In Which Characters try to Play a Prank

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Wonder what sort of complaints they got and why couldn't I have gotten this message sooner?


The room was dark except for the light of the computer. The only way she could recognize people was from their voices. There were six people in the room. Two she knew. Four she didn't know.

"Think they'll buy it?" Yusuke asked as he clicked the send button.

A young voice about Yusuke's age and around the same emotional wavelength replied, "Doubt it."

"Bet you twenty dollars someone at least asks to make sure it's not real rather than assuming it is," an older voice, about that of a man, suggested.

"Pass," an equally old voice replied.

"I'll take that bet," a third older voice said, his voice filled with reckless confidence.

A smile came to her face as she recognized Kuwabara's gravelly voice. "What's the matter? Don't trust a street punk to know a good con?"

And they were arguing again. Serena didn't know what was more annoying. Being stuck in limbo until the whole thing worked itself out, or not being able to have her own say in the matter. It was obviously an April Fool's prank. The notice hadn't appeared anywhere on the site and the email she had received it from was a Yahoo address. It was obviously an April Fool's prank. Although even she had to admit posing as an author and posting the message on the site as an author's note was a nice touch. Would have been nicer if they hadn't used her account but what could you do? When you're dead, identity theft is the least of your problems because more of your time was spent being annoyed by the living.

Speaking of annoying, the three teens were arguing between themselves while the other males seemed to be laughing. No one was watching the computer and no one would notice if a certain spirit was to type a message. Careful to avoid Kuwabara, the only one with a high enough spirit sense to realize her presence, she ducked around corners and tripped her way through one of the men. He gave a shiver as her body passed through her but seemed to write it off when one of his friends questioned him.

The three teens were still fighting and the email account was still open on the computer. She typed out the email quickly and then posted a new chapter to the notice the boys had posted. Finally, she opened the word processor on the computer. With a few taps of the keyboard her message appeared. When the boys finally looked back to the computer they would realize even ghosts could have a say. Serena grinned and let out a laugh as she turned from the computer. Her eyes widened when she realized Kuwabara had heard her laugh and she quickly disappeared through the floor.

She heard feet run towards the computer and waited a moment before poking her head through. All the males were staring in confusion at the message on the screen.

Written in large white stenciled letters on a black background were the words "April Fools from the real D101".

A/N: I hope my April Fool's prank didn't give everyone too many heart attacks but it matched so well with Sayonara that I had to do it. I hope this little bonus chapter makes up for it. Also, to those of you who are not aware, Sayonara and Twisted Logic have a new baby brother, Fictional City PD. This story briefly explains how Sayonara and Twisted Logic came to occur and the aftermath. Thanks for playing!

-D101 (The one and only)