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The house as silent and dark except for the light shining from the bottom of the door to his bedroom. Yuushi laid on the couch and looked at the little sliver of light. What was Atobe doing? He came home all dirty and dusty again.. It's almost midnight and he still had not gone to sleep.

He so wanted to barge in and confront Keigo, but he stayed lying down. Keigo just came home dirty. He didn't have that feverish, restless, glazed eyes...Yuushi rubbed his arms to warm himself, even though it was not cold. He didn't want to ever see Keigo like that again.

Inside his, or rather Yuushi's confiscated bedroom, Keigo read the one of the books he bought about do it yourself roofing. This was what he had bought a earlier that day– when Ryoma had met with those two girls. He doesn't know how to fix roofs or replace floors, but this will at least give him some knowledge on how to go about it so that he doesn't appear too ignorant. If he could just concentrate on the book and not on Ryoma.

The utterly sad look that was replaced by cool indifference when Ryoma walked away from him. They had been getting along well, he thought. Until he went and opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it. He spoke without thought and immediately wished he could take it back.

Keigo yawned, his body suddenly feeling very tired. Snapping the book shut, he got up from the bed and went to get a drink of water. Passing the living room, he saw Yuushi fast asleep on the couch, his head almost falling off and his shirt had ridden up, revealing a thin, but jagged scar on Yuushi's side. Keigo swalloed the bile that rose up in his throat at the sight and walked over to pull the shirt down, then adjusting his friend's head back onto the pillow and covering him with his blanket. He looked at Yuushi's peaceful sleeping face.

"I'm sorry," Keigo murmured, brushing a strand of hair back. He had kicked his friend out of his own voice in the back of his head tried to speak out again. Keigo let it speak. His gaze went to Yuushi again and he made his decision.

Keigo walked back into his bedroom, forgetting his thirst. He did not see Yuushi crack an eye open, watching his retreating back.

The next morning Yuushi woke up and was going to go through his normal morning routine before work, except that when he passed by his confiscated bedroom, he noticed the door was wide opened and the bed was empty. That was unusual. Since Keigo had been staying there, the door had always been closed in the morning.

"Atobe? You there?" He called out to the house, but received no answer. Entering the room, he flicked on the lights, looking around. Everything was clean. The bed was even made. Yuushi felt a flicker of panic began to rise and he rushed to the closet and threw it open. Empty. Not a single piece of clothing in sight.

His thoughts raced. Where had Keigo gone? Had he found another place to stay, but with who? Keigo was prideful and he would not let anyone know that he had been disinherited, even if temporarily. He shut the closet door with a bang and whirled around, only to see one of Keigo's suitcase propped up against his computer desk. And on top of the desk was a letter.


Ore-Sama has found other lodgings for the time being. Do not look for Ore-Sama. Stop worrying, ahn. "Tch, too late for that, Atobe."


Atobe Keigo.

P.S. A promise is a promise.

That made Yuushi feel a little better. Nothing was worth more to Keigo than his word.

"Zetai Yadda!"

"Hmph, consider this Ore-Sama's pay for the week and from now, you may pay Ore-Sama only half of the amount agreed upon."

Ryoma wondered how a person can sound so pompous when they had just barged into someone else's home and declared that he will be living there. But this was not ordinary person, it was Atobe Keigo. Who was now walking pass him and up the stairs.

"Monkey King! Don't you dare! You're not staying here. Go somewhere else." Keigo ignored him and went into the room he had unconsciously chosen yesterday while cleaning. It was bare of course, so he would have to do something about that. He can't yet afford a queen size bed or any other things for the room, so a futon for the floor will do in the meanwhile.

"Atobe, I said no." Keigo set down his suitcase and a carefully wrapped package, then turned around to look at Ryoma.

"Please." That had Ryoma stopping in his track and his mouth fell open. After several minutes of staring at each other, Ryoma gave up. "Fine. But like you said, only half the pay."

"Ore-Sama does not go back on his word."

Keigo watched Ryoma leave, shutting the door behind him. After what he carelessly said yesterday, he knew that Ryoma could just kick him out and really refused him if he wanted to. He sat down in the middle of the floor. The floor that he had swept and mopped up yesterday. He ran his finger along it, wincing a bit as his hand and fingers were sore. It felt good. He felt good. Better than he had for a long time.

Ryoma stomped back to his room and shut the door with a bang. "Stupid Monkey King. Why'd he have to come and invade my space? Why did he have to go and say 'Please' like that?" Keigo had arrived at 7 am that morning with his suitcase and something else squarish all wrapped up tightly and held like it was something very precious and announced that he will be living there.

Guess he could have really refused if he wanted to, but there was something in Keigo's eyes that reminded him of his own. Lost and tired. Coupled with that 'Please', how could he have refused? What happened to Keigo in these past years that he had been away for him to be this way; looking for a job and a place to stay.

And to choose to stay with him? Someone Keigo believes is lower than dirt? He must be desperate. Ryoma frowned, getting up from his bed and moved to stand beside the window. He chose the room that overlooked the back yard instead of his old room. This one was bigger too, and he liked that. Looking out, he saw that the back was almost all the way cleared of weeds, grass and rubbles. His eyes inadvertently landed on that court that Kevin and Taichi had fixed up and his heart gave a bitter pang.

He rarely played much any more. Kevin had said that he was letting them, Seigaku, win by giving up tennis like this, but he couldn't help it. Every time he picked up a racquet he would remember them. The camaraderie he felt, but to them it was all fake; a ploy to use him. Expelling a harsh breath, Ryoma tore his gaze away from the court. Guess he should get ready for another day.

"Ah man, can't believe the tire on my bike went flat." Momoshiro grumbled underneath his breath as he walked his bike up the incline, on his way home. He hadn't come this way home in a while, but it was the shortest route, even if it was going up this small slope. Or would have been if his bike hadn't decided to get a flat. He just have to pass over and then it's down all the way. As always when he walked this way, his gaze would stray to the house that he remembered walking his kouhai home to. So, his indigo colored eyes looked that way and he did a double take. The front yard looked...clean. Weeded. There wasn't any overgrown weed anywhere! The bushes weren't growing wild and was trimmed. His feet unconsciously took him to near the gate and Momoshiro peered inside.

He couldn't see anyone around and was relieved not to see Ryoma. He knew Ryoma was back, but for some reason didn't think that he would be staying in this house again. And he still wasn't sure. Someone else could have bought it and started to clean up and repair the place. It didn't have to be Ryoma.

He didn't like Ryoma as friend at all; only used him so that they could win at the Nationals. Ryoma came in and then started to win games after games against each and every one of them. He hated the fact that someone two years younger came into their team, then was placed as a regular when he had worked his butt off before he became one.

Momoshiro squashed down the twinge his conscious gave him at the thought of Ryoma. He did what needed to be done at that time. That's it. He didn't like treating Ryoma to burgers after school; Didn't like to harass or tease Ryoma; Didn't like the way Ryoma would sometime smile softly and endure his head noogie. Didn't. Didn't. Didn't.

His hand gripped the metal gate. Tezuka was right. Ryoma had no place in their life back then and certainly not now. Not when he could go on blabbing his mouth to everyone that they had lied at that party.

He can't risk that. His girlfriend would hate him if it was found out.

"Oi, Ryoma!" Momoshiro jerked away from the gate, heart pounding, quickly looking left and right to make sure he had not been spotted and quickly left, dragging his back along side him. So it really was Ryoma living there again.

Ryoma looked up from what he was doing when Kevin called his name from outside. Dusting his hands off, he walked toward the back exit, only to have his way blocked.

"You're in my way, Atobe!"

"No, Echizen. You're in Ore-Sama's way. Move."

"You move first."

"Ore-Sama was here first."

"I don't think so. I was about to step out and you are blocking my way."

The two went into a staring contest at the back door. Ryoma wanted out and Keigo wanted in. Keigo had been living there for only a few days and he was already in the way. Everywhere he looked, he see that Monkey King. Ryoma hardened his stare. As childish as it is, he was not going to move first.

"Hey! Now you two idiots are in my way. Move it," Akutsu shoved Keigo sending him crashing into Ryoma, who brought his hands around Ryoma to steady him. "Quit lazying around. We've got work to do." Akutsu grunted and stepped around the both of them.

Ryoma huffed out a breath and pushed at Keigo's chest. Hard firm muscled toned chest, his hands told him and his fingers twitched. Keigo looked down, his eyes darkening. Ryoma looked absolutely adorable from where he was laying. Keigo's head leaned down, lower, closer, until he could feel Ryoma's warm minty scented breath against his lips.

"Ahem!" Keigo sprang away Ryoma following, both a tad bit red. "Well if you two are done making eyes at each other. Back to work!"

"Who's the boss here?" Ryoma asked dryly.

"You are! So that means you have to work twice as much."

"Get back to work, Akutsu," Ryoma ordered, but it was softened with a slight smile.

"Right, boss," Akutsu walked pass with a backward wave. "I'll leave you two to your makin' out session."

Ryoma gave his famous glare to Akutsu's back, then chanced a look at Keigo. "You go back to work too!"

"Yes,... Boss."

"Try not to choke on the word," Ryoma deadpanned.

"But before that, would you like a kiss before Ore-Sama go back," Keigo purred and smirked at Ryoma's chagrined face.

It was well into the afternoon and the sun blared down on the two people atop the roof. To Akutsu's surprise, it seemed that Keigo did know a bit about roofing and Keigo was not about to let the other know that he had stayed up reading about it.

"Akutsu," He looked at Keigo.


"Never mind."

"If you're asking why I'm okay with Echizen, then what about you?"


"Why did you believe what Tezuka and them told you? And why're you working here and now living here if you hate Echizen."

Keigo stiffened. "Perhaps Ore-Sama was wrong -"

"Tch. There's no perhaps about it. You all call yourself smart. You and everyone is else is just a buncha fucking brainless idiots" Keigo's fist tightened in anger.

"Why are you so ready to believe Tezuka, Atobe? Because he was your rival? Because you've known him longer? When you played the brat, did it looked like he was gonna start copying your moves? Now all this talking made me thirsty." Akutsu glared at Atobe for good measure, blaming Keigo for his thirst.

A cloud passed over head and blocked the sun's glare for a bit and passed on, revealing the sun again. Keigo stood there, staring out into the street.

He looked down in the direction where he heard Akutsu yelling at Kevin. That guy brought up a good question. Same question that has been running through his head. Why did he believe Tezuka? He had assumed that Ryoma left because he was guilty. But was that really the reason? What he had said last week when he met those two came back to him.

"I didn't do anything wrong and will not explain myself to you. If you want to know the truth, you should start asking those so called senpai of yours."

He would have to look into this, but right now he better get back to work because Akutsu coming back up, holding a large hammer.

"Mmm, that's it. Right there," Tezuka gasped as his lover ran his tongue between the slit of his erection. His lover chuckled in satisfaction as making Tezuka moan out like that, the vibration sending shots of pleasure up Tezuka's spine and he grabbed Shu's head, his hips jerking as he came into his lover's mouth, who swallowed everything with loud gulps and slurping noises as if his semen was a delicacy.

"Feel better, Kunimitsu?" Tezuka nodded. "Yeah, much better," he said as Shu sidled up to sit next to him on the couch. "So, how as your date with that Ryuzaki girl?" Tezuka scowled at having to be reminded of her interrupting his game with Sanada yesterday.

"Like always. She blushes, stutters and simpers. Nauseating," Tezuka sneered. "She came to tell me she met Echizen and had slapped him."

Shu rolled his eyes up to look at Tezuka. "Oh, bold of her to do something like that."

"Hmm, I suppose it was. At least this just makes Echizen look all the more in the wrong as she and her loud friend goes off spreading more rumors about him." Tezuka smirked. Five years ago when Coach Ryuzaki called him and Oishi into her office to demand why Echizen had quit, they told her the story the had fabricated for everyone else: that Echizen was just using them. Unfortunately, she didn't believe them.

Flashback to Five years ago:

Oishi and Tezuka glanced at each other when an angry Ryuzaki barked at them to meet her in her office immediately. Standing with her back to the door looking out the window, Coach Ryuzaki gave off an angry air that both of them could feel as soon as they entered the room. As soon as they stood right in front of her desk, she turned around and glared at them.

"Explain to me why Echizen has left for America."

Tezuka started his act as the wounded party. "Ryuzaki-sensei. It was for the best. The things he did and say, you do not need to know." Oishi beside him supported him and nodded.

"Really? Care to tell me what kind things?"

Oishi was next, wringing his hand and looking down nervously. "Sensei, he used us. All this time he was using us so that he can go back to America and use what we've worked so hard for to better his own career. He even threatened us, saying we will never make tennis, something we love, as our career as long as he lives."

Both looked up to see Ryuzaki shaking, believing that she was angry at Echizen until she slapped them. One after the other, her hand flew by and connected with their cheeks so fast they didn't even felt the sting of pain until moments later, once their shock wore off.

"You lie!" She hissed at them. "I cannot believe that my team captain and vice-captain would be so manipulative and devious. Echizen used you? More like the other way around!"

Tezuka straightened, adjusting his glasses which had become a bit skewed when his head had jerked right from her slap. "And how can you be so sure, Ryuzaki-sensei?" His tone smooth and cold it caused Ryuzaki to shiver.

"I got a call from Nanjiroh explaining to me what went on with this team. I am so disappointed in all of you!"

"So you believe in your ex-students instead of your current one?" Oishi asked, his face a mask of sadness and Ryuzaki snapped her eyes to him. "And you, Oishi. How can you?"

"I want to win the National. It was my dream. Our dream!"

"So you used Echizen."

"Yes," Tezuka answered her, his voice freezing her on the spot. "We did use him. So what? You pressured me to place him in the inter-school selection, even though he was a first year because he was your favorite ex-student's son." Tezuka shrugged. "It's all right in the end. His use for us was over, so we no longer need him."

Oishi nodded, standing closer to Tezuka. "So we saw that chance and used him. Isn't that what he was there for? He can never be one us. He's a good player and we saw that we did need him and we used him to help gain the National for Seigaku."

They watched Ryuzaki's face become dark with anger and her shaking got worse. She glared at them, raising her hand again and they thought that she was going to slap them once more, but instead she started gasping, her hand clawing at her chest, her face going from dark to pale instantly. They called 911 right away from their cell, but she passed away at the hospital.

At her funeral, all of the Seigaku members and students attended. Even students, mostly tennis players, from other schools attended. Sakuno cried rivers of tears that didn't seem would stop anytime soon and Tezuka was beside her so she used him as her support asking why over and that was when Tezuka took his acting up to the next level. He hid a smirk behind his hand.

"It's all my fault. I shouldn't have told her what Echizen did," Tezuka whispered low, but made sure it was still loud enough for a few others near them to hear and started to glance at each other.

"Yes, I tried to tell her to calm down and forget about Echizen," Oishi weeped as he said this, taking up for Tezuka. "But she was so angry at him. She wanted to call Echizen up in America to reprimand him for doing something so shameful, then..she... ," He paused to blow his nose. "More than anything, Sakuno-san. I think she was heart broken for what Echizen did and couldn't take it."

Sakuno cried some more imagining her grandmother in pain in her last moments and cursed Echizen Ryoma. "I'll never forgive him."

Flashback end:


"It was really awful that sensei had to die. I really did respect and admired her. But it was for the best, I think. Since she didn't believe us, she would have been a thorn in our sides, Kunimitsu."

"I love this side of you Oishi Shuichiro," Tezuka growled and gave his lover and bruising kiss as he pushed Shu down onto the couch. Only he ever saw this sadistic side of Oishi. So sadistic that not even Fuji can compare.

Showering after Oishi left, Tezuka thought back to what Oishi said. Yes, it was for the best that Ryuzaki had died. He had respected Ryuzaki-sensei, until she kept placing Echizen in games that should have been in. He didn't care so much for winning the Nationals as Oishi did, but to be in the spotlight as the number one player out there. He wanted to be the one to beat Sanada, Atobe and Yukimura, but instead Ryuzaki kept placing Echizen in the line up instead of him. Because of this, all everyone could talk about was the star freshman player Echizen Ryoma.

Even during that goodwill's camp, he had deliberately not chosen Echizen, but Ryuzaki forced his hands to at least include him in the line-up. He clenched his fist thinking about that. How he had wanted to just beat the daylights out of Echizen on that street courts that night, but Kevin Smith and Kawamura were there. That one backhand felt so good and it had taken all his willpower and control not to repeat it.

Turning the shower off, Tezuka wrapped a white cotton towel around his waist and stepped out of the showers. Wiping of the steam in that had coated the mirror, he stared at himself. It was an obsession of his. Staring at himself in mirrors. How could he not stare at such perfection? Of course he restrained himself when out with others, he had his good guy image to keep after all. But here in the privacy of his own bathroom, or room, he can stare all he wanted.

"Hmm, should I do something about Ryuzaki Sakuno?" He watched his reflection moving his lips, the right corner curling up in a cruel twist. "She's been getting very annoying and clingy lately." Tezuka shook his head. As much as he wanted to, he needed her for now. Especially with Echizen back. Her hatred for him for what everyone believes was his fault her grandmother had a heart attack will make the others sympathize with her. And because she was his girlfriend, they would side with him.

"Yes, Echizen. You can't do anything. Who would believe you?" His reflection nodded back.

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