Author's Note: Hi ya'll, I am really, extremely sorry about not updating this fic sooner from you guys and I'm hoping you can forgive your not-so-loyal authoress... Enjoy!Peter cleared his throat uncomfortably from where he stood in the doorway, a plastic water bottle in hand. With one eyebrow raised he looked back and forth between the two felons. "Anyone care to explain?"

An awkward silence filled the room and Neal would've sworn he could have heard a feather drop. The younger man was trying to wrack up an answer when Tim answered for him.

"We knew each other when we were younger."

Neal winced under the scathing glare that Peter shot his direction and knew that Peter would hound him about this before when Neal considered the time to be right. Peter would chew him out here and now and he didn't look forward to it.

"El could you take him into the kitchen for a little bit while I have a chat with Neal?" Peter asked his wife, voice soft at first but hardening when he mentioned the last part.

She nodded and guided Tim into the kitchen, Hughes following behind them closely without needing to be asked. Peter nodded gratefully towards the older man before turning his attention on Neal.

"Start talking." The command was simple and firm.

Neal looked up at Peter and huffed noisily, doing his best to make it obvious that he didn't feel like having this conversation right now.

No such luck. The look on Peter's face told Neal that trying to get out of this conversation would be a waste of time and energy.

"We knew each other when we were younger." Neal deadpanned as he tried to figure out a way to slip out of explaining things right now. He wouldn't mind telling Peter the full story later but right now he was sore, tired and emotionally drained.

"Gee thanks Neal, how about you tell me something I didn't already know?"

"He was an Eagle Scout when we were kids." Neal knew that would more than likely piss Peter off but he was also hoping that Peter would get the message if he kept hinting at it to him.

Peter scoffed in disbelief. "That's what the Boy Scouts has come to these days? Promoting felons to the coveted position of Eagle Scouts?"

Neal scowled and stared at the ceiling. "Are you finished?" He snapped. Nope, Peter's not going to leave this off until later.

Peter looked over at him in surprise and nodded. Neal's moodiness was highly uncharachteristic of him and Peter realized that he probably was being just a little to pushy in getting the information out of the consultant. But, he needed to know more now so that he could get the big picture and then go throw Hawk's butt in jail.

"Good, now before I was so rudely interrupted…" Neal started. "Tim was an Eagle Scout before we met and started to ha-"

Neal was cut off as Peter mumbled a "That would make sense." In other words so you led him to the life of crime.

The younger man shot Peter a rebuking glare before continuing. "His parents had just died in a car accident while we were at school and he didn't have anywhere else to go so he started to hang out with me. I taught him how to survive on the streets and it came in handy after…" Neal stopped abruptly turning his head away from Peter.

There was a moments of silence before Neal continued. " after my dad died neither of us had a place to live so we took to the streets. That's when we met the Hawk and he agreed to take us in on one condition. We would have to steal and con people for a living."

Neal took a sip of water. "Eventually I decided that I wanted to go my own way and needless to say Hawk wasn't very happy about that. He sent a group of men after us and they were equipped with dogs. Tim's pants snagged while we were escaping and he made me keep going. I could hear guns and naturally I assumed he was dead."

Peter nodded thoughtfully, his brow furrowed into a frown of concentration. "So let me get this right, they guy that just about killed you, was your best friend?"

Neal nodded but didn't say anything. He blinked slowly and yawned before looking back over at Peter.

"What are you thinking?"

Peter didn't answer him instead he got up and went into the other room quickly.

Neal raised an eyebrow at the suddenness of the unexpected departure but didn't make any comments. Didn't have the energy to make any comments.

Yawning again, Neal stretched gingerly and turned closing his eyes as he fell into a deep sleep.

Elizabeth winced as she sat down with a sigh. She looked across the kitchen table at Eaglet with a glint of curiosity shining in her eyes. El leaned forward as she popped an aspirin into her mouth. "So, what exactly is your name?"

Eaglet looked up at her startled before he replied with a monotonic "Tim." He dimly wondered why she was even attempting to talk to him after he had almost killed her, her friend, and her husband earlier that day.

El nodded in response to his answer as she took a long sip of tea before her eyes widened. "I'm sorry, forgive me for my lack of manners Tim!" She exclaimed as she got up from the table. "Tea?"

Tim blinked in surprise, she was offering him tea? It was almost as if the woman didn't remember that he was an assassin or that he had almost killed her. "Ummm…. Yes please."

Elizabeth grinned as she poured the young man in front of her some more tea, handed him the cup and sat back down.

Both of them heard the loud explanation of disbelief from Peter and El looked at Tim again, this time a confused expression on her face. "Wait a minute, you two are best friends?"

Tim nodded and realized that he was going to be answering that question a lot. "Were." He corrected softly. "I don't think you could really call us 'friends' anymore."

El nodded and had just opened her mouth to say something when a very confused Peter walked into the room. The agent looked at Tim and then at El, a stupefied expression on his face when he noticed that the two were sharing a cup of tea at the kitchen table.

Regaining his composure, Peter snapped a "We need to talk," to Tim and gave the younger man the two-fingered summoning.

Tim glanced over at El as if asking for permission before getting up and following Peter out of the room.

Elizabeth Burke couldn't help but notice that the poor kid was trembling as he followed her husband out of the room. She could only hope that Peter wouldn't end up scaring the kid so bad that he had a heart attack.

Neal probably wouldn't appreciate that very much.

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