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Siege on the castle

Titans tower

When Isamu and Hikari left robin and the others, they decided to get themselves ready. Robin ordered Raven to take terra to the safe room where they used to protect raven from Trigon. They decided to reuse it to hide terra inside while the titans were in the security room waiting for something to occur.

Raven seemed anxious she could sense something was going on in the city. She was worried about Hikari and Isamu; she wanted to go help them but she knows that her place is here with the titans. She can only hope Isamu and Hikari would come back alive, that was all she and the others can do at that point.

Just then the titans alarm went off and the titans saw through the screen it was who they were expecting.


Chiasa waited for the dust to clear so he can see the damage he caused. His attack wasn't strong enough to kill Isamu; he knows that the boy was not allowed to die. As the dust cleared Chiasa saw no sign of the boy, he looked around to try and see where the boy went. Suddenly Chiasa saw a flash of light heading towards him, Chiasa used flash step to move out of the way as the flash of light hit where Chiasa stood creating a crater.

Chiasa stood on top of one of the building's roof looking down on where the blast hit. He looked at the direction of where the blast came from and saw Isamu hovering over where he was attack. He didn't have a scratch on him, but he did look very serious. "Not bad boy, I have to give you credit very few soul reapers dodged my attack in the past. But you to be able to do it without a scratch well all I can say is well done" shouted Chiasa to Isamu who was praising the boy's performance so far.

"I didn't come here to impress you Chiasa; I know you were holding back when you attacked me. I bet when you used that attack on the soul reapers you didn't hold back am I right?" asked Isamu.

"Hmm well yes I was holding back, but only because if I was serious I would have killed you or weakened you. Where would the fun be if either one happened to you?" responded Chiasa.

"Do me a favor Chiasa don't hold back, because if you do then I promise you, you won't last long against me if you do" said Isamu warning Chiasa to give him his best.

"Fine boy you want to fight me at my best fine, but don't blame me if I kill you. I have another attack that I think you will find very interesting I haven't used it in a long time I don't remember why I didn't use it again but the hell with it is arise my Rokkugōremu (rock golems)!" shouted Chiasa as the ground below him began to shake and the rocks began to form into ten rock golems.

"Whoa that's a new trick" said an amazed Isamu who was surprise by what he was seeing. In all of his time around soul reapers he has never seen an attack like that before.

"Now my minions attack and kill Isamu Ishida!" shouted Chiasa as he commands his creatures to attack.

The golems grunted and looked ready to attack. But then they looked at the area where their master pointed to attack and saw nothing. "Uhhhh boss who do you want us to attack?" asked one of the golems as the rest grunted.

"Who to-idiots attack him Isamu up there the boy who's floating!" shouted Chiasa ordering his golems to attack Isamu.

"Uhhhh how do we get him from down here sir?" asked another golem.

Chiasa face palmed his face and couldn't believe at what was happening. Isamu seemed confused on what was going on, was he under attack or not. "You stupid golems throw something at him or just use your powers to attack him from the ground!" shouted Chiasa.

"Ohhhhh okay" said the golems in unison as they readied themselves to attack. "Uhhh sir how do we attack?" said one of the golems as they all stopped and agreed with the other.

Chiasa now remembers why he didn't want to use this attack and began to hit his head on the wall. The golems looked at their master and decided to do the same causing the buildings next to them to crumble.

Isamu saw an empty store nearby and decided to get himself something to drink till Chiasa figures out how to get his men to attack. Maybe I should have fought the water chick.


Hikari was able to use her flash step to escape Yuu's tsunami attack. She was on the otherside of the beach and saw the damage Yuu's attack did. "That was close if I didn't use flash step I would have drown" said Hikari to herself.

"True then my fun would have ended right" said Yuu who appeared behind Hikari and tried to use her water sword to cut Hikari. Hikari saw this and blocked the attack with her sword; however Yuu pushed Hikari straight towards the beach's sand. Hikari hit the beach which caused a crater. Hikari was trying to keep the water sword from getting through, while Yuu pushed the sword forward. Hikari flipped Yuu over and Hikari got out of the sand pit and got a few meters away from it.

Yuu jumped out of the pit and landed away from it gave Hikari a smirk. Hikari knew Yuu was toying with her; she needed to come up with a way to attack her. "Well done Hikari it seems your doing much better than the soul reapers I have fought in the past, maybe you'll last longer than them" said Yuu.

"Don't get to confident Yuu I haven't begun to fight for real, you still haven't seen my zanpakuto's true power" said Hikari.

"Oh really well then lets see it then Hikari come on" said Yuu wanting to see this power from Hikari.

"Okay you asked for it" said Hikari as she swung her sword and got ready to attack. "Here it comes ignite! Shirogitsune!" shouted Hikari as in a flash her zanpakuto was released, leaving behind trails of flame as she twirled it around. She lifted she sword over her head, summoning a towering inferno of blinding white flames from the blade. The bright flames formed themselves into the shape of a feral looking four-legged beast. Several streaks of deep crimson appeared as well forming into the beast's eyes and fangs.

Hikari yelled as she as she pointed her sword toward Yuu, signaling the beast to lunge at him. Yuu tried to dodge the attack by going into the water, but the beast had hit her incinerating half of her body by the flames. She used her left hand to surround her in water removing the flames from her.

"Damn…you…that really…hurt" said Yuu who could barely form words and breathe.

"Oops sorry to tell you this but my attack is not finished" said Hikari, with that Hikari pulled her sword back behind her head.

Yuu seamed confused at first but it all became clear a second later when an incredible amount of heat and force slammed into her back. In an instant Yuu's upper body was reduced to ashes as Shirogitsune's blazing incarnation shrank down into embers and was absorbed into Hikari's zanpakuto. The remains of the water reaper dissolved into dust as Hikari resealed her sword.

"Well that was fun I thought she be tougher than that" said Hikari as she put her sword back in her sheath and looked at the remains of the water reaper. She seemed disappointed she thought this one would be tough. Then she saw the water washing away the ashes she figured she go back and help her friends or go help her brother.

As Hikari thought for a moment on what to do the ashes began to join in the water, the black ashes then began to change color from black to blue. Till finally the once ashes turned to water and began to take form of an arm, the arm had something in its hand. It formed into a spear the hand aimed it at Hikari and threw it.

Hikari sensed something behind her as she turned around she saw something heading towards her. Before she could dodge it the spear hit her in the left shoulder causing the girl to scream in pain. Hikari saw where the spear came from and was shock to see what she was saw.

The arm soon joined a body of water which began to change into a solid. It was Yuu and she was alive. "Well that was too close for comfort" said Yuu.

"But-but how I killed you until you were nothing but ashes" said a surprise Hikari as she tried to remove the spear from her shoulder.

"Well some of my ashes landed in the water where I can regenerate, even the smallest ash that hits the water is more than enough for me to regenerate. You should have made sure there was nothing left of me Hikari" said Yuu as she lifted her hand and caused the spear to engulfed Hikari in a sphere of water trapping her in it. "Because now that I'm still alive its my turn to play with you my dear and I have so many things on my mind on what to do with you" said Yuu with a mischievous look on her face.

Titans tower

Back at the tower Arthur, Brother Blood and their men arrived at the titan's tower. "So this is titan's tower…their not very bright are they?" said Arthur.

"What do you mean Arthur?" asked Blood.

"Well these kids must have made a lot of enemies these last few years. I don't think it's wise for them to build their base of command in open view where their enemies could come and attack" explained Arthur.

Just then the titan's door opened and out came the titans, robin, cyborg, starfire, and beastboy.

"You know that's what Isamu told me months ago when he got here, but you know what we told him" said robin.

"We told him if any bad guys try to attack us here in our own home" said beastboy.

"They shall receive the butt kicking" said starfire.

"And go to jail like we did and going to do again Blood" said cyborg.

"Ahh cyborg it's been too long since the last time we've met how have you and your little friends been?" asked blood in a sarcastic tone.

"A lot better than the last time we saw you, how did you get your body back?" asked cyborg.

"That I should thank to Arthur's boss…or should I say my new boss" said Blood as he introduced Arthur to the titans.

"So you must the teen titans my master has been very interested in you all for some time now. Your reputation has impressed him, defeating slade, brother blood, the brotherhood of evil and even Trigon the terrible. I have to say even I'm impress" said Arthur as he took out his glasses cleaned them and put them back on his eyes.

"But what's this only four of you, I know two are currently fighting our friends but where is raven and my new student terra?" asked blood.

"You stay away from her Blood!" threaten beastboy.

"Oooh it seems you made the dog angry Blood, no matter we will find her even if we have to tear this tower apart piece by piece" said Arthur.

"No one is getting in my tower got it!" shouted cyborg.

"Well don't worry cyborg it wont be your tower very long once we deal with you all" said Blood as he removed his cloak and into his battle outfit.

"See titans although my master is interested in you all, it is my job to make sure if you're all worthy of joining him…but after the performance of the green one well I'm afraid your of no use to my master so I am here to exterminate you all and take the girl Terra back by force if I have to" said Arthur as he snapped his fingers and the cloak men behind blood and Arthur removed their cloaks and revealed themselves to be the same cyborg robots Blood used on the titans east.

"Them again cant come up with something original Blood" said robin as he and the titans readied themselves.

"Unlike before my dear robin these men have been upgraded thanks to my new boss and their not design to disarmed you all. Their new objective is to kill you all now then my men attack" shouted blood as the cyborg robots charged at the titans.

"Titans Go!" shouted robin as the titans charged at the robots.

Safe Room

Raven was inside the security room observing the fight through the monitors while also checking on Terra. She wanted to go help her friends but knows she has to stay and keep Blood away from Terra.

"Raven is everything all right out there?" asked Terra who was in the safe room waiting for the fight to be over.

"Blood and his friends are here, the others are fighting them right now" responded raven.

"Well maybe you should go help them, I'll be fine raven as long as I stay in this room nothing bad will happen to me" said terra.

"I want to help them terra I do, but my orders are to protect you from Blood who I'm sure will try to control you again. We can't let that happen" said raven.

"I don't want them to get hurt because of me raven, not even beastboy" said terra.

"They won't get hurt I promise terra, we just have to hope they will win" said raven trying to reassure terra everything would be all right.

"What about Isamu and Hikari aren't you worry about them?" asked terra.

"I am worry about them, but everytime Isamu tells me he would be all right and everything would be fine. I believe him, just like I believe in my friends. Your friends terra their fighting to protect you and they will not stop until your safe" said raven.

"Tha-thank you raven" said terra, she knew raven was right and she needed to believe in her friends and hope that this nightmare would end.


"All right lets try this again your attack comes from your powers. Your powers are to control the earth around you, use the earth to attack the boy Isamu. The boy is the guy over there" said Chiasa explaining to his rock golems on a chalk board on what to do and pointing to Isamu who was sitting on a bench drinking some soda.

"Ohhhh okay so do you want us to crush him or do you want us to beat him with the rocks" said one of the golems as the others agreed with him.

"I don't care what you do to him just kill him now!" shouted Chiasa.

"Oh okay boss" said the golems.

Isamu finished his drink and saw the golems surrounding him. "Soooo are you guys ready now?" asked Isamu.

"Uhhh yeah" said the golems in unison.

"Okay before we go let me show you guys a trick" said Isamu as he showed them the cup. The golems wondered what he was going to do. Isamu closed his eyes, turned around and waited for a second then threw the cup over the golems and the cup landed in the trash can.

"Wow that was amazing, do it again" said the golems as they clapped for Isamu's trick.

"Well boys I have one more trick to show you all keep your eye on the sword" said Isamu as he took out his sword and showed it to the golems. The golems waited for Isamu to do something. Isamu used flash step and attacked the golems. After Isamu attacked them, the golems didn't move for a second. They were silent till one made a sound, "that was a cool trick" said the golem as his head fell off his body. As did the rest of the golems, their heads were cut off and their bodies disintegrated into dust.

"Well Chiasa I guess your friends are now gone so what's next?" said Isamu as he wiped the dirt from his shoulder.

"Okay that's it no more mister nice guy I am going to hurt you Isamu. I didn't want to do this but it seems you left me with no choice" said Chiasa.

"What's next? Your spikes can only hit me from the ground, but as long as I remained in the sky you can't touch me" said Isamu.

"Which is why I think it's time I upgrade a bit" said Chiasa as he lifted his rock sword. "You see Isamu there is a reason why Yemon was the weakest of the group, see there was one level he couldn't master…Bankai" said Chiasa as his sword began to dissolve into his hand and made its way from his arm and around his body.

Isamu couldn't believe what he just heard and is seeing. Crap this guy can do bankai not good. Isamu could sense Chiasa's spiritual pressure rising as the rock consumed Chiasa till it began to crack. Isamu knew whatever Chiasa was doing it would be bad for Isamu.

The rock surrounding Chiasa cracked more and more till it exploded sending shards of rock everywhere. Isamu covered his face to keep the rocks from hitting his eyes or face. The dust began to settle and Isamu could see something in the dust. When the dust cleared Isamu was surprise by what he was seeing. Chiasa's body changed he was around seven feet five inches tall, he wore brown pants, his shirt was torn off and his body was completely covered in rock. Chiasa opened his eyes and they were glowing green.

"Surprise Isamu you should be this is what makes us different from the soul reapers. We can combine with our zanpakuto and make us more powerful than any bankai would for a soul reaper. I call this form Chikyū no eien no kami (eternal god of earth)" said Chiasa in a deep grunt voice.

Isamu couldn't believe at what he was seeing, this was definitely something he has never seen or heard of before. He could sense Chiasa's spiritual energy has grown even greater than his own. This guy is not kidding his power is stronger than anything I ever encounter before. If I'm going to beat him I will need to fight fire with fire, but before I do I need to see what he can do.

"Let's go Isamu I'll let you start things off first what do you say" said Chiasa as he is letting Isamu attack him first.

Isamu hesitated a bit; he knows if he attacks he'll doge it. But if he doesn't then Chiasa will. "Fine here it comes, Shiroi kibatte (white fang)!" shouted Isamu as a wave of white shape fang headed straight towards Chiasa. Chiasa didn't move he waited for the attack to hit him and took it.

The blast engulfed Chiasa and caused an explosion sending cars, windows to break, and buildings to tip over. Isamu knew the attack hit Chiasa, now he needs to see what the damage was. As the light disintegrated and the dust settled, Isamu saw something as the dust cleared there stood Chiasa completely unharmed. Isamu couldn't believe that Chiasa survived the attack without a scratch on him.

"Surprise Isamu you should be, your little wolf fang cannot penetrate my rocky form, now it's my turn let me show you the true power of my earth god. Chikyū no taihō (earth cannon)" said Chiasa as a cannon made of earth showed up in front of him and it loaded up with some of Chiasa's powers. It loaded, aimed, and was ready to fire.

Isamu planned to dodge the attack till he heard something behind him. It was a brown cocker spaniel puppy coming out of alleyway. "Damn it mutt go away now" said Isamu trying to get the dog to move but it didn't budge it stood there barking at Isamu. "Dog I'm not going to say it again, move or I'll…" Isamu stopped when he say Chiasa was about to fire Isamu didn't have time so he grabbed the dog just as Chiasa shot out his attack sending a huge green wave straight into Isamu.


Back in the beach Yuu was trying to figure out on what to do to Hikari. She had so many choices on what to do she could sense Chiasa had already begun his fun now it was her turn. Hikari couldn't let Yuu win she needed a plan to get out of the water sphere. She couldn't move in the sphere which meant she couldn't reach her sword. Yuu approached Hikari and knew what to do with her. "Well my dear it's been fun but I think it's time for me to end this fight now" said Yuu as she formed in her hand a water sword. "Bye bye" said Yuu as she was about to plunged her sword into Hikari. Hikari knew what to do she waited for the right moment to strike.

Yuu entered the sphere with her sword; Hikari used what strength she could use in the sphere and moved out of the way of the sword and grabbed it. Yuu tried to pull her arm out but Hikari had a tight grip. Hikari then bit Yuu's arm and didn't let go, Yuu removed the sphere and kicked the girl away from her.

Hikari moved away from Yuu and the water. She stood halfway from Yuu trying to catch her breath. That was too close, but it seems I know her weakness she could have phased her hand out of the sphere once I grabbed her, but she couldn't. "I now see through your attack Yuu, you can morph into water but you cannot attack and morph at the same time right" said Hikari.

"You…stupid bitch, you think you got it all figured out well no more Ms nice guy. I am going to kill you right here right now…Bankai" said Yuu as her body transformed into a water sphere causing her spiritual pressure to rise.

Hikari could sense Yuu's spiritual energy rising and knew this wasn't going to be good. The sphere then exploded in water revealing Yuu's bankai form. She had a fish like tail like a mermaid. Her hair was long and blue, her eyes were glowing blue, and her body was all fish like. Except her hair which was still the same only light blue. "Now then lets get this party started, let me introduce you to my bankai Mizu no eien no kami (eternal god of water)" said Yuu as a trident formed into her hand. Hikari knew this day has gone from bad to worse.


Isamu used his flash step to get him and the dog out of the way of Chiasa's attack. However Isamu did get injured during the fight as blood came down his right eye. He didn't seem to care if he was hurt; all that matter in his mind was the dog was all right.

"Hey mutt you okay?" asked Isamu to the puppy. The puppy responded by giving Isamu a small bark. "I'll take that as yes" said Isamu as he landed on one of the roofs and put the puppy down.

Chiasa used his powers to make a pillar that lifted him to see where Isamu was. "You humans are so pathetic, risking your life to protect that filthy beast. Now look at yourself blood is coming down you head and you've got scratches all around you. Why don't you give up now and surrender" said Isamu.

Isamu looked at the dog and knew that this fight has gone on long enough. "Okay pup its time for you to go, I don't want you to get hurt because of me so go" said Isamu as he ordered the puppy to leave.

The dog looked at Isamu for a second and did what it was told it went towards the door to the roof and headed down the stairs. "Good dog, now then Chiasa I think its time for me to end this fight I now know what you can do now it's my turn" said Isamu as he lifted his sword and closed his eyes. "Bankai" said Isamu as a bright light engulfed Isamu surrounding him in the light.

Chiasa was blind by the light and wondered what was happening. The light began to disappear and Isamu emerged from the light wearing a white sleeveless coat, with white pants, no shirt, and had white boots. His zanpakuto changed to a knights shape sword, and the handle had wolf markings on it. "Jū kusari shiroi ōkami (heavily chain white wolf)" said Isamu.

Chiasa could sense the boy's spiritual energy, it was different from before. Almost as if his spiritual energy exploded with power.


Hikari just dodged another one of Yuu's attacks, this time she jumped into the parking lot of the beach. She knew this fight was getting hard to end, she knew she had to end this fight once and for all.

"My dear Hikari I think its time for us to end this fight once and for all" said Yuu as she lifted her trident and was ready to end this fight.

"No Yuu its time for me to end this fight…Bankai!" shouted Hikari as Hikari's entire body erupted into a massive white fireball. Yuu had to shield her eyes from the bright flames and the heat as she watched them reach up to the sky. Seconds later the towering inferno began to shift and separate into several waving tendrils of flame, spraying embers everywhere. With a brilliant flash the fireball bursts into thousands of cinders, revealing Hikari standing there with a white fur cloak wrapped around her shoulders and a long white scarf that was tipped with black fur waving behind her. Above Kari's head Arturo counted eight identical double edged swords floating in the air.

Yuu seemed surprise by what she was seeing she could sense the spiritual energy coming from the girl it felt stronger than hers.

"Kyubi-no-Shirogitsune" said Hikari calmly as she took a step toward her enemy.


Isamu approached Chiasa after he got to the edge of the roof he looked at Chiasa in the eyes. "Chiasa its time we end this once and for all" said Isamu as he lifted his sword and aimed it at Chiasa.


"Yuu its over I am going to kill you right here and now" said Hikari as she lifted her sword and aimed it at Yuu.

Both siblings powered up their spiritual energy and looked at their opponents with their white glowing eyes. "Its time for you to DIE!" shouted the two siblings at the same time in Unison.

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