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Getting Over You: Epilogue

3rd Person

As Sophie drove into Roseville with Tony, she thought of her life there as a kid. After high school, she got married and they moved to California. Sophie got her Bachelors' degree in art and design and Tony got one in childhood teaching, major in other languages. Yes, they were young, and yes they didn't know what would happen to them, but they stuck together until the end. Zach and Cammie weren't so sure of letting their only daughter go across the country, but they knew that they would survive.

For the first few years, they flew down to Roseville for the holidays and their parents would go to California whenever they could. After five years of marriage, they were blessed with a baby boy, Zachary Nicholas. They had a lot of visitors that year, but they were lucky they brought a house big enough to fit four times the size of their little family. After that year, Sophie stopped coming as often. That created some conflict. Then they made a decision: They were moving back to Roseville.

Zachary Nicholas was almost two when they moved back. It had been years since they were in their old neighborhood. They bought a house close to their parents and surrounded by friends. As Tony pulled into the driveway of their new home, Sophie was filled with emotion. After she ran away and was found, she knew who was the right man for her. She looked at her husband and they shared a kiss. They started to unload the car and they filled their new house with boxes of art supplies, clothes, books, baby stuff and memories. When they finished, they fell on the couch and embraced their new life and each other.

To, unintentionally, fulfill her dream from over 10 years ago; they looked at their scrapbook Cammie and Bex made for them. Nicky Z, as Grant called him, was smiling and bubbly, as usual. [captions are bold]

The first picture was when Tony and Sophie were babies, when their moms brought them to for the first time. Sophie still had my hospital bracelet on so I knew we met quite early. They were holding hands. The caption at the bottom of the page said, 'Even as babies, those two were inseparable'
They turned the pages of their childhood, and stopped at the ones from around high school. The first one was the one they knew so well, the one of Sophie and Tony that one year camping. The caption read, 'This year we were so sure they liked each other, but they denied it.'
Then there were some of Sophie's freshman year, minus Tony. Sophie was still wearing jeans and old t-shirts in most of them. Suddenly, the first picture with six people in it. Sophie, Sammy, Nick, Rachel, Ryan, and the place where Mikey should have been was cut out. They were all leaning against Zach's old truck. Sophie was wearing a short jean mini-skirt and a little light teal tank-top. 'I never really liked Michael, but she did so I started to put up with him.'
Then there was one of their graduating class and she was kissing Tony, and they never looked happier. 'My little baby's growing up.'
There was a long brake filled with pieces of paper telling how I was doing in college and California. Then there were many of their wedding day, her in her dress, them and their friends, and one of Sophie and her new husband kissing at the altar. 'I was so happy for her, I saw Tony cry when he saw her, kinda felt bad since his picture was being taken over and over again when he was crying, but he was so happy at the same time.'

Tony Pov

After putting Zachary Nicholas down, I walked back to my wife wrapped my arms around her. "What are we going to call him? He's almost two years old and we still say Zachary Nicholas when we talk about him," I said. She smiled.

"Don't forget Nicky Z, actually, I really like that," she said smiling. I smiled at her.

"Then we'll call him Nicky Z," I said laughing. I kissed my wife and we melted into it. We fell asleep on the couch and when Nicky Z. cried, I got up so she wouldn't have to. We had a good cycle going with him, and we will bring him up right. He'll never be alone, with another brother or sister on the way and at least one more after that. If it's a girl, I'll want to name it Becky, after my mom, or Sophie, after, well you know. I smiled at my wife and I knew I made a great choice in my best friend and wife.

Unknown Pov

As Maggie and Oliver watched the two from the sky, they smiled at another job well done. After graduation, before their wedding, Sophie and Tony went back to the campsite and collected their reward. Maggie and Oliver gladly gave them the money and they watched over them through the years. They knew that Sophie and Tony would be married for many, many years to come. They would have four children and they would both die of old age.

They watched Tony carried Sophie into their new bedroom and laid her on the bed. Tony fell asleep soon after, but not before checking on Nicky Z. and placing the first thing they packed on its rightful place: The picture of them at the campsite. He climbed into bed and sighed.

"There'll be no getting over you Sophie, never," he said and he turned out the light.

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