C.C.: I've wanted to do a fic for Fairy Tail for ages but never got around to actually going about writing it. So, here goes nothing! The ratings may vary from time to time from K-M+ I'll put a little warning before each chapter though.

The pairings also vary from NaLu to GraLu to downright Lueveryone! From friendship only to romance to down right smutty, it really just depends on the theme.

A collection of oneshots and/or two shots.


Rated: T

He had promised he'd protect her.

Of course, he meant it in the most platonic way possible; she was his nakama after all. She was probably his best friend other than Happy, he best female friend at least. Dark eyes trailed over to said 'best friend', her bright blonde hair bouncing as she laughed.

I love Fairy Tail.

When she had said that, sobbing her little eyes out and trying her best to look him in the eye, he had made his final decision. He secretly made a vow to protect his partner (besides Happy, of course) even if he had to die in the process.

You could blame it on his hero complex; he always did like being the center of attention. He liked knowing someone depended on him and he liked knowing she depended on him above anyone else. Although she was weird, although she nagged him about every little thing and even though she seemed to favor writing her novel than fishing for Happy's favorite dish, he still liked her.

Happy liked her too, of course.

Natsu, Happy and Lucy, that's how it was. Fighting, laughing, crying, causing trouble wherever they went (well, it was mostly him and Happy), and depending on the other for protection and comfort. He'd break something of hers, she'd yell at him like she were his mother and the next day everything would be all fine and dandy again. He liked knowing she would still consider him her friend even if he were to burn her apartment down.

He had yet to do that but he always made sure to check if the room was still intact before leaving...at least sometimes he did.

That was just how they rolled.

Sure, okay, fine he'd throw in that damned slanted eyes and the monstrous Erza just for boosts, and, really, despite some differences he still considered them his closest nakama, his family, his nakama...heck, his best friends too if you will. Not that he'd ever admit that outloud, especially to a certain ice making mage…but really, when he thought 'team' or 'partners' it really just narrowed down to Happy and Lucy.

She was the first one, besides Happy, he went to when he found an interesting bug on the ground.

And even though she'd scream and tell him to take it away, he was still happy.

She was the first one he went to when he found a cool restaurant that sold cheap but delicious fire dishes. Even though it burned her tongue, thus rendering it useless for a few days—or weeks, he couldn't remember—she had still tried it because she knew it'd make him happy. She was the first one he talked to when he had nightmares about Igneel or even...Lisanna. She never pressed him to tell her anything that he wasn't ready to and he did the same thing for her.

He liked that she was considerate of him despite complaints.

He liked that she was still willing to pair up with him even though he usually caused her trouble. To be honest, he didn't see the problem that obviously everyone else did…but whatever the case, he was still glad she tolerated him. He'd critisize her about staying in the weird clock guy whenever they had to walk, but, really, he respected her above anyone else.

He really did think those Stellar Spirit guys were cool.

He had the most faith in her abilities and never doubted her, not once because he knew she never doubted him. Well, except when it came to transportation...then he was a lost cause.


Said object of his thoughts called his name, causing the Dragon Slayer to perk up. He had been sitting at a table not too far from the bar in which Lucy sat, originally happily chatting away with Mirajane and Levi.

"Yo, what's up?" Natsu asked, getting up from his spot and making his way over to her. He was practically beaming, happy to know that she hadn't forgotten he was still in the Guild. It wasn't like she had to pay attention to him 24/7, but he always felt happier when he got to talk to her at least twice a day, if not more. She always did seem to make him feel better, just by looking at him.

"Levi was talking about this cool spot to find those fishes that Happy likes so much, apparently it's a lot better than the one you guys go to," Lucy informed him, pointing at a specific spot on a map she had been holding onto. She held up the map closer to him, turning around as she did so.

"Really?" Natsu asked, grinning from ear to ear as he took a closer look at the map. Well, too bad he didn't know how to really read maps—Igneel had tried to teach him but eventually gave up. However, if Lucy said it was a better place then it was probably a better place.

"Yeah, why don't we go get Happy and take him?" Lucy suggested, smiling up at him prettily.

"Really? You wanna go with us?" Natsu asked a bit disbelievingly.

"Yeah, don't I always?"

"Yeah but you always complain."

"But I still go with you, don't I?"

With a wide grin, Natsu folded his arms across his chest. He supposed if she put it that way, there was no way he could deny it. Now he really felt like he could catch a thousand of those fishes, he'd never eat any of course but still, a challenge was a challenge.

"All right, let's go!" He said cheerfully, his grin widening more than ever.

"I'll get my things, where's Happy by the way?"

"At the vet."

"Oh…then I guess it's a good thing I found this, huh?"

"Ha ha ha! You're the best Luce!"

And even though she always complained whenever he and Happy dragged her off onto one of their bizarre escapades…she still went regardless.

"Luce, I love you!"

"Yes, yes, I love you, too you idiot."

Yep, Luce was the best!

C.C.: This one here was strictly friendship between Natsu and Lucy. Although, I, myself am a diehard NaLu shipper...I also enjoy the simple comradeship that they share. Hope you enjoyed this chapter! This was basically just Natsu's thoughts on Lucy and the bond that they shared.