Tesla 9

By Mathieu Leader

Chapter One Hello Dotty:

I do not own Dr. Who the BBC does so don't sue me

The Doctor was sporting a black leather jacket after his old Edwardian coat was burnt in the fires of 1666 during a meeting with the famed historian Samuel Peeps.

"Now then where shall I go it's a bit boring me being on my own, some planets in their folklore. They have started calling me the Lonely God but a god is certainly one thing I'm not! Perhaps a transcendental being but not a god! I cannot abide people who misuse religion for their personal gains," the Doctor spoke angrily muttering to himself,

The TARDIS lurched of its own accord and landed with a thud.

The Doctor said calmly "Have you found me some companionship my fair Lady," Doctor said calmly

The Doctor went outside he found himself in a cabin with a wooden rocking chair whom sat in the chair was an elderly lady with frizzy white hair with a golden pair of horn-rimmed glasses.

The lady got up and walked to the glass table where a plate of biscuits where and a hot steaming cup of tea.

The lady gave the Doctor a cup of tea, he drank it pleasantly and said kindly "Why thank you Mrs, this is one of the warmest welcomes I've had in a while?"

"There's no need to thank me John Smith," The lady replied softly

"Do you know me Madam?" The Doctor said taken by surprise

"We used to travel together but back then you had a very different face older it was and you spoke with a Scottish accent and wore a Panama hat and a red waistcoat, the lady replied cheerily"

"Ah yes those where clothes I died in which was in sunny San Francisco I regenerated since the last time we met, but would you do me a favour a refresh my memory as to who you are exactly?" the Doctor politely questioned the lady.

"Call me Dotty or Dorothy Allen," said the lady happily

Then the room suddenly shook violently and vivid blue sparks flew from the lights, the radio and the television set,

"Dotty are you alright!" exclaimed the Doctor

Dotty replied shakily "It's the electrical generator gone haywire again it seems to be in flux again in the lower levels, "

"I assume this is your house?" the Doctor said curiously

"No it's not it is rented accommodation on the generation ship Tesla Nine, a sort of granny flat in space where we retirees travel till our time is up I have been on this ship for a ten years,"

"Ha ha Tesla Nine that's funny because the ship is having electrical disturbances oh Nikolai won't be happy that his discovery is causing chaos on a ship named after him," the Doctor laughed heartily

"It not funny Doctor this is a serious matter, over these 10 years I've been staying here over 90% of the Tesla's staff and residents have gone missing, now it's only me and Terry Phillips the Captain who's onboard and he was teleported here four years ago,"

"How odd do you know what happens to these people when they disappear Dotty?" the Doctor said concerned

"Yes they experience a major electrical disturbance and then their room blackouts for a day once the power is returned they've gone,"

"Well it looks like we're going to have to speak to Captain Phillips he must know what's going on?" the Doctor said calmly

The Doctor opened the door with Dotty and walked across the steel corridor to a large open surgical theatre where a short man with curly black hair with green eyes dressed in a white uniform with a silver cross around his neck walked towards them.

"Dotty is something the matter?" inquired the man gently

"No nothing is the matter Captain Phillips; this is an old associate of from my younger days Dr. John Smith who's visiting me?"

"Your from the Time Agency are you not, I detected a temporal transport module arriving this morning. You must here to investigate the odd disappearances," Captain Phillips said coolly

"Yes I am could you help me in my inquiries by telling me any other facts about the anomaly?" the Doctor spoke calmly

"Yes it appears there is a room that the excess of energy seems to be stored but the energy unusually seems to conceal the room far better than your average perception filter," Captain Philips spoke coolly

Philips continued in a hoarse whisper "Also the room seems to shift around the ship making it impossible for me and my predecessors to plot,"

"This is indeed a conundrum what you might say a Schrödinger's Room nobody has ever entered but you know it's there," the Doctor mused

"Doctor that is not true only one person has entered the room and it was Dotty," Captain Phillips talked grimly

Dotty sighed "Yes I was sleepwalking on my first night here... I entered the dark room whereby I was processed by a hologram of a lady called Dorothy, but she called herself Ace. Then I Myra Allen was no more I and your companion Ace are now forever interlinked adding a year to my shortened life as I suffer from Neo-Cancer," she said crisply

"I became a hologram as protective failsafe to stop the Cybermen from reforming as I electrocuted the entire fleet and uploaded myself into this ship to survive but with that came the Cybermen in their digitised forms and they have been converting the people into newer stronger Cybermen because the failsafe has broke since Myra downloaded the failsafe," Ace/Myra said bitterly

Suddenly the surgical room lit up in a brilliant blue light and a tall silver streamlined robot with glowing orange eyes appeared with a transparent dome with a brain that convulsed with electricity.

"I think you spoke to soon," Phillips said dryly

The Cyberman spoke in a grim electronic drone "This is Cyber-Leader 54 of the main Cyber-Fleet preparing to administer battlefield protocol,"

"Hello Mr. 54 and how are we feeling today?" the Doctor said sarcastically

"Your witty observation Doctor the man with interchangeable faces is not funny as this ship will be the first causality of war if we do not get want we want from this ship,"

"But why does this ship?" the Doctor asked curiously

"The energy and the room that Phillip's mentioned were not from us, but another source a secret he knows terrible. With this secret we can use, so we can be human again do you not want us to be human do you feel empathy for us?" the Cyber-Leader spoke sadly with a tear shining in its black blunt sockets.

"I do understand Cyber-Leader," the Doctor calmly

To be continued