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It was an ordinary day in Mahora All Girls Academy. Like usual, students were dashing towards their respective classes before the final bell, some students were chatting merrily while some were merrily gossiping and others on the other hand were rushing to finish their respective assignments. In the middle of the crowd, four especial people were practically rushing towards their class

"Pwaah, it doesn't take long to have exercised in the morning." Konoka exclaimed happily as she glanced at her three friends.

"You should take it easy, Ojou-sama ." Setsuna stated as she tried to catch up to her energetic friend.

"Setsuna-san is right, we're not that late." Negi commented as he yawned and stretch his arms, it seems that he was still a bit tired from last night.

"What about less talking and more running, we'll be late!" Asuna exclaimed as she glanced at her friends while running as fast as she can.

"GOOD MORNING, NEGI-SENSEI," Makie Sasaki greeted as she glanced at her teacher and crush.

"Morning Makie-san," Negi greeted back with a smile as he waved towards one of his student.

"MORNING, SENSEI," The Narutaki twins greeted happily.

"Morning," Negi greeted back as he waved at his energetic students.

Before Negi knew it, he was suddenly greeted by every student in his class which he greeted back with much enthusiasm. Seeing the smiles on his students faced was quite a delight to him. Negi then glanced at the shadow that were stalking them since they left their dorm and smiled blissfully.

'Morning, Negi-sensei,' The shadow greeted happily as she smiled at Negi beautifully, a smile that Negi was the only one fortunate enough to see.

Negi chuckled as he smiled back at the shadow. How he wished that he could accompany her but this was necessity for their secret to remain hidden, a small price to pay for something wonderful that they have, but it doesn't mean that they have to like it.

(Scene Change)

"Finally made it," Asuna exclaimed in relief as she dropped her bag to her chair.

"Of course we made it; you were running so fast that you actually out run a car." Konoka commented with a giggle.

"And the bell hadn't rang yet," Setsuna added with a shrugged.

"We're actually pretty early today." Konoka observed gleefully.

"Asuna-san, early for once, should we already fear for our lives." An irritating voiced, for Asuna anyway, stated as she approached the three with a confident smirked on her face.

"Good morning Incho-san," Konoka and Setsuna greeted.

"Good morning Konoka-san, Setsuna-san." Ayaka greeted as she averted her gazed towards Asuna. "Asuna-san," Ayaka greeted coldly.

"Ayaka," Asuna replied with a cold tone of her own.

Ayaka merely nodded at her before shifting her attention towards her two friends. "So tell me, where's Negi-sensei, I figured that he'll be here already." Ayaka inquired hopefully, a light blush forming on her cheeks already.

"Grandfather called Negi-sensei, saying that he has something to discuss with him." Konoka answered with a smile.

Ayaka nodded as she walked away from the trio, content to her answer.

"Still, Grandfather called Negi-kun a bit too sudden, don't you think that there is going to be another problem of sort." Konoka wondered causing Asuna and Setsuna to shake their heads.

"You worry too much Ojou-sama, if there's a problem, like what happened during the festival, Takahata-sensei would have informed us." Setsuna replied knowingly.

"Yeah, the dean's probably giving Negi-bouzu some task or something." Asuna retorted nonchalantly.

As the three merrily conversed about Negi, a mysterious student carefully eavesdropped on them before silently walking towards the exit of the room. Because of her quite demeanor and because she seldom interacts with anyone, she had exited the room with no one noticing her.

(Scene Change)

Negi sighed as he glanced at the door of the dean, him being suddenly called by the dean was quite nerved racking. Negi took a deep breath before knocking at the door. "Negi Springfield, sir," Negi exclaimed loudly as he waited for the responded of the dean.

"Negi-kun, please come in," An old yet cheerful tone said, giving Negi the signal to enter his office.

Negi entered the room and instantly felt the mild tension that had developed in the room, and it seems that it was all directed onto him. As he looked at the people in front of him, he was quite surprised to see the dean usual smiling face was replaced by a deep frown.

"You called me sir," Negi inquired in a sullen toned as he felt the piercing gazed of the dean on him.

The dean nodded as he began interrogating his students. "It has come to my attention that during the Kyoto Field Trip and the Chao incident, that you had made at least seven Pactio contract with your very own students, including my Granddaughter, am I right?" The dean asked in a sharp tone.

Negi tensed a bit as that subject was brought up; he was really very uncomfortable at discussing that subject. "You are right, unfortunately, right sir." Negi stated as he bowed his head and praying that he wasn't removed from the academy. 'Please don't remove from the academy,' Negi pleaded in his thoughts.

The dean sighed as he leaned on the chair that he was sitting on. "Negi-kun, I know that I had said this to you many times but I will say it again, the relationship between a student and a teacher is strictly professional. You could be friends with your students but you could not have any romantic feelings or relationship towards them." The dean reminded thoughtfully causing Negi to flinch a bit.

'Please don't tell me that he already knew,' Negi thought nervously as he looked at the dean eye to eye. "I understand sir and trust me when I say this; I had maintained a strictly friendly relationship with all of my students, even with my partners." Negi said trying his best to sound professionals.

The dean nodded before smiling at Negi, content in his answer. "I know that you are only ten, going eleven, and your hormones are not that active yet," Negi had the decency to blush at the mention of his hormones, if he only knew. "But please try to maintain this kind of relationship with your students, even if most of them are quite attracted to you and even if most of them have the body to make any man go insane." The dean stated causing Negi to nod hastily.

"Do not worry about that sir; I don't have any interest in any of my students." Negi reassured with a hint of lying in his voiced but, fortunately, it was not detected by the dean.

The dean smiled as he slid a paper to the other end of his table. "Before you leave Negi-kun, I have one more task for you." The dean stated, his eyes gleaming madly.

Negi could swear that he had seen his own death in the eyes of the dean.

(Scene Change)

Negi stepped out of the dean's office, as pale as a ghost (no offence Sayo). The task that the dean gave him was nothing short of; he couldn't even find the words to describe the magnitude of that task. The dean just gave him the responsible to organize a dance and what's more, is that he had to find a date of his own to avoid any fights between his students. Talk about hectic.

"Does he know?" A familiar voiced asked quietly yet with a hint of fear in her tone of voiced.

"No, thankfully he doesn't." Negi whispered not even bothering to look at where the voiced was coming from.

"I'm glad," The voiced said in relief as she wrapped her tender arms around him.

"As much as I enjoy this, we got to end this quick, someone might cached us." Negi stated as he leaned on her, feeling the familiar warmth that she always gave her every time they held each other.

"I don't care," She mumbled causing Negi to shake his head as a smiled adorned his face; she was quite possessive when they were together.

"Fine, two minutes and after that, we got to go to class." Negi said as he let himself relaxed to the embraced that she was giving him. The figured smiled as she tighten her embraced, relishing the feeling of bliss that she was filling.

(Scene Change)

Negi sighed as he stared at the night sky with a content smile, relishing the beauty of the stars and the moon. He was in a middle of a clearing, the moon reflecting on the river beneath him, the wind breezing benevolently around him, and the stars and the moon shinning above him. For the pass months or so, he has been going to this same spot to just clear his mind and forget all the stress and trials that life has been throwing at him continuously for the pass year as well as all the training he had to endure in order to have the power to find his father. This place has been his sanctuary of peace since he came to Mahora Academy and began teaching and training to become a Magister Magi.

He was also here to wait for a certain someone, he didn't really know how they end up like this but he wouldn't trade it for the world. She was an angel in disguise and has been his pillar of strength. She knew his secret and he knew hers and that only brought them closer to each other, to the extent that they had fallen for each other. He chuckled at how close they have become in such a short time, even though there relationship was not something that a teacher and student should have, the two of them could care less about that and about how taboo their relationship is. The only thing that matters to them is that they loved each other, period.

He chuckled even more at how well they had hid their relationship. They have kept their relationship a secret to everyone and they preferred it to stay that way. He first thought, with a class filled with girls, that there secret would be exposed the moment that they started dating, but it seems that he was wrong.

"Negi-sensei," A beautiful voiced whispered loud enough for him to hear it.

Negi glanced at the girl that arrived and smiled at the sight of her. "Zazie-chan," Negi greeted with a smile.

Zazie smiled back before capturing Negi's lips and giving him a soft kiss which he returned wholeheartedly. The kiss was brief as Zazie pulled back and rested her head on Negi's shoulder. Negi smiled as he put one of his arms around him and pull her closer to him. The two then proceeded to enjoyed the blissful silenced that the night provided them, enjoying the presence of each other.

Student Number 31: Zazie Rainyday AKA the Silent Acrobat, AKA Negi Springfield's secret girlfriend, and that title is something she was quite proud off.