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Summary: Harry is the Great Grandson of The Shadow and receives training in the power to cloud men's minds. Lamont Cranston is a squib that had some youth and the magic's of the mind and the ability to turn him self in to a shadow.

A/N: this is a plot bunny that any can use.


January 1, 1982 Privet Drive in Little Whinging, Surrey

At number 4 a limo pulls up and a distinguished gentlemen steps out and walks up to the door and knocks on the door.

" Hello? Grandpa Cranston what are you doing here.?" asks Petunia Dursley

" I Just heard about Lily's death and I have come to this area to make sure that Harry is cared for by you and your husband." say the man now call Mr. Cranston.

Time Skip 5 years

" Harry I have shown you how to do the thing I have done for a long time but one and I will show you that when you are ten and the is how to become a living shadow. But until then I will continue teaching you how to fight and what I can about the laws and how to run a business and a family." states Lamont Cranston the man called The Shadow.

" Ok, Great Grandfather." says Harry James Potter.

Time Skip 5 more years and Harry is starting at Hogwarts

Harry's Great Granddad takes him to the train and they both help a young girl by the name of Hermione Granger. Harry even scares off Draco by using his fears against him.

The Powers , abilities and equipment of Harry's as The Shadow

1) the power to cloud men's minds [ the ability to read minds and plant thoughts and images in the minds of those around him]

2) the power to become a living shadow [ this includes the ability to not be seen like with the cloak but has no weakness other than the over use making him tired]

3) two guns that are casters [ the ammo that they fire simulates spells or leaves no evidence that they where used other than the wound it leaves. They look like .45 automatic guns]

4) the hat, scarf and cloak that The Shadow if famous for as well as rings that are given to those that he helps and can latter use along with the master ring [ the rings amplify his mind powers]

5) Legilimency and Occlumency do not work against him [ his mind shields protects for any unwanted mind powers nor can the Occlumency shield stop his mind powers from working]

This should be a Harry/Hermione story but more than Hermione can be paired with Harry.