This is my first story :)

I don't own any of the awesome character except Brooklyn


Just don't you love cheerleaders or jocks. Psh, I don't. I dislike popular people. There mean and stuff. I in fact like that High School has there own cliques. So, I am one of those people who are not part of the in-crowed or popular crew. I enjoy hanging out with real people, not those fake blondies. My two friends are insanly too cool for the popular crowd. Evie and Lenah are the two best buds I am talking about.

We are known as the famous girl trio of Senior Year. Evie is the one who gets insanely hyper with or without sugar. She reminds me of a pixie physically and mentally. She has a passion for theater and dance. She has short brown hair with bangs. Her blue eyes are the envy of the blue ocean. Her height is the half of Lenah and mine combined. She is 4'9 feet.

Then there is Lenah, the one who loves art and goes to the extreme. She is an adrenaline junkie. Now Lenah reminds me of a purple troll. Minus the crazy hair. She has black hair with purple streaks. Her hazel-green eyes make the guys gaga for her. Lenah here is about 5'9, I envy her height.

Then theirs me, Brooklyn Awea. I have hazel nut hair with side bangs. I am the shy and creative one. I'm the one who likes video games and music. I also think as myself as the smart one in the trio. I have light brown eyes that turn gold in the sunlight. I am not as tall as Lenah or short as Evie. I stand at 5'5. They say I have perfect height. So not true.

Anyways, what was I talking about? Oh, yea cliques. There is also a group of guys who are the hottest guys in the whole entire school. The girls and I like to call them the Six Pack Hotties. We call them that because well they have six packs. Don't question me. Evie made up the name. Any who, I know that something about them is inhumanly about them. I think I am the only one who notice this. But there is a reason that I care about them, well I am in love with one of them. His name you ask? Embry Call.

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~ Mrs. TeenWerewolf :)