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Chapter 2 Part 1 (Gibb's POV):

Gibbs swore angrily, slamming the phone down on the receiver. The last thing he had heard before the line went dead was Abby screaming. He had to get down to that lab. He turned and began to run towards the back exit of the bullpen, not wanting to waste time by going past Dinozzo who he could sense was creeping up behind him.

Gibbs faltered when he saw her running towards him, it was Ziva and her face was showing what she usually tried to hide, fear and panic. She was running fast, and then before he even had time to blink she was practically in front of him, doing a swan dive, her elbow connecting hard with his shoulder, and suddenly Gibbs knew in his gut that whatever was going on was a little bigger than whatever had gone down in Abby's lab. But he still had to get down there, everyone up here could handle themselves. And that's when bullets crashed through the window, sailing over him, Dinozzo, and Ziva. If Ziva hadn't tackled him, they would have both been dead.

They smacked into the floor, Ziva rolling off him, and talking fast.

"We got a security breach in sec-nav something to do with-" She faltered suddenly, before breathing and beginning new, her eyes wide with urgency. "We lost connection down in Abby's lab. Her alarms are going off and the elevator won't go down to her floor. Ducky was evacuated, but Abby and Palmer are missing. No ones aloud down there, I tried to go but Vance stopped me," She paused again, anger showing on her face. Gibbs started at her intently.

"Go on, Ziva!" He glanced at Dinozzo and McGee, at least he wasn't the only one hanging on to every word. Ziva breathed deeply.

"Vance is calling SWAT. I just thought I would tell you."

More bullets crashed through the room, screams sounding as people tried to find things to hide behind, there was no way to shoot back. But his gut was telling him that all of this was just an act, that the real trouble was down in Abby's lab. His decision made, Gibbs got into a crouching position, drawing his weapon. His team was smart, they figured out his intentions quickly.

"Boss, you can't, it's suicide!" McGee cried panicked from behind his desk. He spun around to face him.

"Use my computer, try to get connection to Abby's lab. Ziva, Tony, try to find out whats going on outside. I'm going down to Abby's." All three of them looked ready to retort and before he could interject Ziva spoke fiercely.

"I am going with you."

"No," he said, letting all of them know that it was not a group decision. "I'm going down to Abby's. Alone."

This time, he didn't wait for feedback, he got up and ran towards the stairs, disappearing into the mass crowds of panic.

Part Two (Zivas POV):

She barely had time to think before McGee was running across the bullpen to Gibbs's desk, clicking away madly trying to get a signal into Abby's lab. Tony starting blankly at where Gibbs had disappeared. Ziva knew there was a chance that he might not come back. He didn't understand just how big all of this was. Neither did she, not fully at least, and she didn't want to find out.

She glanced over by the windows, they were know on a full blown lockdown, three inches of hard steel covering the windows, making sure that no one got in, and also making sure that no one got out. The alarms signals were going off everywhere, telling people what they already knew.

Ziva rose up from the ground and looked around, Tone rising shortly after her. They were quiet until McGee got up and turned on the plasma.

"This is what was going on in Abby's lab, roughly two minutes before the signal was lost."

He hit play, and Ziva watched what she had already seen. Abby, clicking away on her computer, starting at samples of DNA from a cold case that had been re-opened. Abby walking over to her stereo and turning the volume up, and then walking to her table of evidence, and looking it over, right when she turned back to her computer again the signal was lost, nothing suspicious about it. Ziva and everyone had already analyzed this up in sec-nav, nothing had changed.

Tony and McGee were staring at the video, struggling to come up with things that simply didn't exist, because what ever had happened down in Abby's lab had happened after the signal was lost. And whoever had planned this was smart. It wouldn't have happened right after, they would have waited a bit, waited so that when NCIS went back and looked at all the evidence, there was nothing to find, nothing that would help them.

Ziva's suspicions where becoming more and more likely. Rule number…. rule number something, theres no such thing as coincidences. But Ziva would rather break that rule then believe that they were behind it.

"Ziva! Ziva, are you listening?" Tony yelled at her impatiently, and she spun around, McGee was standing closer to her than Tony was, about 4 feet away. And then suddenly a small square package dropped from the ceiling and landed right in front of her.

She'd never moved faster in her life, she gave a sharp to of her way shove to Tony, crashing him into- and through- the small bullpen walls. Then she was doing her second swan dive of the day, crashing into McGee sliding both of them a little way across the floor, future from the bomb that she could barely here over her punding heart. But then she heard it, the ear shattering explosion, and as she hit the floor she could swear she heard the softest faintest laughter, telling her that again others were going to die, and again, there would be nothing she could do.

These were indeed the same people who killed Tali.

Authors Note: The story will mainly be told in Ziva's POV, or Gibbs, with occasional POV's from other characters. And, just in case not everyone remembers Tali was killed by Hamas sucide bombers when she was 16. Ziva claims that she joined Mossad as a volunteer, not in response to her sisters death, but for the purpose of the story, Ziva joined mossad to please her Father, after Tali's death. Therefore making it part retaliation.

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