Chapter 1

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This was originally going to be just a short drabble. It just kept growing until it was too long for a drabble.

Anyway, it's S1 of Nanoha again, but this time with a change, can you spot it?

Watching with some disinterest mixed with worry as the girl fell, mostly because she didn't feel like killing someone, Fate was partly relieved that the girl's familiar was able to save her life. "Bardiche."

"Jewel Seed, sealed." Her Intelligent Device said as she nodded and turned to the ferret.

"Tell your master that if she does not wish to be harmed in the future, she should stay out of my way." Fate wasn't above beating someone until they were black and purple, but killing them? No, she might have acted cold on the battlefield, but killing someone just wasn't in her.

As the ferret watched her leave, he shook his head and sighed. At least Nanoha was alright.


"I'm back." Fate called out to the penthouse that she was using as her base of operations. She smiled softly as she saw her familiar walk up to her. "Hello, Arf."

"Fate!" The wolf sounded rather happy to see her. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, I had a small difficulty getting the Jewel Seed, but it was easily taken care of."

Arf tilted her head slightly. "You look upset. You know that you should always be happy when you come back."

Fate rubbed Arf's head. "I'll be okay."

"Fate..." Arf warned before the doors leading to another room opened up and a new person walked in.

"Honestly..." The person huffed as she looked at Fate, before walking up to her, picking her up and pulling her into a hug, getting a blush from the tiny blond girl as she was fussed over. "I told you going out by yourself was a bad thing."

"Mother, I..."

"I told you, you should stop spoiling her, if you want her to grow up properly."

The woman turned to the one who just spoke. "Linith, really, however I want to treat my daughter is up to me." The woman huffed and turned away from the catgirl before smiling at Fate. "And you, you need to tell me all about your mission, okay?"

Fate was blushing, but nodded as her mother tapped her nose.

"Really..." Linith sighed. "You shouldn't spoil her so much... Lady Alicia."


Alicia smiled as she washed her daughter's hair as the two relaxed before dinner. "Really? That girl sounds like she's a strong mage."

Fate shook her head groggily. Somehow always washing her hair put her to sleep for some reason. "She's not very skilled, but she's got a lot of magical power."

"She sounds like what Linith told me you were like when she was teaching you."

"Mother." Fate blushed more as her mother teased her slightly. "It's different."

"I know." Alicia smiled and hugged Fate from behind. "Go ahead and deal with her how you see fit, but try not to kill her, okay?" When Fate nodded, Alicia picked her up and the two got into the warm bath, elicting a sigh from the two blondes.

As Fate closed her eyes and rested her head on Alicia's chest, the older of the two thought back to when she was just a little younger than Fate. "To think, something so small kept me alive..."


"Alicia?" Precia looked at her daughter, who was coughing and had a red face. "Are you okay?" She frowned and put the back of her hand on her daughter's head. "My goodness, you're burning up."

"I'm sorry." The little girl looked down, saddened that she wouldn't be able to visit her mother's lab that day.

"It's okay." Precia smiled at her as she picked Alicia up and walked to her room. "You get some rest, I'll get a sitter to watch you until I get back tonight, okay?"

"Okay, mama, be good."

"I will." Precia smiled as she cupped her child's cheek and carressed it softly.


Alicia closed her eyes, of course, that explosion that happened that day nearly took her mother's life, and might have taken hers as well if she had been there. She cracked an eye open and smiled at her daughter, her Fate, as she rested. "Fate... Come on, we need to get out."

"Mmm... Five more minutes, please?"

Alicia laughed softly. "Okay, five more minutes." Being sick for a few days had stopped her from being near a massive explosion, who knew what would have happened if she hadn't been sick that day?


In the kitchen, Linith was humming to herself softly as she made dinner for everyone in the penthouse. "Arf, if you even try eating anything before Lady Alicia and Fate get back, I'm going to make you spend the night outside as a human with no clothes on."

"Eek!" Linith smirked to herself as Arf jumped away from the food she was cooking.

"Hey, Linith..." Arf asked after a few moments.

"Hmm?" The catgirl turned to the dog girl as she scratched the back of her head. "What?"

"Do you know why Alicia is having Fate look for the Jewel Seeds?"

Linith sighed softly and nodded. "Yes, I do... Lady Alicia's mother, Lady Precia, is quite ill, and modern medicine just can't help her..."

"So, these Lost Logia..."

"Are Lady Alicia's last chance to save her mother from dying on her." Linith shook her head. "Not much else can be done about it, but I do hope that they're careful, otherwise things could be very bad."

Arf nodded and a determined glint came to her eyes. "I won't fail Fate or Alicia, I'll make sure that Fate gets the Jewel Seeds safely so that Alicia doesn't have to worry about her daughter."

Linith smiled, that was all she hoped for. Well, that and she hoped that Fate grew up to be as lovely a person as Alicia was.

Chapter End