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Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

What's that annoying noise? And why do I hear a lot of crying and sighing?

I took a deep breath in and I started choking. I felt like gagging whatever stuck in my throat. I heard commotion in the room. People asking why I was choking. People crying. People asking if I was going to be okay.

"Dr. Cullen, she's choking!" I heard a soft feminine voice panicking.

"Why are you smiling? That is sooo sadis-

"It's actually a good thing." I heard a rough and stern voice from the sea of people that where here in the room.

"Get her off ventilation. Now" The tingling sensation in my throat was gone. I felt relieved.

After the weird sensation down my throat was gone, I felt a bit better. It was like everything was off my shoulders. I still felt sore and I didn't know why I was sore. I don't remember doing anything drastic yesterday. I think I was with the imprints. I felt like my body was aching from being thrown all over like rag doll. And I didn't like not knowing what happened to me.

I felt that silence was slowly killing. I am here begging someone or something to at least make a noise. Because I felt like I was locked in a dark room with no one else, but me. Who knows I might be in a room full with serial killers or monsters who want to kill me or eat me. I feel alone.

Someone please talk!

"Are you sure Melody? Is she really waking up?" I heard a soft and fragile voice. Finally, someone broke the silence. Thank you.

"Yes, Lenah! She is breathing on her own and she is off the vental thing." A couple of people sighed. Who are they talking about?

"Dr. Cullen said it may be an effect that she is-

"Don't you dare say the d word, Nick!" All these names seem familiar. Melody. Lenah. Nick. I feel confused. I believe their my friends.

"She isn't going to...die. I have seen her walk down the aisle. I have seen her with her kids and Embry." I felt my heart sped up when I heard his name. "Speaking of Embry. Where is he?"

"We didn't want to give him false hope." Said a rough voice. He sounded like he has been crying.

"But she's Embry's imprint. He needs to know." Why was everyone emphasizing his name? I thought it was creepy and uncalled for.

"Screw you guys for not telling him. I thought you guys were his friends!"

"Melody, chill. Sam went to go got Embry a while ago."

"Embry." I mumbled. A rush of silence blew in the room.

"Embry. Embry. Embry. Embry. Embry." I mumbled. Something really hot cupped my cheek.

"Brookie?" Said that rough voice.

"It's me. Jake. Can you hear me?" I mentally rolled my eyes. Yes, you idiot.

"No." I mumbled. A couple of chuckles erupted in the room. I was guessing that the something that was cupping my face was a hand. The hand went from my face to my hand.

"You have to open your eyes. You have no idea how this impacted all of us. Can you please open your eyes? For Evie. Me. Quil. Lenah. The Pack. For Embry. Please open your eyes. Please. I am asking nicely." Even when I hear his name my heart speeds up. I still can't believe he has that effect on me.

Out of nowhere. I heard the door swung open.

"You guys told me she woke up! You lied to me!" That sounded like Embry. But that Embry seemed broken, angry, and in distressed.

I wanted to scream and yell. Look at me! I am practicality awake! A loud growl shook the room. I slowly fluttered my eyes open. I blinked a couple of times. My vision didn't clear up as fast as I would like. The pack was in front of the bed. Trying to calm down Embry. I couldn't see him. But him just being here, in the same room, made the room spin, my heart speed up, my palms all sweaty, and make my stomach burst with fireworks.

"Embry calm down," Sam commanded him with his alpha voice, "we said that she was about to wake up." Melody looked at me and gasped. The guys didn't notice. She grabbed my hand and began to cry. Jake turned around and widen his eyes. He rushed towards the bed and towered over Melody. Tears filled in their eyes. Little by little the guys suddenly all noticed.

Embry stood there looking at me.

He changed. He seemed skinnier. His hair swooped into his eyes. I didn't mind. That made him look sexy and mysterious. His eyes seemed lifeless at first, but when he looked at me his eyes burst with emotions. Happiness. Relieved. And Love. It seemed like when he imprinted on me all over again. And I fell in love with him all over again.

Melody squeezed my hand. I looked at her and squinted my eyes. I looked all over the room. Someone was missing. Sam, Paul, Jared, Embry, Jake, Quil, Leah, Seth, the new wolves, and Lenah where all here. Who was missing? I looked at my hands. Evie's green friendship bracelet. Evie. Evie wasn't here. I scanned the room. She wasn't here. What happened to her? Last thing I remembered was that I went to her house and then everything is fuzzy and a blur from there.

"Where's Evie?" I asked with my hoarse voice. The guys got all stiff especially, Seth.

"Um. She is in a coma. Just like you. Well you where in" Lenah said quietly. Nick had his arm around her while she looked down.

"She is worse than you. She might not wake up." Jake said. I looked down. Why was I in the hospital? What happened?

"You don't remember, do you?" Melody asked. I slowly shook my head.

"You where in a car accident. You guys rolled off a cliff and winded up in the forest. The guys found you after the ambulance got to you" Melody spoke softly. I still couldn't remember.

"Dr. Cullen said that it was normal for you not to remember. You hit your head pretty hard." Quil said. I cocked my head and looked at Quil.

"But I didn't hit my head. Did I?" I looked at the pack. They looked at each other.

"Um." Melody said pointing to my head. I slowly reached towards the top of my head. As soon as I touched my head, it started to hurt as bad as getting your air getting knocked out from your stomach.

"Ow." I felt pretty stupid. Not knowing what happened to me or why it happened.

Sam cleared his throat. He was looking between me and Embry.

"Um. I think we should leave them alone." Sam said. The pack left the room, silently. It was just me and Embry. Embry stood their. Looking at me. He had tears rolling down his right eye. He slowly made his way to my bed. As I sat up he sat down next to me. He grabbed my face.

"Your awake." He said softly.

"I'm awake." Our foreheads pressed against each other. I wiped away his tears.

"Promise me. That you will never leave me." He whispered. I grabbed his hand and looked in his eyes .

"I, Brooklyn Awea, promise you, Embry Call, that I will never leave you." I hugged Embry and laid my head on his broad shoulder.

"Can..Can..Can I kiss you?" Embry stuttered. I smirked and nodded my head. He grabbed my face and kissed me. I giggled. I felt like I was back in middle school. With my pigtails giggling over a cute boy looking at me.

"What?" He mumbled during the kiss.

"You...stink." I said between our kiss. He backed away and smelled his own breathe. I laughed and threw my head back.

"You need to take a shower." Embry raised his eyebrows.

"You want to join me." He suggestively wiggled his eyebrows. I shook my head.

"You should stop hanging out with Paul." Embry shook his head and sighed. I was biting my lip. Last time I remember was that no one, but Seth and Melody knew about my father. Does my father know about what happened? Oh gosh, do they know about my father?

"Why you think so hard? We don't want you pretty little head to explode do we?" Embry smiled.

"Does my da- I mean mom know about me..." I dragged on the sentence to see if he would get it.

"I think Melody or Jake went to go get her." I laid back. Is my face screwed up? I looked at my hand which was full of scabs and bruises. Oh, I can imagine my face. All full of bruises and dried up blood. How wonderful. I must look like Frankenstein. How awesome, right?

The door opened. I was hoping that it wasn't Mother. I did not want to see her face right now. Please, don't be her. Pretty Please, don't be her.

"Seems that you are awake." Thank God. It was only Dr. Cullen. Embry got up. He looked alert and I am pretty sure he stopped breathing.

"I'm here to check up on her. Can I?" Embry scanned Dr. Cullen with his eyes. He nodded his head. Dr. Cullen stepped forward and raised my bed so I could be sitting down. I looked at Embry who really wanted to breathe.

"Hey, can you go get me food? No offense, but hospital food sucks." Embry looked at me with thankful eyes.

"Anything for you." He kissed my forehead and left the room.

"Carlisle, how's my father? Does he know?"

"He is very worried about you. And yes, he knows about the accident. He wanted to come, but your werewolf friends they where here. He is also very disappointed in you." He revealed my toes and I wiggled them. He wrote something on my chart.

"He doesn't approve of Embry, does he?" He shook his head. He grabbed a light.

"Follow my fingers." He pointed a bright light that would sting your eyes if you stared at it for too long at my eyes. He clicked the light and put it back in his pocket. I rapidly closed and open my eyes. I could still see the stupid light.

"Your vitals look good. We will start physical therapy so you can start walking again. You should drink a lot a fluids and solid food. But other than that you should be okay. You should check out of this hospital in about two weeks or three." I was confused. Why all of the sudden he stopped talking about my dad.

"I'll come back later to check in on you." He grabbed my chart and wrote some more. Through the door walked in my mom and Jake. No wonder.

"Oh Brook." Mother rushed towards me and hugged me. I felt disgusted. I patted her in the back.

"Dr. Cullen I have some questions." Jake said while crossing his arms. Dr. Cullen and Jake left the room.

No, don't leave me alone with HER. They left the room. Oh, this is just great. My mother and I in the same room. I rather be alone again in my dark room filled with silence and serial killers who want to kill me. Oh and the monsters who want to eat me. Those are much better than having mom and me time.

I heard Mother blabbing away with "Oh! I thought you were gone" and "I felt like you weren't coming back." And it kept going and going. Someone shoot me or even better her. I just realized that I am going to be stuck with her for like about a month or two with her being all "good mommy" with me. Damn. I shouldn't have woken up.

I wish I was back in a coma.