kyuubi's foul chakra, giving him more strength while slowly burning the wire. With another push, another tail came out and the wire stood no chance as he was freed. He suddenly disappeared in a blur of motion, his speed doubling from both the chakra in his veins and the annoyance he felt for his former guard. With a roar he extended the blade into a spear, the blade and pole growing to monstrous proportions as he began to spin and swing it around, destroying multiple buildings and a bit of the streets around him as he rampaged around, not caring about finesse and simply wanting the whole place destroyed. Kakashi was lucky that he was able to dig underground, left with slightly pained hands, but alive. That wouldn't last long, seeing as Naruto was now pushing the Kyuubi's chakra into the ground, heating the soil to painful temperatures.

Kakashi hastily returned to the surface, a bit nervous when he saw no sign of Naruto. He looked around, his sharingan spinning wildly, before he saw the blade come at him from the left. Jumping back, he was surprised when he saw that attached to the blade was someone's hand. Before he could think more on it, someone kicked him in the back with enough force to knock his breath away. He rolled across the street, the blade embedded to his right and Naruto walking leisurely towards him, his fists clenching and unclenching. "You're beginning to annoy me, Inu. Still, I guess this is my fault for accepting to giving you a handicap. This would have been over sooner otherwise. Still, I had my fun. I think you should die now."

With that, he shot his hand forward, letting Kyuubi's chakra grip the handle of the sword. With a flick of his wrist, the blade ripped through the wall and headed towards Kakashi. The silver-haired man, ducked down, debris falling on him while he covered his head with his hands. When he looked up, Naruto was already in front of him, his fist reared back before rocketing towards the jonin's face. He didn't even have time for a substitution before his nose and a few of his front teeth. The back of his head was embedded into the wall, cracking both as he felt Naruto grip his face before pulling him back. He slowly closed his eyes, consciousness leaving him, before they snapped open when he felt his left eye was suddenly prodded by two fingers. He began to struggle with what little strength he had left, bringing his arms up to help, but they were grabbed by two hands made of Kyuubi's chakra. All he could see was Naruto's palm and his wide grin as he gripped Obito's eye between his fingers.

"Say goodbye to you friend, Kakashi. It's the only chance you'll get." Naruto said, before he pulled harshly, ripping the eye out and watching as Kakashi screamed and writhed. He didn't want to hear him, so he brought his hand up and slammed it into the now one-eyed man's neck. He could do nothing as Naruto popped the eye into his mouth. He made sure to keep his mouth open, Kakashi trembling helplessly while tears fell from the remaining eye. Naruto only grinned while licking the remaining blood off his fingers. Looking to the side, he smiled when he saw the trees practically burying the whole village in a mass of branches and roots. He looked down at Kakashi, a bit disappointed. "Is that really it, Inu? No more fight in you? I thought the 'powerful' Sharingan Kakashi would do better than th-"

With a great lunge, Kakashi suddenly thrust his hand forward, a Raikiri on his hand and aiming at Naruto's heart. It was stopped in its tracks but a feminine, strong, and white hand. He looked over to see Zetsu standing to Naruto's right. Her golden eyes bored into his very soul as something began to grow out of he palm and stabbed into his arm. He pulled away, watching in horror as a small root disappeared into his forearm. It suddenly bulged before a branch sprouted out from his wrist, covered in blood. He screamed, falling back against the wall as the small tree continued to grow from his arm, using the blood and meat as sustenance. It wasn't long before the roots took hold of the heart, and Kakashi began to drown in his own blood when the roots also stabbed his lungs and stomach. The pain was unimaginable, he felt his bones break and be forced apart as the plant grew inside him, and the thing wasn't even really growing upwards, not to mention that the roots looked more white than brown. Before he lost to the darkness, the last thing he saw was a man with blond hair standing over him, his blue eyes showing disappointment.

"Huh. Not as interesting as I was hoping it would be." grumbled Naruto, the chakra leaving him as he turned to Zetsu and kissed her cheek. She smiled, instantly latching onto his arm and snuggling closer to his neck. She happily breathed in his scent, enjoying the far off screams as the people were captured by the trees or killed. A few of the ninja tried to attack the growing foliage, but were soon taken care of by vines that quickly wrapped around their necks and snapping or strangling the struggling shinobi. With a grin he looked towards the dark purple square in the distance. "And now to get rid of the Hokage..."

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