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High and Cool tensions

Titans Tower

The titans returned to the tower with Isamu, who seemed impress by the inside of the tower more than the outside.

I didn't seem impressed where they lived, on a island with their base shape as a giant T. I wanted to say something about it, till I saw the inside, I had to admit their place was a lot better than my master's place. This place may be shaped like a giant T, but they do have cool stuffs.

"Isamu before we show you around, perhaps you wouldn't mind showing us what you got?" asked robin.

I turned to robin and agreed with him. I followed the titans to the outside to their obstacle course. Their course was big; it had some cool training devices. Nothing compares to what I train in, but I doubt these guys deal with what I have to deal with every single day.

"Listen Isamu we need you to run the course all around and back here understand" said robin "crystal now then let get started" said Isamu, robin told cyborg to start the course.

I knew I couldn't go full power on this course. So I decided to use what I can. Cyborg gave the signal that he was starting the course. I look at the timer and waited for it to go. When the course began I used half of my speed to dodge most of the blasters. These blasters are a pain to dodge they hurt a little but their annoying. I used my sword to reverse the blast back destroying a few of them. After passing through the blasters I came across some giant fists that came from the ground straight up fast. I dodged most of them and used one of the fist to help me jump over the next course and right into the last two. As I landed I noticed the ground was separating so I quickened my speed till I tripped and nearly fell. I used my sword to pierce into the wall to stop. I pulled my sword off and got to the wall and pushed off it allowing me to zic zac on walls till I made it out to the other side and continued down the course to the final part. In the final part of the course there were exploding disk being shot out at me. I then used my sword again to cut the disk and then jumped on top of where they were being thrown and cut each one in half till I finally made it to the finish line.

The titans were surprised by this, starfire, beastboy and robin congratulated Isamu on doing a good job, while cyborg looked at the timer and it was 1:00, beating terra's old record.

"Wow he yours and terra's old record" said beastboy.

"Well um I guess he got lucky that's all" said cyborg remembering that terra beat his record long ago and now someone else beat his and terra's record.

"So how did I do huh" I asked wondering how I did. Cyborg and Raven turned their attention to me and responded.

"All right I admit you did well, for a rookie" said cyborg. I ignored the rookie comment and turned my attention to raven, "so come on still think this kid can't do anything."

"Fine you did well happy" said raven with an annoyed look on her face. That was all I wanted to hear for now at least.

"So now what happens next robin?" I asked the leader of the team wondering what happens next.

"Well Isamu since you're going to stay here we should show around and show you to your room" said robin.

"Thanks…oh um can I come back in a bit I need to pick up some things I left where I was staying. If that's okay with you guys?" I asked the titans remembering I left my stuff at the observatory.

"Sure dude it's no problem you need a hand?" asked beastboy.

"Nah it's just a backpack with some clothes. I won't be long see ya" I said as I headed towards the observatory.

The other titans headed off inside to get their new guest room ready. Robin turned his attention to raven. He noticed something was bothering her since with Plasmious. "Raven you okay you seemed more quite than usual?" asked Robin.

"It's nothing just tired, didn't sleep well last night" said Raven.

"Want to talk about it?" asked robin.

"Like I said robin it was nothing, besides shouldn't we get things ready for Isamu" said Raven.

"Raven is there something we should be concern about?" said robin.

"No robin nothing…look I need to go meditate if there is something I will tell you" said raven as she headed off to her room. Robin sighted hoping that whatever is bothering raven doesn't turn out like last time.

Raven returned to her room and began to meditate. The truth was raven hasn't had a good night sleep in five days. For the last few days she has been seeing things, in her dreams she sees terrible things. Much like what happened with Trigon, but these were more and felt real. Raven woke up in the middle of what appears to be a park. The trees were burned off; the ground was covered in ashes and dirt. The air was hard to breathe in; as raven walks down she sees crows on the trees. They had four eyes and were looking at raven with those red eyes.

Raven then hears voices coming from all around her. She looks over to the direction where the voices come from but found nothing. The voices grew and grew until she feels something behind her and says something. She couldn't hear what it was, but when the person stopped she felt a hand on her shoulder and then something burned her.

She wakes up in a panic and sweat dripping down on her. She looks over to her shoulder and sees a burned mark this didn't happen until last night. She wondered if these dreams were the reason why she couldn't defeat Plasmious. She wanted to tell her friends, she didn't like to lie to her friends. But the only thing she hoped for was whatever this was, would go away soon.

After I returned the others gave me a tour around the tower and showed me to my room. I had to admit it was impressive inside the tower. Despite it looking weird the way it was shaped as a giant T, the inside was amazing. After we finished the titans wanted to celebrate for the newest member of the team so we all went out to eat.

We arrived to the pizza joint where I saw beastboy and cyborg were arguing about what type of pizza to get. Both of them arguing remind me of how my sister and my master fight. Both like meat, but they each have their own type of meat they love. So seeing both of them argue makes me feel like I'm home, course usually their argument would end up in a fight, but still good enough.

After we finished eating I mention to the others that I needed to go to the mall to buy some clothes. Starfire and beastboy offered to take me to the mall and help pick out some clothes for me. The other titans agreed and let starfire and beastboy take me to the mall.

Starfire and Beastboy were very good people to hang out with. Beastboy says no one laughs at his jokes, but I don't see what's wrong with them, sure their little flat but at least he's trying. Starfire on the other hand has dragged me to almost all the stores at the mall. She was much like my sister and her master. They both love shopping, and if there was ever the opportunity they would drag me along and make me carry all of their bags. I wouldn't mind this time if I wasn't the one carrying all of my bags. I had about seven bags to carry.

After spending two hours at the mall starfire decided she was done. Beastboy and I were tired, after getting my clothes starfire decided to go find some clothes for her. She told me her and robin were going out and she wanted to buy something for her date with robin. She was definably like my sister, all trying to impress the boys with fancy clothes…course I did warn any boys before I left that if any of them try something with my sister would end up like a dog after castration. I even gave them an example of what would happen. Starfire took off looking for some clothes while Beastboy and I rested at the food court.

"So uh Isamu exactly how long have you been here in the city?" asked beastboy.

"I guess this would be the third day I have been here why?" I asked wondering why beastboy would ask me that.

"If you wanted to join us then why did you not come to the tower when you arrived?" said beastboy.

Damn I didn't think beastboy would ask me that. I thought it would be something robin or cyborg would ask. "Well I guess I was nervous I mean you don't go up to a bunch of superheroes and say you want to join them. I had to pick a right time to ask and another to show you what I could do otherwise you guys wouldn't think I would be any good, does that make any sense?"

"I think so, well you don't have to be nervous Isamu I am sure you'll do fine with us" said beastboy.

"Really well that's reassuring thanks…so should we go get starfire before she goes further with her shopping spree" said Isamu.

"Good idea" said beastboy as he and Isamu headed off looking for starfire.

Middle of the night

After beastboy, starfire, and I returned from the mall. Robin presented me with a communicator making me the new member of the titans. The others and I celebrated by watching some movies they had, I also tried some of starfire's tamaranian food which surprises everyone I actually liked it and even wanted more. This went all through the night till everyone headed off to bed which was fine with me it will be the first time in three days I get to relax on a soft comfortable bed

During the night Raven woke up from yet another bad dream except this time there was no burn mark on her shoulder. She looked over to her clock and saw it was two in the morning. Great another bad dream and yet another sleepless night, raven looked out her window and saw the moon was out. She figures meditating outside will help her find out what these dreams mean.

Raven left her room and headed up towards the roof. When raven got to the roof she saw someone sitting at the edge of the roof. She recognized to be Isamu; he was wearing black pants pajamas with a white sleeveless shirt. "What are doing up here Isamu?" said raven, Isamu turned around and saw raven.

"Nothing just enjoying the view, so what are you doing here couldn't sleep raven?" I asked noticing raven coming into the roof.

"Nothing I just didn't feel like sleeping so I came up here to meditate" said raven as she walked into the roof.

"Well don't mind me I'm just sitting here looking at the moon…if that's okay with you raven" I said.

"Go ahead I don't really care" said Raven as she walked away from Isamu and sat on the ground she position herself and began meditating.

I turned back to the moon letting raven do her meditation. As I continued looking out into the moon I could hear raven meditating behind me. The words she used for meditating are very unique .I looked over where she was and saw her position of meditating was also unique, but there was something else about her that seemed interesting. I could sense she is being trouble, I didn't know what it was, but whatever it is I may need to find out soon.

Raven could sense she was being watched. She peeked her eyes and saw Isamu looking at her. Her being an empath meant she could sense people's emotions including what Isamu's as well. "Isamu what are you doing?" said raven who seemed mad.

"Hmm I'm not doing anything" said Isamu.

"Yes you are, I'm an empath Isamu which means I can sense others emotions, I know your trying to do the same" said raven.

"[sight] your right I'm sorry Raven I just wanted to know what's bothering you that's all, I'm sorry" said Isamu.

Raven could sense Isamu was sorry, but she didn't buy it. Ever since he showed up there has been something about him raven didn't trust. "Just don't do it again Isamu got it" said raven.

Okay now I'm getting a little mad, I'm just trying to be the good guy here and she's treating me badly. "Hey raven look I said I was sorry why are you giving me such a hard time?"

"Because I don't trust you Isamu, I know your hiding something and whatever it is I will find out" said raven who got off her meditation position facing Isamu who got off the floor.

I had to admit I didn't think raven would have this much anger towards me especially coming from a Goth girl. "Raven I'm not going to lie. Yes there is something I haven't told you or the others about. But I assure you whatever I haven't told you guys will be told in due time."

"Really in due time huh, well then just so you know if whatever you're hiding threatens to hurt my friends then I promise you this I will make you pay" said raven.

"Well first of all I would never do anything to hurt your friends or anyone else, and second believe me if there is anything that I am hiding then you will be the first person to know okay" I said trying my best to calm raven down.

Raven didn't respond but Isamu could tell she still didn't trust him. Raven left the roof and headed back down to her room.

Man that girl needs to get out more…if this girl is the one I'm suppose to protect I may need to get on her good side more but how….hmmm I think I got it. I thought to myself.

Ravens room

Raven returned to her room still feeling angry towards Isamu. She didn't trust him, he was up to something and she wanted to find out what it was. She didn't want another Terra incident to occur again.

Just then raven heard a knock on the door. She asked who it was, there was a response…it was Isamu. Great the last person I want to talk to. "Go away Isamu I don't want to talk to you" said raven.

"I know Rae I came here to give you something, something that I think will help you with your dream problem" I said behind the door.

"How did he…I don't have a dream problem?" said raven surprise that Isamu knew about her problem.

"I can tell when someone has a nightmare Rae, my little sister used to have…well sometimes still does so trust me I know just let me help" I said. "That and I can also tell when someone who hasn't slept well."

Raven could sense he was concern. Although she didn't trust him, she might as well find out what he has to offer. Raven opened the door and there stood Isamu holding something in his hand. "Well what is it?" said Raven.

"Here it's something my master's granddaughter made for me and my sister. I think you would recognize this as a dream catcher. Their meant to protect children from nightmares, but the ones Hanako made for me and my sister is design to protect us from nightmares and from others entering our dreams" I said as I explained to raven how it worked.

"Protect from others entering your dream, really how is that possible" said Raven who seems interested in the dream catcher.

"Not sure she said she made them from a special thread from deep in a forest which cannot be found only by those who have been to the location" I said.

"Okay I know you must be making this up, a magical thread, hidden forest, let me guess the tooth fairy also gave her the idea" said Raven.

Wow never heard that comment before. "Fine I guess I will take this back to my room and have a good night sleep…good luck with your sleeping problem raven." As I was about to leave raven stopped me.

"Wait…um I guess I could try it out, just for tonight" said Raven. She cursed herself for giving in to Isamu's demand. But she has tried everything to get some good night sleep, and if this dream catcher thing works Isamu might as well earned her respect and her trust.

"Okay well here then, all you need to do is put it over your bed and just go to sleep…that's all" I said as I handed raven the dream catcher.

"Wait that's it just put it over my bed and it will do the rest" said raven.

"Yeah that's it, I know it may not seem like much raven but believe me before I had that thing I couldn't get any proper sleep for three days…and I was seven at the time. Also try getting a four year old to fall asleep and assuring her there was no monsters nearby" I said.

"So you have a little sister huh, where is she?" asked Raven who seems to be lightening up.

"She's training with her master in another part of the world. Not sure where she is but I'm sure wherever she is, she is using that dream catcher to get some good sleep" I said as wished raven some sleep

"Well thanks for the dream catcher…but this doesn't mean I still trust you, you know that right Isamu" said Raven.

"I had a feeling you would say that, but believe me in a few days you'll come around. Heck it may be sooner if that catcher works…..well I better get going its late I'm heading off see ya raven" I said as I began to walk down the hall and headed towards my room.

"Yeah thanks Isamu" said raven as she closed her door and headed to her bed. She hoped this thing would help her; she got to her bed and attached the dream catcher to the top of her bed. As soon as she wondered if it worked, well one way to find out I guess. Raven lay on her bed and began to drift off to sleep hoping she would finally get some good night sleep.

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