The Sacrifice

The battle for the Memory Rosary, for Senna's existence, was finally over. Once again, the substitute death reaper, Ichigo, had accomplished what warriors that trained for years could not. However, unknown to the victors, all was not well. As Ichigo and his allies celebrated their victory on the bridge, Senna knew in the depths of her soul she couldn't stay with them. Their world continued to gravitate toward the other, and she knew that there was only one way to save both. With a quick farewell to the teen that had captured her heart and soothed her troubled memories, she used up what little energy she had left, forcing the lost souls to detonate and pushing the worlds apart once more. Holding her physical form as long as possible, she has Ichigo fulfill one last promise. In her last moments he assures her that she really did exist once in the small town, and she feels warmth as her existence is finally proven before fading away, leaving only her red ribbon to fly away in the wind. Ichigo's heart breaks as the comfortable weight fades from his arms, shedding tears for his lost friend, and for her rapidly fading memory.

Several months later, Ichigo walks home from school alone, stopping on the bridge that was the finishing point of a forgotten battle. As he looks out to the setting sun, he sees a red ribbon flying by, flowing in the opposite direction of the current winds. Reaching out, he catches the ribbon as a strangely familiar girl about his age runs past him. As he catches the ribbon, she trips, and he jumps to quickly catch her fall. On contact with her, he is struck with a barrage of recently forgotten memories, good and bad. After a hurried, "Thanks," from the girl, she runs ahead to catch up with her friends ahead of them. Ichigo just stands there, watching her go, and a small, but very cheerful smile creeps its way onto his face before he starts walking home again, still smiling.