(Mission Impossible music)

Zuko: So, what's the plan?

Sokka: Saving my sister…DUH!

Zuko: I know that! I mean, how?

Sokka: Oh! Not really sure?

Zuko: Oh, great!

Sokka: Let's just go with the flow.

Zuko: Whatever.

(In the prision)

Princess Katara: Oh, guard! (Flirtatiously)

Guard: What do you want?

Princess Katara: I just wanted to tell you, you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen!

Guard: Uh, really?

Princess Katara: Yeah. You know! Me and you, together, could take over Count Ozai and have all the power in the world.

Guard: Yeah! We could!

Princess Katara: Oooo. Can I see your gun?

Guard: (shrugs) Sure, why not? (Hands gun over to Katara)

Princess Katara: You must be strong to be carrying a gun. (Shoots Guard) But not strong enough for me, sucker! Bye! (Runs back to Ba Sing Se)

(Light Side)

Zuko: Hey, you, where's the princess?

Guard: She shot me and broke out.

Zuko and Sokka: HA HA HA!

Sokka: Man, we came all this way for nothing!

Zuko: How did she get a gun in the first place?

Guard: You don't want to know.