It was a cold dark night in the city cemetery. The owls hooded, the mice scurry through the cemetery looking for something to eat and also trying to stay away from being someone else's meal. You see a crypt nearby; you feel your body pulling you closer and closer to it. You arrive to the door and you opened the door. There were cobwebs on the crack of the door and all around the room. You see there was light inside; you enter cautiously and look at the source of the light. It was a candle on a tomb with books and a skull with a what looked like a plastic bird covered in cobwebs. There in the middle of the tomb is a chair; you approach it carefully till you made a cracking noise. You look down and saw you crushed a cockroach the chair then begins to slowly rotate and there you see is a guy dress as a ghoul laughing.

""AAH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!...hello there my friend it is I alienvspredator5…or Jason will do. I'm sure your wondering what I am doing here instead of being in the crypt creepers place. Well there was some complicated legal issues, which meant I was both sued and had to pay for locking the creeper in a trunk, dropping it in the Pacific Ocean, and taking over his place."

"Some people take things so seriously, I mean come on I'm sure any of you would have done the same thing…now then this story I wrote months ago but I wasn't satisfied with it. I decided to delete it and rewrite it. It took me some times but I finally finished it (Also I don't own anything of Teen Titans or Bleach). So without any further ado here is the remake of Teen Reaper our first chapter is called:

The Arrival

Jump City

I stood looking over the city named Jump city. It was a quite night; many of its citizens have either gone to bed or are working late to earn some extra money. I never like the cities, their waste of space, people who live there aren't nice, and crimes seem to always exist in cities as large as this one.

I sometimes wonder why I have to protect these people. Then I see my reason, I see a young couple walking down the street with their baby in the stroller. I remember why I fight and protect these people. There are some people in this world who deserve to be saved and protected. If no one helps them then who would?

I just wonder why my master would send me here anyways. From what I heard these people already have saviors'. My master told me this person I was send here to protect was is the child of a friend of his, and apparently the people who are after this person is stronger than the hero's of this city. I decided for my master I would protect this person, plus it would be nice to have a little fun while I'm here.

As I was about to leave I hear an alarm bell going off. I turn to see it was from a bank. It looks like someone is trying to rob it. I would get involved but seeing as the alarm was going off it would be a matter of time before the police or the hero's of this city would take care of it. So I turned away from this and disappeared into the night.


Back in the bank there about 16 guys robbing the bank and two drivers waiting in the van, and from the looks of things they were in a hurry. They knew the moment the alarm went off there would be trouble. They weren't worried about the cops; they were more worried about something else much worse than the cops. They knew they had a few minutes to take what they wanted and go before they are caught.

"Hey hurry up with the money man I don't want to get caught by those brats" said one of the robbers who where stealing money from the Jump City bank with a van waiting for the last three bags of money to be brought to them.

"Hey none of us wants to get caught by those brats besides the boss send 18 guys this time I doubt a bunch of kids can stop us" said another robber with the third and final bag.

"Yeah well from what I heard these aren't any ordinary kids I heard that they took down the brotherhood of evil" said one of the robbers who was helping load up the money.

"So what they were a bunch of old guys against a bunch of brats what do you think was going to happen" said one of the robbers.

After loading up the final bag the robbers decided to get al their equipment and take off before there was trouble, "All right that's the last one so lets get go-" before the robber had time to finish something nailed him in the head and the rest of the robbers turned to a voice in the other side.

"You guys must be new around here so let us give you five reasons of why criminals like you guys shouldn't try to steal from the our city" said one of the figures.

"One" said a large mechanical man, "Two" said an orange girl, "Three" said a green man "Four" said a hooded girl, "Five" said a mask man. All five emerged before the robbers, who seemed surprise by the arrival of the Teen Titans, before any could say anything the leader of the titans shouted "Titans Go!."

"All right then the ten of you hold them off while we get the rest of the money got it" said one of the robbers, and with that the ten other robbers charged at the titans, what the other ten didn't know is that all of the money was already in the van and the other eight took off in the van.

The first two went after cyborg, the two tried to overpower cyborg but it proved to be too much as cyborg just used his power to out power the robbers "man you guys need to work out more, otherwise you will never be able to beat a guy like me" said confident cyborg.

The other two thought fighting a girl would be easy as they both charged at her "I do not wish to harm you" said starfire, as the men tried to hit her with their guns but she was able to dodge them "but I cannot allow you to hurt my friends" said starfire as her eyes glowed green and launched her starbolts to knock out the robbers guns out of their hands and kicked and punched the men out "I hope when you wake up you will learn to error of your ways" said starfire.

The other two charged after beastboy who changed in the form of a bird and hid behind a wall "hey come out kid and take your beating like a man" said one of the robbers, "yeah too bad I am not a man I'm an animal" said beastboy who changed in the form of a gorilla witched caused the robbers to run away in fear but where caught by beastboy who knocked them out by bashing their heads together "told ya" said beastboy.

The other robbers used their weapons to try to shoot raven who kept blocking their attacks with her powers "All right enough of this azarath metrion zinthos" said raven as she chanted those three words for her powers as she did a dark aura grabbed the men and sucked them into a dark portal and in the other side of another portal the men came out already looking pale and both surrender to raven.

The last two tried going hand to hand against robin which proved to be their downfall as robin knocked the last two, "all right now that's done lets take care of-" before robin could finish he notice the van was gone and the other robbers as well, "guys lets go after the van" s robin signaled his friends to chase after the van.

City streets

Meanwhile in the other part of the city, the dark figure sat on the corner of a building looking down on the city.

I have wondered around looking for a place to stay. I looked at my watch and saw it was nine o'clock. I didn't want to stay up too late. With all of these people around I can't exactly get a reading on where this person could be. I then hear a van driving past several red lights and was moving fast. I recognized the van. It was the same one I saw at the bank that was being robbed. I guess this meant the hero's or the cops didn't catch them in time. I looked around and didn't see anyone chasing them, so I guess before I go to sleep I should take care of these guys.

The van drove past several red lights nearly causing accidents for other vehicles. "I can't believe we got away with it, this is great the boss will be so thrill" said one of the robbers.

"Yeah this is the first time anyone got away from those brats" said another robber.

"Shame the others didn't make it, oh well more money for us I say" said the another robber.

"Ah who cares more money for us right boys" said first robber.

While the robbers in the back were celebrating the other two in the front were keeping an eye out for the titans and the cops.

"Hey make sure to tell me if you see those brats or the cop's got it" said the driver.

"Yeah I heard ya old man this isn't my first time ya know" said the passenger driver.

"Yeah well it may be your last if you're not careful. I got caught by these brats once and it took my a long time before I could get out"

Just as they passing another corner something stopped the van to a screeching halt. "Hey what's going on up there huh" said one of the robbers in the back "I don't know something just stopped us hold on me and the kid will check it out." said the driver as he and the kid went out to check on the van they notice that there was a katana sword which has pierced through the engine.

"Is that a sword?" said the passenger driver.

"Looks that way…aw man the engine are toast there is no way we can fix it" said the driver.

Just then both men hear something nearby. The driver and the passenger take out their guns and took aim at whatever it was that made the noise. They then hear it coming closer and closer. They cocked their gun and waited for it to come out of the darkness.

The noise was made by a small white Siberian husky dog. The two men sighted in relief. They thought for a moment they were going to be caught by the titans. The dog began to bark and growl at the men.

"Hey kid go take care of the mutt while I tell the boys what happened" said the driver.

"Sure, okay mutt time for you to either go chase a cat or do I have to shut that yapping mouth of yours" said the passenger.

The dog continued to bark, the man approached the dog cocked his gun at it. Then he saw something behind him through the shadow. He turned around slowly and then disappeared yelling. The driver opened the door to the back where the men where and heard screaming.

The robbers asked what was going on, the driver assured them he didn't know what was going on. Just then one of the crooks disappeared as well, the robbers decided to try to take some of the money and run for it.

The two other robbers went to grab the money till they heard a noise and as they turned around something attacked them; the other four went to see only to find nothing the three robbers began to shoot in different locations while the driver went for the his partners gun but just as he tried to get the gun something attacked him as well the others decided to hold their ground and try to make this person come out.

The leader of the robbers attempted to make this figure come out by calling it out. "Come out you coward where are you? What are you scared of us? Come out you bastard" said the robber.

As he finish, a dark figure landed in the middle of the men and as the men turned around slowly the figure knocked them out with a sheath (where you put the sword in), and turned around and said "here I am".

"Wow" said cyborg, "yeah what happen to this guys" said beastboy, as the teen titans arrived to see that the other eight robbers that got away where found all tied up near the destroyed truck wondering what happen and who caught the robbers.

Titans Tower

The Titans returned to the tower after the robbery, Beastboy and Cyborg decided to play some games; Starfire made some food for her pet Silkie, Raven was on the other side of the room reading, while robin was on the titans computer to try and figure out who or what took out the robbers.

"Yeah isn't that what you tell me like a million times right before I…" said cyborg as his robot character jumped behind beastboy's robot and blast it winning the game "beat you" said cyborg.

As he finish what he was saying leaving beastboy with a look of disbelieve that he lost again, "Rematch I demand a rematch" said an angry beastboy.

"All right but let's make it more interesting loser has to wash the dishes for a month" said cyborg.

"Deal now let's do this" said beastboy as both began to play... ten seconds later "No fair how come I keep on losing" said beastboy as it only took a few seconds to do the same move again to beat beastboy "Well buddy I think there are some dishes that needs to be clean" said a happy cyborg, leaving beastboy with a sad look upon his face.

Raven was reading her book while looking at cyborg and beastboy play their ridiculous and pointless game, while at the same time saw starfire feeding her pet worm with her weird Tamaranian food. Her thoughts however was still on what happen tonight, when they got to the robbers they found them tied up and when they try to find anything that would give them a clue on who did this they found nothing. When they asked what happen the robbers told them that they don't know all they saw was a blur figure grabbing them but that's it, raven did however sense as thought someone was watching her as she looked around there was no one there.

Raven began to think on another matter that bothered her, Strange who could have it been, if it was a titan member they would have contacted us or at least stay till we arrived, hmm who could it be.

"Raven are you all right" said starfire who was standing in front of raven "Yeah I'm fine starfire just thinking, so what's up" said raven, "well have you seen robin I haven't seen him since we got back and I am worried about him" said starfire "He's probably in his room trying to find out who took out the robbers" said raven "Oh I see thank you raven" said starfire.

After an hour on the titans computer robin concluded that whoever it was that took out the robbers was not a titan member, robin began to think of who could it have been Could it have been a new hero we've never heard of or could it just be some guy trying to make a name for himself, whatever it was robin knew that he and his friends would have to find out who this was and see if he was a friend or foe.

Up on the hills

Meanwhile in another part of the city near an old abandon observatory which originally belonged to Dr. Chang. Since he was frozen and send to jail, it has been abandon. Usually some punks would come by and mess it up having parties and causing trouble. So the police closed it down by locking the doors and closing anyway for anyone to get in.

That however didn't seem to stop a certain figure who arrived to the observatory. As he approached the door and cut the chains in half with his sword, he knew the police haven't been here in months so there would be no worry of them coming up to the place to check on it.

I entered the observatory room and looked around. I wanted to find a different place to stay earlier, but since I didn't have enough money for a room at a hotel, I decided to make due with what I got.

I was able to 'borrow' some money from one of the bags I found in the trunk of the van. I figure I deserve something after a long day and of course helping out. I went over to laid back on my sleeping bag looking at the moon and began to think of the reason why I was here, I began to remember why: It was five days ago before arriving in Jump city it was another busy night life in San Diego, California people trying to get to their night jobs, or getting out of their job and head on home to their families and police arresting some Latino or black guy for some reason drugs, stealing money or just for just being at the wrong place.

Meanwhile on top of a nearby building two figures were observing the police trying to arrest a guy for possession of drugs and found it amusing how a six foot seven inches tall guy (plus the guy looked like he was on steroids) was resisting arrest and attacking the cops.

"It's funny how these guys are trained to handle criminals who try to resist and take them down if necessary but here we see two cops who cant even handle a guy who is just a babbling idiot trying to take the easy road and get hopped up on drugs." said one of the short figures, "well I doubt they were trained to handle a steroid addicted guy who in my mind seemed to be hopped up on cocaine as well, plus I would like to see you handle a guy like that." said the other taller figure.

"Well I would if you let me, come on I can beat this in like a second besides they cant see me master" said the short figure who seemed ready for a fight, "Oh like you handle the last guy who you almost killed" said the tall figure who remembered his apprentice sending some guy who was drunk through a wall and into a car nearly killing the guy.

"Hey first of all that was the other guys fault for spilling beer on my shoes and second you told me to take care of it cause you were drunk master Ronin" said the short figure trying to defend himself.

"Hey I told you if I'm drunk do not listen to me plus if I remember correctly I told you to knock him out not to punch him through a wall Isamu" said Ronin, "fine whatever. Well it looks they won't need our help" said Isamu who sees more cops coming and helping their buddies take the guy down.

"Master are you sure you want to sent me to Jump City I mean can't Hikari go and take care of it" said Isamu remembering that his master was going to sent him to Jump City to protect some person.

"Yes Isamu I am sure and I told you Hanako told me that Hikari was still training and besides this could be a good thing for you" said Ronin. "How is me going to some city to protect someone who you still haven't told me who it is suppose to be good for me?" said an annoyed Isamu.

"Well for three reasons one is because I am your teacher and whatever I say you listen okay, second I heard some good thing about Jump City from some good friends of mine and they told me it's a nice place to be, and third is because who knows you might find some good looking ladies there huh" said Ronin.

"Okay first of all you may be my teacher but when was the last time I listen to anything good you have to say to me, second should I rely on your friends, one who one dresses as a bat and the other is a guy from space who has betray the earth once (Superman), and finally third I told you for the last time stop trying to hook me up with women okay, besides I doubt there is anyone out there for a guy like me." said Isamu, "Isamu there is someone out there for everyone we just have to keep on hoping and searching because even the loneliest person will eventually find that special someone" said Ronin, "thank you master,….well I guess I will see you whenever our path cross again" said Isamu as he began to head off to Jump City.

"Yeah I guess our path will cross again someday I just hope the path you follow will be the one to lead you to happiness" said Ronin.

Isamu had been in Jump City for a while now and he had already has some idea on who it was he was sent to protect, he figures it must be one of the Teen Titans he had heard so much about.

I wondered if the person I am looking for is one of those titan guys. It was possible I have been in this city for two days now and so far the only powerful source I could sense that would need my help came from those titans.

I know it's not this robin guy or that green elf guy; it can't be the alien chick so it must be either the robot guy or the Goth girl.

Isamu knew one of the two was strong, both had strange spiritual energy. One's that would attract certain people or certain things, one way Isamu was going to find out was to see them in action and what better way to do that then to find someone really strong to fight them and see for himself. Isamu had a sly smile on his face thinking of his plan, till he remembered something important there wasn't anyone in this city strong enough for the titans to fight at their best.

I guess I will need to find another way to find out. But that is something I can do tomorrow. For now I will rest and hope the answer comes to me soon.

New York City

It was night in New York City on top of Empire State building was a tall figure around eight foot tall, was overlooking the city waiting for an old friend to arrive.

"You know its very rude for someone to be late when the person is suppose to arrive on time, but then again that's what you do isn't Bruce" said the tall figure.

The shadowy figure emerged revealing it to be Batman, "True but I'm sure your not one to talk Ronin, anyways I had to take care of something's before coming here so I apologies if I'm late" said Batman as the figure revealed to be Ronin Suzuki.

"Knowing you Bruce I knew you would come late…so how are things in Gotham I take it the Joker has been caught again" said Ronin.

"Fine by the way thanks for the tip on the Joker's location, how did you know where he was going to be?" asked Batman.

"You know me Bats I know a guy who knows things lets just leave it at that" said Ronin.

"So are you sure your apprentice is ready I mean I know that he can handle hollows but is he ready for what you sent him to Jump City for" said Batman.

"I am sure, Isamu can be hard headed sometimes, but I know he will do a good job and I know that he will be a good help to the titans" said Ronin.

"You sure, don't get me wrong Isamu is strong no doubt but do you think he can handle the fight to come, is he ready to face HIS sons" said Batman.

"I know, listen I get it you and the others don't think Isamu or the titans are ready but give them credit after everything they had to endure, between Slade, Brother Blood, Trigon, hell they even did something I never thought they could do and that was take down all the members of the Brotherhood of Evil, now that's something and with Isamu at their side I am sure they can handle three delinquents" said a confident Ronin.

"Besides this mission is more than about that, this mission is to help Isamu with his future, his destiny and more importantly is to change his goal, he wants revenge and that's not what I want him to follow, I want him to find peace and not follow the path of vengeance" said Ronin.

Batman knew all about what Isamu was going through. Seeing his parents die in front of him, wanting vengeance on the man who did it, it was all too familiar to Batman.

"So do you really think if the time comes, he'll make the right decision" said Batman.

"I can't predict the future bats…not anymore but I can only pray and hope he'll do the right thing. I guess that's all I can do" said Ronin.

There was silence between the two veterans. Bruce had known Ronin for a long time. Ronin had helped Bruce on several missions from time to time most included against Ra's al Ghul or the Joker.

"Listen I got to go, so many things to do and so little time" said Ronin as he began to walk away from Batman.

Batman approached him and asked "but there is more to this isn't after all you sent him to protect her?" said Batman.

Ronin stopped and knew bats would find out sooner or later. "Well I guess since everything she had endure I thought she deserve someone who would be there for her, and not use her like the last one she liked, that and in Hanako and Hikari's opinion they do make a cute couple" said Ronin.

"Also because I promised her mother I would look out for her. I wasn't there when she had to face her destiny because I believed she would change it. Now I intend to keep that promise with the help of Isamu" said Ronin as he disappeared.

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