Summary: When Abby gets kidnapped, how far will the team go to save her, and what will be the cost?

Disclaimer: NCIS, sadly, does not belong to me, I am merely "borrowing" the characters/stuff for this story. :)

They were wrong to mess with her. The baby of NCIS, the supposed weak link - as she had heard Tony call it - you did not mess with everyone's favorite. You didn't mess with someone who reminded her just the tiniest bit of Tali, you just didn't. Not if you wanted to live.

Chapter 1 (Palmers POV):

When Palmer had gotten into the elevator he had a feeling that something bad was going on, it was a feeling in his gut, and since it was a gut feeling he should have listened to it, but instead, he clutched the evidence jar in his hands, and wondered what music Abby would be playing in her lab.

And as the elevator descended, that's what it sounded like, very loud obnoxious music; death metal he figured. As the elevator stopped and he waited for the doors to slide open, he wondered if Abby even listened to death music, and then when the doors finally did slide open, he had already ignored his gut feeling that she did not listen to death metal and convinced himself that she was just experimenting.

By the time Palmer had taken three steps down the short 17 step hall, he had already noticed that it sounded less like music and more like screams of terror. And as he took his fourth step he was ignoring the growing feeling of something being terribly wrong and planning ways to politely ask Abby to turn her music off, or at the very least, down.

It wasn't until the sixth step that Palmer faltered, and listened to what appeared to be the sound of rapid gun fire. But it wasn't until the seventh step when Palmer actually put two and two together. And then, just when he had there was another, single gun shot and the sound of sharp static and an even higher pitched audible scream of,


and, by then, the evidence jar was forgotten, smashed on the ground and Palmer was running.

When Palmer finally crashed into the lab threshold, half of Abby's "babies" were riddled with bullet holes, and Abby was corned. When the bad guys turned to notice Palmer, he had already struck one over the head and ducked.

He kept his eyes open enough to see black combat boots- Abby's black combat boots- run towards a cabinet which contained acid, and he didn't need to see to know what the screams of anger entailed, and he also didn't need to know that his gut was telling him to grab Abby and run, and that right now, running seemed like a great idea.

So as he ran towards Abby, attempting to dodge as many bullets as humanly possible (which, he decided, was a very low number since the fifth one had just grazed him) he already had a game plan, grab Abby, dodge bullets, and then run like hell, and he also knew that as a scientist the odds were not in his favor, especially as more ski- mask people leapt through the shattered window, into the pile of shattered glass and starting firing bullets.

He owed Abby his life, while he'd been calculating she'd been acting, yanking him behind the acid cabinet with her and then proceeding to scream,

"What the hell is going on?"

then, deciding not to wait for an answer, and instead running hand in hand with Palmer behind the cabinets.

While she ran, or more accurately they both stumbled, he knew in his gut that he couldn't get them both out of here, and then, when the ski-mask people shot repeatedly into the cabinet where Abby had paused to breathe he had an enormous feeling of dread, a feeling that he wasn't going to be able to save Abby. And as he thought that, Abby was already screaming in pain, sliding to the floor, bleeding out of at least three full on bullet wounds, and he was already being hit with a heavy object. Blunt force trauma.

And when everything was becoming increasingly fuzzy, and his gut feeling was so damn overwhelming and sickening that he had no choice but to wonder how the hell Gibbs didn't vomit each time he had one, he heard Abby burst into tears, and continuing screaming and he could only imagine her writhing in pain. And, then when Palmer was fairly certain that he was vomiting from his feeling of panic and dread he heard Abby scream again and more glass breaking, and heavy footsteps, sounds that he could only place with fleeing the scene, but not fleeing, because they had Abby. And suddenly it no longer mattered that he wanted to just lay there and die, he was moving screaming things that he couldn't even understand, grasping around for an object, because he just couldn't lie there and let something happen to Abby.

And just when Palmer's hand had connected with something that felt mildly heavy, he heard car doors slamming, and he heard the whoosing of air as the object he'd previously been struck with struck him again, and as Palmer fell back down to the floor, blinking his eyes so that he could at least get a vague idea of what this guy looked like, his hands slipping the object falling out of his hands, he could barely make out a black shoe, size either nine or ten, mens. And then when the shoe smashed into his nose, breaking it, and ensuring that he would not be moving anytime soon, Palmer heard three things, the sound of retreating footsteps, a faint torturous scream and music.

And as Palmer faded into the inviting darkness, he knew only a few things.

1. Bad people had Abby.


2. It was definitely not death metal.

Authors Note: Okay, so, I honestly don't recall if Abby listens to death metal or not, but for the purpose of this story, and what I just said in this chapter, lets assume not. Also, I know that I used lots of "when" and "then" and "already" but I'm trying my spin on Palmer, a character I've never written before, I'm usually writing in the eyes of Gibbs and Ziva, so this fic is somewhat new for me. I really hope you enjoy it, and remember reviews are always welcome, and greatly appreciated. :)