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Negi eyes shined brightly as he walked pass his stun friends, he knows that he will have to explain later but for now, he has other things to worry about. He gazed at the demons passively, feeling the side effect of the spell finally kicking in but he has to endure it for just a minute, it will end at that time span.

As he walked pass everyone, Asuna spoke. "What are you planning, Negi?" Asuna asked as she gazed at the transform Negi.

Negi merely looked at her with his cold blue eyes, actually making Asuna flinch. "Go, run, don't get near me, I will settle this myself. If possible run as far as two miles away from me, I can only suppress the spells that I will execute in a mile radius so two miles is a safe distance." Negi instructed as he looked away from them one more time.

"Wait a minute mister," Asuna said as she was about to approached Negi, she cannot let Negi finished this off by himself with the use of a spell that she has never seen him do before before. Before she could even get near him, a firm gripped suddenly stopped her movements, as she looked over her shoulder, she could see that the person who stopped her advanced was Zazie, a crying Zazie.

"Zazie please take them away from me and run." Negi exclaimed as he suddenly floated slowly towards the sky.

Zazie watched Negi flew towards the sky, tears still flowing down her eyes, why does he always has to resort to extremes to protect them. With much sadness, she suddenly summoned a portal below them, slowly devouring them. "Let us go, Negi-sensei does not want nor need our assistance." Zazie told them in a very sad tone.

"THE HELL WITH THAT," Asuna shouted as she struggled with Zazie's gripped. "How in the hell could Negi take out this much demons in an instant, he's good but not that good." Asuna exclaimed in anger and in worry.

"And you don't understand the magnitude of that spell that he is using." Zazie retorted sadly. "That spell that he is using right now is probably the strongest spell ever made in this generation; he is nearly unstoppable while using that spell." Zazie explained knowingly.

"But it still doesn't explain why he doesn't need our help; he is up against a million demons." Asuna countered which caused Zazie to pin her down to the ground with her scythe in frustration.

"You should really see reason and logic, Asuna-san. Can you not feel the power overflowing from him? If we stay here, we will find the wrath of the moon upon us, he will not hold back, he doesn't know how to hold back while he's under the effect of that spell. If we stay here, the chances of us getting hit by his attacks are so large that you should have just stabbed yourself to death." Zazie exclaimed as Asuna glared at her.

"And what do you suggest; we lift him to deal with these demons. They are still thousands of them left." Asuna said as Zazie restrained herself from killing the nuisance in front of her right there and then.


Zazie took a deep breath as she glanced at everyone. "Trust me when I say this, this will end in an instant. Negi-sensei just need two to three spell to end this that I assure you." Zazie stated as the portal devoured them completely. "The only think we could do is to prepare for the worst." Zazie added with a solemn tone.

(Scene Change)

Negi smiled passively as he can no longer felt the presence of his partners, it was good, it meant that he could end this right here, right now, with one spell. He then noticed that the demons had now snapped out from shock and was now charging towards the plaza while the demons that could fly were approaching him, it was perfect. This way, he could end it with only minimal damage.

"The pain is more severe than I first thought; it's time for me to end this." Negi mumbled as he suddenly summoned a sword out of nowhere. He then pointed the sword upside down, the blade pointing at the ground while the hilt was pointing at the sky.

"Moonlight Sonata, First Verse, Eclipse." Negi mumbled as the blade suddenly turned into a massive silvery light that shot towards the demons, cleaving everything it touches while cutting the heavens above it and the ground beneath it.

Negi seeing the damaged that his attack inflicted, dove down towards the demons. The demons were disoriented because of the attack, giving Negi the opportunity to attack demons freely, without any of them trying to block him. He instantly delivered a couple of punches, each punch pack with so much power that it was enough to kill several demons at impact.

Negi, seeing that the demons were getting back to their senses, flew up to the sky and once again summoned another sword, this time the blade was facing the moon above him. "Moonlight Sonata, Twenty First Verse, Lucent Discretion." Negi whispered as he shot the sword towards the moon. The moon seems to absorb the blade, making a ripple effect in the sky, similar to how the water reacts to a rock when it's thrown at it. Negi then made a simple gesture with his hands, and instantly, countless starts were suddenly falling from the sky down towards the demons, as the stars hit the demons, it exploded, creating a ten feet crater at its wake while burning the demons that the stars hit in the process.

Negi seeing that the demons were now cut down in half, decided to give the finishing blow. "Moonlight Sonata, Ninety First Verse, Ultimate Requiem of the Moonlight Goddess: First Edition." Negi shouted as the sky turned completely silvery blue. That was the last thing that the demons saw as the surviving demons were enveloped by the silver light, devouring them to their deaths.

As the silvery blue light died down, there were no more demons left standing, not even their corpse could be found. In front of Negi were merely a destroyed and a ruin beach which had several large craters. It was wiped out of the map

Negi smiled as he closed his eyes, feeling the side effect of the spell taking over his body, pain exploding in every inch of his body. It only took a moment for him to lose consciousness because of the excruciating pain that every inch of his body was enduring.

"Please catch me, Zazie-chan." Negi whispered as a smile crept on his face as he slowly feel to the earth below.

(Scene Change)

The crowd of teacher gasped at the three spells that he had just execute, he had wiped out more than a million demons with three spells and it seems that those spell were very destructive. The once sandy beach that stood in front of the plaza was wiped out, the ocean that surrounded the beach was push backwards, creating a very steep low tide (his using the moon ladies and gentlemen), and because of the power of those three spells, not even the corps of any single demons were left or visible. Some of the most experience mages calculated that the damaged was roughly a mile away, something that unnerved those who were watching, the magnitude of those spells should have reach farther than a mile. That also means that he was containing the full extent of those spell, that reason alone was enough to caused shiver down their spines.

"Amazing, I never thought that it was possible." The dean said in awe as he watched the silvery blue sky turned back to normal.

"I know, I know that you could use it as a power source but I never thought, even in my wildest dreams, that it could be used as a weapon." Eva said in awed as well, she can't believe that her apprenticed had just did the impossible, using one of the most powerful magical source in the magical world as a weapon is a feat that not even the Thousand Master's was capable off.

"It's not even half way completed." Zazie stated as she prepared herself as she watch Negi cautiously.

That instantly caught the attention of everyone there, what does she m. "What do you mean it's not yet even half way complete?" Chisame asked as she glanced at Zazie curiously.

Zazie didn't even bother to answer her as she suddenly readied to lunch herself towards Negi. "Prepare a hospital room for Negi-sensei; he will be there for at least two weeks." Zazie stated as she rocketed her way towards Negi.

"WAIT, WHAT?" Asuna exclaimed as their eyes followed Zazie, their eyes instantly widen in fear and horror when they saw Negi falling down to ground, the silver energy that covered his body was slowly shattering, his body reverting back to his ten-year old form.

Zazie, with all the speed that she could muster, dashed towards her fallen lover. She knew that she could saved him from falling even with her slowest speed but the pain the he was suffering right now must be so excruciating and so severe that she can't even imagine the pain he was force to endure because he had to save their lives.

'I should have execute that swordswoman quicker, damn it.' Zazie berated herself as she caught Negi in her arms. She instantly embraced his prone body as tears fell down from his eyes.

"Don't cry," Negi whispered as he barely open his eyes, feeling severe pain exploding in his body. "I'm sorry, I am so sorry that I disobey you, I'm so sorry that I use this unfinished spell." Negi apologized, feeling incredible pain with each word he was saying.

"Don't speak Negi, don't speak, the pain must be very excruciating so please, just conserved your energy." Zazie begged as she tightened her grip onto his body.

"Don't mind me love," Negi groaned as his body suddenly pulsed with incredible pain. "Thank you for catching me, I love you and I'm so sorry that I'm so weak to resort to use that spell." Negi whispered passionately as his eyes glowed bright silver before his chest exploded, splattering some blood all over her before collapsing

Zazie closed her eyes, fighting back the tears that threaten to fall as she could feel Negi's breathing becoming shallow, his heartbeat gradually getting slower, his eyes were wide open but they were hallow like the dead, and his body was motionless. Zazie open her eyes as tears suddenly fell from her eyes to his cheeks to the ground as she effortlessly picked up his prone body. She knows that he was still alive but seeing him this hurt, almost in death doors, breaks her heart.

Zazie carried Negi's body bridal style (awkward) and held his prone body tenderly, his blood staining her robes but she didn't care, he was severely hurt because of her inability to finish her opponent and the inability of most of the staff to assist him in the fight. It was their fault that he was force to use a double-edge spell like this.

Zazie eyes darken instantly which was covered by her white hair as she reached the platform, where all the people was waiting. Eyes widen and tears fell as they all gasped at the state that Negi was in, his entire body was covered in blood, his eyes were dead, his body was unmoving. Negi's state was similar to a dead body, and hell some of them thought that he was already dead.

"Anyone who could still breathe, cover the damage and fix the plaza before tomorrow. Use whatever illusions any of you mage could conjure to cover this place temporarily and use every magic you guys have remaining to fix this place before any mortal see the damage." Zazie instructed in a hollow tone as her surrounding suddenly shattered like a broken mirror. "By the way, I dispel the illusion that covered this entire place so all of you are on your own."

Zazie was about to dash towards her room so that she could heal her Negi but a voice suddenly echoed in the air. "We need to rest, probably all of us are injured." A teacher said as Zazie finally snapped her eyes glowing brightly.

"WHAT I DEMANDED IN NON-DEBATABLE!" Zazie snapped, in a demonic tone, her killing intent finally full blown. Her killing intent was enough to suffocate the weak mages and most of Negi's partners. "NEGI-SENSEI HAD JUST USED EVERY OUNCE OF HIS MAGIC AND USE A DOUBLE-EDGE SPELL TO SAVE ALL OF YOU BECAUSE YOU MAGES GOT TAKEN OUT EARLY IN THE FIGHT, YOU WORTHLESS FOOLS, THE LEAST ALL OF YOU CAN DO IS TO FIX THE DAMAGE HE CAUSE TO SAVE ALL OF US BECAUSE IF ANY HUMANS SEE THIS, NEGI-SENSEI WILL BE BLAME AND I DON'T HAVE TO REMIND YOU WHAT HIS PUNISHMENT WILL BE."Zazie snarled as a gentle hand was placed on her shoulder, causing her killer intent to vanish.

The Dean glared at most of the mage teacher that he was so proud off, his eyes filled with disappointment. "We had let a ten-year old fight and protect Mahora twice now; we should all be ashamed of ourselves because we should have been strong enough to protect it and not to depend on someone so young." The dean stated his voice lacing with power. "So do what the girl said and fix the damage, we owe it to Negi-sensei to fix the damage that he cause, the very same damaged that he cause to save us all so I suggest you all do what Zazie-chan said before I decided to replace each and every single one of you." The dean exclaimed with a very sharp tone. The mages that surrounded the dean instantly paled as they all began to mobilize to fix the destroyed plaza.

Zazie watched as the useless mages, to her at least, started fixing the plaza before glancing at the Dean. "Thank you," Zazie exclaimed in appreciation.

The dean merely smiled at her as he glanced at Takahata. "Takahata-san please escorts Zazie-chan and the rest of Negi's partners to the hospital wing, Negi sensei-requires treatment." The Dean stated as Takahata nodded, his face was unreadable.

"I'll take Negi-kun now, Zazie-chan." Takahata said as he tried to take Negi away from Zazie but Zazie merely avoided him.

"Just lead the way," Zazie stated in a sullen tone as she motioned for Takahata to show her where the hospital for mages are.

Takahata nodded and didn't protest as he saw the protectiveness in her eyes and merely dashed lead the group to the hospital.

(Scene Change)

After they had arrived in the private hospital, a private hospital just for the schools mages, Negi was instantly rush to the emergency room where he was getting treated while his partners, together with Evangeline, Chachamaru, Kotarou were waiting patiently for any update on their friend and, for most, the one they love. The atmosphere in the waiting room was intense, and that might be an understatement.

Zazie's expression was borderline murderous as no one tried to approach her for the fear of getting kill by Negi's only apprenticed, she was practically blaming herself for not being there for her lover.

Eva was unreadable but if you look hard enough, you could see some worry and fear for her student and she may not want to admit it, that person she love.

Nodoka and Yue had tears were falling down their eyes as Haruna comforted her two friends while supporting a very distraught Chisame, whom was crying her heart out.

Setsuna didn't even bother to hide her tears as she berated herself for not being at Negi's side and taking too long to defeat a worthless opponent.

Konoka was openly crying as she felt totally helpless, her powers were not able to heal Negi's wound as it was cause by a powerful magic that her magical powers cannot penetrate.

The warrior of the group, especially Ku Fie, were cursing themselves at letting Negi use a suicidal spell to save them, they should have been strong enough to support him.

Chachamaru was now showing emotion as fluids rapidly fell from her eyes, feeling depress at not being able to give enough support for Negi.

Asuna was taking this the hardest as she cried and sulk in the farthest corner of the room, finally seeing her weakness.

Eva took a deep breath as she glanced at Zazie. "Zazie-san, could you tell me what that spell boyo did to gain control over the powers of the moon?" Eva asked as she glanced at a very dishearten Zazie.

Zazie, seeing that it was useless to hide it anymore, explained to them Negi's most prized yet incomplete spell. "Sonata of the Moonlight Goddess," Zazie whispered in an audible yet depress tone. "It's,' Zazie sighed sadly as tears fell from her eyes.

"Its sensei's ultimate spell but it's still incomplete, it's barely complete to be exact."Zazie then looked at the ceiling, eyes filled with sorrow. "It's a spell that draws power to the most powerful and most potent magical entity in the known Magical World." Zazie exclaimed in the best tone she could use, trying her best not to lace her words with despair and failing miserably.

"That spells draws strength and power from the moon, right?" Eva stated as Zazie nodded.

"Yes, that's what sensei said to me but the full details about the spell is with sensei, he didn't told me anything more about the spell or the specifics of the spell but I know one thing, the drawbacks are lethal and severe for him." Zazie said as her expression became very miserable.

"Could you elaborate, I need to know the drawbacks because I might have an idea to actually lessen it." Eva asked as she, in a rare moment, put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

Zazie expression instantly shifted to a very miserable and grim expression. "While under that spell, sensei will have access to incredible power like what you guys just saw but the drawbacks are quite severe." Zazie then took a deep breath before continuing. "While in that form, sensei has to endure pain and not just any other pain, imagine the most excruciating pain you had ever felt in your entire life multiply by a million each second, that is the pain that sensei has to endure while under the effect of that spell. After that spell is dispelled, sensei will be under extreme magical exhaustion while his body will take heavy amount of damaged, that is because using and holding that much power is still too dangerous for sensei because his body and magic hasn't mature yet you control or even wield that kind of power." Zazie exclaimed as the entire group absorb that information.

"That didn't help much but I think I could already tell the principles of the spell." Eva mumbled as Zazie shook her head.

"Sensei promised me," Zazie whispered, her voice shaking with despair. "He promised me that he will never use that spell until it was finish, he gave me his word." Zazie mumbled as the group looked at her helplessly. This was the first time they saw her like this, hopeless and fragile.

"I should have been there; the two of us would have been more than enough to wipe them all out. If I was there, then he might not have broken his word to me." Zazie stated as a hand a comforting had was suddenly put on her shoulder by Kaede.

"You were doing your job, the job that Negi-sensei gave you. You prevented a very strong opponent to enter fight, I think sensei was grateful for that so please, don't blame yourself." Kaede pleaded as she offered her a strained smile. "It was not your fault that Negi-sensei broke his words to you, it was ours. You are strong enough to fight by his side equally, we weren't. We depended on him so much, from strategy to the frontlines but we didn't have the ability to back him up." Kaede said as she shed some tears.

"Don't blame yourself; it was our fault why sensei is in this condition not yours. You did your task quite perfectly, we didn't. You didn't fail him, we did." Kaede stated in a soothing tone, each word hurting her pride as a warrior but she knew that it was true.

The group was silent at that as most of the group look down, Kaede was right. Zazie did her task perfectly while they failed to their task; they failed to support the general of the group.

"That might be true but we failed as well." Takahata exclaimed as he emerged from the emergency room. "We never expected an attack in this magnitude and we lacked the preparation." Takahata said in a mournful tone.

"You and Negi-kun were the only people prepared for an attack like this," Takahata said, feeling a bit disgraceful. "We depended to two kids with greater power than some of the teacher mage have; this is the most humiliating disgrace this school had ever had." Takahata exclaimed as he bowed in apology to Zazie.

The group was shocked at Takahata's gesture but Zazie merely ignored him. "I don't care about your apology; if you want to apologizes, then apologize to sensei because the school's incompetence doesn't mean anything to me." Zazie said coldly as she suddenly picked up her scythe. "The only thing I care about now if his Negi-sensei is okay, nothing more nothing less." Zazie exclaimed as Takahata nodded at her.

"He is heavily injured and he lost a lot of blood but nothing serious or life-threatening." Takahata said as the group let out a sigh of relief with the exception of Zazie.

"But he will be bed-ridden for at least two weeks, right?" Zazie asked knowingly as Takahata shook his head.

"A week, he will be bed-ridden for a week." Takahata answered as Zazie walked pass him. "I would suggest that you don't see him, Zazie-chan. The doctor said that Negi-kun needs rest." Takahata advice but Zazie merely kept on moving forward

"I'll go see the state of the person I love and don't stop me Takahata because if you do," Zazie gave Takahata a death-glare that actually caused a cold shudder down his spine. "Then I will kill you." Zazie exclaimed as she made her way towards Negi's room.

"I never thought that Zazie-chan is this frightening." Takahata exclaimed as the rest nodded they were still not used to her murderous Aura and threats.

"She must really love that brat," Evangeline mumbled as she followed her. "Come on morons; let's go see the brat and his condition." Evangeline exclaimed as the rest followed her to Negi's room.

(Scene Change)

Negi's group entered class in a very grim and sorrowful mood. Last night's war was still fresh in their mind and the state of Negi was still haunting him. He was covered in bandages as several medical devises was connected to him. His eyes were close and his body was unmoving, his breathing was a bit shallow. He, for the first time, looks so weak and so fragile. That sight haunted them for the rest of the night as they were force to return to their rooms by the overbearing doctor but Zazie merely stayed at Negi's side, clutching his hand with hers. The doctors were not thrilled but they could not pry Zazie away from Negi, hell they almost died when they attempted to remove her hand from his so they all decided to leave her be, to preserve their lives for a bit more years.

"Looks like Zazie-chan isn't here." Konoka commented, noting the absent of the acrobat.

"She must be with Negi right now, knowing her; she might not have left his side since last night." Asuna exclaimed in a knowing tone.

"She's one dedicated girl, I give her that." Haruna complimented as the opening bell rang.

"This would be interesting," Evangeline mumbled as Takahata entered their class instead of the usual ten-year old cutie.

"Takahata-sensei, where's Negi-sensei?" Ayaka asked as Takahata looked grim all of the sudden. That expression didn't go well for the class.

'Why me?' Takahata whined mentally as he took a couple of deep breaths, already bracing himself for some violent reaction. "Negi-kun can't be with you today, his will be bed-ridden for a week because he was assaulted last night by some unknown assailants. He is currently heavily injured and his resting in the hospital as we speak." Takahata exclaimed.

Cue uncomfortable and deadly silence.

The class atmosphere in the classroom instantly became tense and dangerous at that news; it was so tense that it could be cut by a knife. The silence was silence which was like forever for Takahata as he hastily inch towards the door, he might have been powerful beyond imagination but he was not suicidal.

After that second of silence, the yelling start.







Takahata winced at the question that were violently ask and he could swear that Eve was chuckling madly at the background, enjoying this as much as a psychotic and sadistic vampire could.

This is going to be a long day.