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When he came back with the waters all the girls were taking about A.

They don't know that he knows yet. Emily stopped talking in the middle of her sentence.

Aria thought to herself " I should tell them now before A tells them"

Ezra hands the girls the water.

"Thank you" They all said.

He was happy to be able to help in any way, and that what he told them.

Aria wanted to tell them but she didn't want to make Ezra mad. So, she would wait till she talked to him.

Outside with Aria and Ezra

Ezra: What are you doing out here all alone?

Aria: I just needed some air, I'm so worried about Hannah.

Ezra: I'm sure she will be ok. It's cold out here please come back in.

Aria: I want to tell them.

Ezra: About us?

Aria: Yes, but I wont. Unless you are okay with it.

Ezra: okay.

Aria: okay?

Ezra: okay. You can tell them.

Aria: Really?

Ezra: If you really think they will understand then I have no problem with it.