Spencer and Ezra were basically having a yelling match.

Aria didn't understand why she was being like this for.

She didn't like shed like the Student-Teacher thing, but she didn't think she would be this mean about it.

Spencer: You're her teacher! Your suppose to help with her homework, not sleep with her!

Ezra: I am not sleeping with her!

Spencer: But you want too!

Ezra: My god!

Spencer: Don't bring god into this!

Aria: Spencer, Leave him alone.

Emily: Why don't you come with me Spencer?

Spencer: Where?

Emily: Home. I don't want to be alone and my parents are not home. I want to leave, and sleep now.

Spencer: What about Aria? We can't leave her alone!

Aria: Stop talking about me like I'm not here! I'm not alone, I'll be fine Spencer.

Spencer: I don't know if this is a good idea.

In the end they left, And that left Aria and Ezra too wait for news on Hanna. Aria knew what Ezra was thinking.

Aria: She won't tell.

Ezra: What?

Aria: Spencer, She's not happy with it, but she won't tell on us.

Ezra: How do you do that?

Aria: Do what?

Ezra: Tell what I'm thinking, before I do.

Aria: I don't know. It's a gift!

The doctor finally came out, and told them they could go home, and see Hanna tomorrow.

Aria: She will be okay?

Doctor: Yes, She will be awake tomorrow, Maybe.

Ezra told Aria he would take her home, but she told him she wanted to stay with him tonight.

That she didn't want to be alone in her house after what happened today.

Truth way he didn't want her by herself neither, So he agreed!