Tesla Nine

By Mathieu Leader

Chapter Three Resting The Unrest

I do not own Doctor Who the BBC does:

For what seemed liked hours the Doctor was curiously pondering that a past companion could betray him, and became an enemy also the even more sinister thought that she was doing this from the afterlife.

The Doctor walked along the long empty corridors skittishly jumping at every sound.

The Doctor suddenly saw a window immersed in a thick red frost a single glowing dark cold eye unblinking at him.

Cold harsh whispers echoed in the Doctor's ears "Remember Doctor of our true last encounter,"

The window opened from it leapt a woman with short brown hair with a worn face covered in the same rusty red frost.

The woman said shivering "I'm cold Doctor could you warm me up?"

The Doctor said scared "I did not kill you?"

The woman grimly beckoned "Face the facts Doctor; you did leave me in the ice?"

"Ace I'm so sorry but I did this for the greater good!" the Doctor exclaimed sadly

"There is blood on your hands Doctor you killed me and killed other innocents in your unspeakable name!"

The Doctor stared at his hands and saw blood flooding his hands he said calmly "Ace you are under the control of an external force but please may you allow me to communicate with it?"

Ace in tremendous pain slowly nodded then a harsh dark voice came from her "We are the Unrest we want feed of vengeance we want to avenge all, "

"We needed to create the mystery on Tesla 9 to attract you here so we can avenge those who have fallen in your name," the Unrest croaked.

"Ace I want you to understand I did not mean to kill you, quite the contrary I meant to preserve you in the case I die so I can have an heir to carry on my work,"

Then suddenly the frost had left Ace's corpse and formed a large red crab with silver eyes with thin black pincers appeared.

The creature groaned angrily swerving its pincers, shooting out rays of red electricity.

The Doctor pulled out a long sword and sliced the crab into two.

"It's time to put you to rest my timeless ally," the Doctor said calmly

The Doctor carried Ace and went into the TARDIS and placed Ace into a transparent glass tube and pulled a wooden lever on the console, and as the catapult mechanism was activated the Doctor kissed Ace on the lips.

Then as he finished kissing her the glass coffin was catapulted into the Time Vortex where Ace would be remembered forever.

The Doctor said quietly "This is much a better resting place than Mars, hey Ace my forever friend,"

To be continued