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And I am taking three characters from the Kingdom Hearts fan-fic that I have in mind and throwing them in here. I hope that I portray them as the way I hope them to be. And luckily for you all... you won't be seeing them often.

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Chapter One – A New Day Begins


It is just another fall day just like any other in the month and years from past times. The cool air all around is making people applying layers to their personnel to warm themselves up for the winter days to come. The leaves are changing their colors from their shades of green to the typical colors for autumn, and the leaves float gently down to their resting place on the ground below. With piles of leaves slowly growing in people's lawns, everyone is getting themselves ready for the cold winter days ahead.

The doors to the junior high of Peach Creek burst open and the students attending the school all stroll out to head home for the day. With the sun overhead in the late afternoon skies, the twelve children that make up one class begin heading towards the direction that makes up their homes in the cul-de-sac. Three of these children drift off from the pack to head off for another part of the town, with the three of them arguing over something as the other nine ignores these fighting children.

Within these nine are three boys that are friends for the longest time. One of these boys is leading the trio with hands in his blue jeans, head hanging low, just barely touching his yellow jacket that he is wearing. Behind this boy is a medium size boy, wearing a brownish jacket over a red shirt and a plaid tie around his neck, and he is wearing a pair of purple shorts with red knee-high socks and blue shoes. Lastly, the final boy of this trio is trailing from behind, wearing a green jacket with two white lines going down both sleeves, a pair of baggy jeans and a pair of black shoes, and he is very tall for his size. The three of them begin to head towards the alleyways for a shortcut to their homes in the cul-de-sac, with the leader kicking a pebble down the route.

"This stinks!" shouted the small boy. "Of all the things to do on our first day back, we got detention on the first go!"

"Eddy, you do realize that using Ed's instant gravy in the teachers' coffee is going to get you in trouble," the medium boy.

"And he wasted some good gravy, Double D," the tall boy noted.

"Well so what? I hadn't got the chance to pull something off since coming back from my bro's place, and I really needed that," the small boy Eddy replied.

The medium boy sighs. "Eddy, you should know the consequences by now," he said. "You can't just go and do something so irrelevant."

"Hey, try putting up with two abusive parents and a brother at the same time, and deal with for years!" Eddy growled. "I could be like you, but I got to be like this, and now here we are."

"Oh Eddy, you know that you now have the cul-de-sac to help you out this time," the medium boy Double D said. "Even so, we are here to help comfort you whenever you need it."

"If you like, you can say at my place," the tall boy Ed said.

"Thanks, but I rather stay at Sock-head's place rather than yours, Ed."

The three continue to walk down the alley in silent now, keeping their thoughts to themselves as they get closer to their homes. Eddy sticks his hands into his pockets and pulls out two yo-yo's he obtained one day and he toss both of the toys down to play with them. Double D watches Eddy play with the yo-yo's with concern, knowing how much the small Ed is going through lately, and he wants to try his best to take care of his friend.

Ed quickly walks up to Eddy and ask if he can use one of the yo-yo's and the small Ed gives the left one to the tall Ed. Ed got the string on his finger and he begins tossing the yo-yo all around, aiming in different directions and missing his friends. Upon one throw, the yo-yo went towards the top of the fence, where it hit a boy climbing over the fence square in the face and knocking him towards the ground. The Eds rush over to the fence and peer over to see if the boy is all right.

The three look over the edge, but all they could find is nothing but grass. They could have sworn they saw a boy climbing over and Ed hitting him, but they could see nothing on the other side. The boys shrug this off, getting back to focus on walking back home, when suddenly Eddy begins calculating a plan in his scheming mind.

"Hey, you know that Jonny went cuckoos after coming back from my bro's place?" he asked.

"Yes, I do remember," Double D replied.

"Well, since we are now good friends with everyone, why not give them some protection against Jonny in case he wants to strike them?"

The three stop in their tracks to allow Eddy's plan to sink into their heads. "Are you saying that you want to do a scam after getting detention and the ordeal we went through during the movie?" the smart Ed asked, a bit disturbed.

"Yes, but things are going to be different this time. Instead of ripping off the others, we are going to help them out, with a low monthly fee of course."

Double D smacks his head. "If there is anything involving money, there's going to be some sure-fire kick-back we're going to deal with here," he mutters. "And plus, once we get the money, we're going to spend it all on just Jawbreakers."

"Did someone say Jawbreakers?" Ed asked, pressing his face against Double D's.

"Eddy, you do realize that we can get Jawbreakers from Kevin. All we need to do is ask him."

"I know, but that's not what we're going for," the small Ed replied. "What I'm thinking is that we could use the money we earn for something really big that it'll blow away the others!"

"And what exactly do you have in mind?" Double D asked, now skeptical.

Eddy pockets his yo-yo that he still haves and replaces the toy with a rolled-up blue paper. He unrolls the paper to reveal the content to his friends. Double D and Ed look at the paper with wide-eyes, seeing all the details on the paper to be finely written out and exact, amaze by how well detailed the object is.

"When you are grounded, you got plenty time on your hands," Eddy said, taking the paper back. "I spent the summer working on this, and man did it take a while."

"Eddy, what exact purpose are you going to do with that?" Double D asked.

"I was hoping to build it and use it to help out the others out to cure boredom!" the small Ed stated. "That way, we don't need to suffer from summertime boredom ever again!"

"Hooray for Eddy's crazy scheme!" Ed shouted excitedly.

The smart Ed lets out a sigh. "All right Eddy, what is your plan?"

"OK, so I was thinking that we can use Ed to protect the others from Jonny in case that he wants to attack them," the small Ed explained. "It's not much, and I know that Jonny's not going to stand a chance against Ed."

"Yeah! I'm a real powerhouse," the tall Ed stated.

"Now all we need to get is some wood and we'll set up the stand in the cul-de-sac," said Eddy, looking at the wooden posts that make up the fence.

The Eds take their time taking down some of the fence posts that they are going to use in their latest build. Ed is carrying every piece of lumber, with Double D guiding the blind Ed to the cul-de-sac and Eddy watching the tall tower of lumber in case it is going to fall. As soon as the trio got out of the alley, Ed begins to sidestep to his right, with the tower leaning to the right. Eddy and Double D rush to help their friend out, but it is too late to save the tower.

As the pieces of wood spread throughout the lawn where Ed crashed, Double D takes out a hammer and a few nails from his ski hat and begins building a stand. Eddy walks up to Ed and begins searching the tall Ed's jacket for a pen that they could use for a sign, only to take out a mustard bottle with a pen inside. The small Ed shrugs upon seeing this and walks up to Double D, who is getting the counter of their stand nail down, and got down in front of the stand to begin writing a message. Ed got up from his fall and begins helping out his friend, adding his hand to the build as the other cul-de-sac kids walk up to their stand.

The kids that live in the cul-de-sac are looking at the Eds' latest scheme with a confused look, remembering that it was months since the Eds pulled off their last scam, which got four of the children badly beaten up and chasing the Eds all the way to Eddy's brother's place. One of the children – a boy wearing an orange hoodie over a green shirt, black shorts, and a red hat worn backwards – approaches the Eds' stand to talk with them.

"So what's the deal here?" he asked. "I thought you guys are giving up your scams."

Eddy looks up from what he is doing to face the boy. "Kevin my friend, this isn't a scam," he said. "This is more like... a service."

"Service?" a blonde girl wearing a blue sweater asked. "What kind of service?"

"Think it as more as insurance, Nazz," Double D explained. "We are starting up an insurance plan that will protect each and everyone one of you from any of Jonny's schemes."

The small crowd is now chatting with each other, each telling a tale about how this boy known as Jonny attacked them without reason.

"So what you are saying, smart talking Edd boy, is that Rolf will be safe from Jonny the Wood Boy?" a tall boy with blue hair asked.

"Indeed Stretch," Eddy replied. "Ed here will give you all the protection you need against Jonny. And all for a small fee of 25 cents a month is enough to keep you cover."

"Sounds like a deal, dudes," said the blonde Nazz.

"Whoa, hold on there Nazz," said the boy Kevin. "Are you certain that this isn't a scam?"

"We're 100 percent positive Kevin," Double D answered. "We are guarantee for protection or your money back."

"Then sign Rolf up!" the tall boy Rolf stated. "Rolf will like to keep the large watermelon-headed Jonny the Wood Boy away from Rolf's animals, as Rolf does not know how to control such a wild beaver as Jonny the Wood Boy."

The other kids look at the tall foreign boy with a confused look, noting the statement he just made.

"Did he really say that?" a small boy asked.

"I believe he did Jimmy," an orange-haired girl responded.

As the sentence brushes away, the small crowd walks up to the stand, where there is a fill-in sheet ready for each of the children's name, and everyone backs away to allow Eddy to look over the list. After giving a few checks of both the list and the children present, he hands the list over to Double D and he reels in Ed in front of the crowd.

"Now how this is going to work that for one day, one of you will get Ed to protect you, and we will help out with other ones," the greedy Ed explained. "We'll switch out for the next day, going down the list to make sure that everyone is cover, and we'll make sure that all of you are protected from Jonny."

"Just remember this though: if you are not protected by us, you need to take precautions for yourself to protect from Jonny," Double D fills in. "You cannot blame us if you got attacked and you were unprotected without us."

The other children nod at this sentence.

"OK, so the first one on the list that's getting Ed is..." Eddy grabs the list to look at the top of the paper. "...Rolf."

"Hello," the tall boy replied.

"Next is Nazz, follow by Kevin, Sarah and Jimmy," said Double D, remembering the list. "That gives you the weekdays of Ed protection. We are figuring how the weekends are going to work, but once we get it figure out, come by here and we'll provide the information."

Everyone in the small crowd is agreeing with what the Eds are offering. They can see that this is not a scam, as they are being serious with this business. All five children reach into their pockets to take out the payment for the service and the crowd breaks up to head for their homes. Eddy places the money into a glass jar, grinning widely as each quarter hits the bottom, as Ed walks up to see the profit they earned.

"So are you ready for tomorrow, Ed?" the small Ed asked.

"Ready as a walrus," Ed replied, flashing a smile.

"That's all I need to hear," said Eddy, slapping Ed on the back. "Well I better get home. My folks are still mad at me and I need to get home on time, or otherwise I'll be deep in trouble."

"And there's this monster movie marathon tonight and I need to get ready for it," Ed stated, pointing to it. "There's one I hadn't seen, and it's the first to play! I don't want to miss it!"

"Well, it seems you two got plans for tonight," Double D said follow by a sigh. "I guess I'll you tomorrow."

"See you later then," replied Eddy, waving to his friend as he and Ed head towards their homes.

As Double D begins to head for his home, he notices a boy walking in the distance with his dog. To the Ed, this boy and dog look very strange, as the boy is wearing all white and has white hair, and as for the dog looks very much like a large wolf. Double D watches them for a bit before turning his attention back towards his home, noting that these two are just new neighbors in the cul-de-sac. The smart Ed makes his way up to the front door, only to check one more time to see the boy and his pet still walking away from the cul-de-sac, and the Ed steps inside of his house to head up to his room.

The boy in white stops in his tracks, tugging on the leash to make the wolf stop, and the boy glance over to Double D's house with an expressionless stare.


Late into the night at the smart Ed's house, Double D is busy reading one of his science books from his personal collection, studying up a bit in geology for one of his classes coming up. He is interested in getting some information about the rocks that are going to be shown in class, and he flips through some pages to look for the gem section. Once there, he begins looking through the gems that are in the book, only to find nothing on the gem the Ed is looking for.

Double D got out of his seat and walks up to the shelf that is in his room, taking down a box labeled "Rare Findings" and opens the lid to uncover a single glowing object. The Ed removes the object out from the box and holds the small object between two fingers, making sure not to apply too much pressure to break it. The object is a pink oval gem, found one day when Double D woke up from a dream, and it is giving off a strange sensation to the Ed. The boy got back into his chair and he carefully places the gem onto the desk.

"I simply don't understand," the Ed said. "I know this is a real gem, but there's nothing here in this book."

Double D flips to the beginning to check the date of publishing, only to note that the date is very recent. The Ed takes the gem and looks through the pages one more time, trying to find anything to match the gem in his hands. Sadly, there is nothing, and the Ed lets out a heavy sigh of disappointment. He then realizes that he found a gem that is not discovered, so he could send the gem to a museum and earn a small reward.

Double D checks the clock in his room to note that it is getting close to bedtime, so he heads over to his dresser to change out of his everyday clothes into his pajamas. As he opens a drawer and removes his shirt, he begins to feel a rush a pain to his forehead, and Double D clasps his head in response to the pain. He begins to think that this is a headache, but the pain intensifies and the boy begins to feel weak. He starts to stumble backwards, bumping into his bed as the pain overtakes him and his knees weaken him.

Everything around the Ed is swirling, making him sick to his stomach as the headache worsen. He tries to get back up onto his feet, but his knees will not allow him, so he collapses on to the floor and breathing heavily. In the Ed's eyes, he could see flashes of different events happening before him, only these events he has not witness as of yet. He could see himself and his friends fighting off a group of black creatures, several different people and a powerful man with the power of fire. And he could also see a large doorway, all white and there is a shadowy looking man standing in front of it, with two strange boys and a wolf with him.

The pain begins to ease and the flashes disappear, leaving Double D lying on the floor with a small puddle of drool next to his head. He looks towards the puddle and he got up quickly, wiping off his mouth as his eyes are looking at his desk. Sitting on the desk is a person, not specific on the gender, wearing an all black outfit of a hooded cloak, gloves and boots. The hood is up and over the person's head, covering whoever this is from Double D. The Ed finally got back up, allowing himself to get his eyes readjusted to the surroundings as the hooded figure stares blankly at the smart Ed.

"It appears… you know the future," the figure said in a man voice.

"The future?" parroted Double D.

"A future that could be alter, simply by changing a few events," the figure answered. "Do you know what that door next to you means?"

Double D looks to the left, seeing the door that leads out to the hallway. The figure shakes its head no and points to the Ed's right, making him turn to the right. He notices a door on the wall, shocked to see that there was ever such a door in the first place. But strangely, there is no doorknob or keyhole anywhere on this wooden tool.

"There is something special about this door," the figure said, getting off of the desk and walking to the door. "It is believed that this could link to other worlds… possibly to the heart of the universe."

"Other worlds? The heart of the universe?" parroted Double D. "Wait… what does it all mean?"

As soon Double D said that sentence, the figure and the door are gone, leaving the Ed alone in the room. He checks all around, making sure that it is not his imagination and he clasp his head to make sure that the headache is gone. The pain is gone and Double D could see nothing unusual, so he went back to getting into his pajamas.

"That is strange," he said. "I guess I must be tired. All this studying sure makes one see some unusual things."

The boy got himself under his blanket and quickly falls asleep, resting up for another day at school and their first day helping out the cul-de-sac with Eddy's latest scheme to earn the Eds money. On the desk, the pink gem begins to glow, shining brightly under the moonlight.


The bell is ringing and the children of the cul-de-sac are leaving through the double doors that they entered this morning. They are heading back home from their second day of school, with the majority of them not getting into groove of being back at school, leaving Double D the odd man out. Eddy groans in disappointment about the detention he served today and Ed is keeping a warm smile on his face, as Double D focuses off in the distance.

The Eds could hear some footsteps from behind and the foreigner Rolf wraps an arm around Ed's shoulder. "So rock-headed Ed boy, are you ready to help Rolf in this thing against former Urban Ranger Jonny the Wood Boy?"

Ed returns a nod and Rolf tugs on the tall Ed's neck, dragging him away from the other Eds. Eddy and Double D watch their friend being drag by Rolf to do his service protecting the tall foreigner, as they know they should go help Kevin and Nazz from Jonny. But the two Eds continue their walk towards their homes, as they need to rest from being at school.

"So Double D, what had you been doing over the summer?" Eddy asked.

The smart Ed looks over at his greedy friend with a confused look before focusing on the street. "Well... I, like the rest of the cul-de-sac, got grounded upon returning home, and I got off mine early after working around the house."

"Figures as much," the small Ed interrupted.

"It didn't take me long to get all of those chores done. After careful planning, I got through a month worth's of chores in two weeks, leaving me the rest of the summer to talk with the others and visit a few..."

Double D's last sentence trails off, looking away from Eddy as the greedy Ed gains interest in the topic. He raises an eyebrow upon seeing Double D hiding an embarrass face, getting readings that the smart Ed is hiding something.

"So... what you're saying is that you were visiting a girl?" Eddy asked. "Then why didn't you say so? So is she hot?"

Double D jumps by this remark and he turns to face Eddy with pink cheeks. "Eddy, no! I am not seeing any girls! If I was, they will reject me!"

"Now, now Sock-head, there's no need to hide it," Eddy said, wrapping his hand around Double D's shoulder to bring the boy closer. "If there's something you want to say, then you can tell your old pal Eddy here."

The medium Ed trails his eyes away from Eddy. "Well... you see, I am seeing this one girl, but we want to keep our relationship a secret."

"So you are seeing someone, huh? Who is it? Is it Nazz? Or is it, for goodness sake, Sarah?"

"No! It's someone else! I also promise to keep her identity a secret until the time is right!"

"Come on Double D. We're friends here. You can tell me if you like," Eddy said, now getting desperate to know.

"I'm sorry Eddy, but I just remember that I have some studying to do," Double D replied, coming up with an excuse to get out of this situation.

"Study? Why do you need to study? We got the first week of nothing, so there's no need to study for anything!"

Double D realizes what Eddy is saying, due to that being back at school means that the children need to adjust being back at school and get last minute supplies before any major tests and projects come up. But there is a flaw in the small Ed's protest.

"But Eddy, you do know that we need to get some knowledge in, just in case there is a pop quiz," the smart Ed noted, now playing Eddy's game.

The greedy Ed froze upon hearing that sentence. This is going well for the medium Ed. "And I remember somewhere that the summertime is the time where we lose about two months worth of information," the smart Ed said. "I need to hit the books to make up for the lost knowledge."

"OK, fine, do whatever you please," Eddy stated, giving in. "But one way or another, I'll find out about what you did, and when I do, I'm going to rub it in..."

Eddy did not get to finish his sentence, as he could feel the impact of a ball hitting his head. The small Ed lunges forward, catching himself with all fours upon hitting the sidewalk, as the ball that hit him rolls off down the street. Double D tries to help his friend up, but Eddy quickly jumps up, recovering from his injury, and he looks all around the cul-de-sac for the person who hit him.

"All right, who threw that?" the greedy Ed shouted. In response, both Eds hear the sound of laughter not far off from where they are standing.

Eddy looks behind in anger to find a boy standing in the distance, a gloved hand sticking out towards him and another gloved hand on a wide-brimmed hat that resembles more of a witch's hat. This boy is wearing all black, with a long coattail trench coat over a plain shirt and leather pants. His gloves and boots are also the same black as the rest of his clothing, with the same as the belts going around his waist. There are three purple stripes on the left side of the boy's coat, but the size makes it hard to interpret them. And to the Eds' disappointment, they can not see the boy's face, as he is pushing down his face, concealing his eyes, face and hair off from the curious Ed boys.

The boy in black is flashing off a wide smile on his face, similar to that of Ed's but appears more sinister. "You mind tossing back my ball?" he asked.

The still angry Eddy looks down towards the ground, looking around him and Double D to where the ball could have went off to. Then he looks towards more to his right to find the ball sitting close towards the middle of the street, and the Ed walks up to reach out for the black ball. He gets a firm grip on the black and purple ball and he tosses back to the boy in black with an underhand toss. The boy in black catches the ball with his outstretch hand and he gives the greedy Ed a friendly smile.

"Thanks a lot," the boy replied. "Sorry for tossing it at your head. I was hoping to play with you for a game, but you didn't hear my call."

"Yeah we're busying talking to each other about some business," said Eddy. "Then why don't you buzz off and find someone else to play with?"

"Will do," the boy in black replied, tipping his hat to the Eds as he turns away to walk off, revealing his black spiky hair to the Eds.

Double D walks up to Eddy to study more of this new boy. "He is a very strange new neighbor, is he?" the smart Ed asked.

"New neighbor? I don't remember hearing about anyone moving here."

"Things tend to happen, Eddy. It is how life works. There is nothing that could change it."

"Unless we have some sort of mystical artifact that could alter that," the small Ed pitched.

"And now you're sounding like Ed," said Double D. "And speaking of Ed, we better check up on him to see how well he is doing."

"Oh yeah, we can't forget about the big lug." The small Ed watches Double D getting a head start to where Ed is doing his business. "Hey, wait up! This includes me as well!"


That day in one of the alleys, the kid in black slowly makes a turn around one corner and deep in the maze-like alley. With his grin still on his face, he approaches another boy his age, only this boy is wearing all white clothing with more zippers all over than standard clothing. The white wearing boy also owns a matty white hair, which is glistening in the sunlight as he hangs his head low. With the boy's back leaning against the fence, arms across his chest and a foot resting against the fence, the appearance makes the boy look like he is thinking about something.

Next to the boy is a strange looking dog, which resembles more of a wolf than a typical domestic dog. This wolf's dark gray fur is all wild, appearing to not be combed in such a long time, and much of the fur is clump towards the neck to make a mane. There are three shades of gray on this wolf, ranging from very dark for the head to normal for the body and light for the paws, underside and tail. And this wolf is being hold on by a chain, wearing a blue collar as the chain is going into the boy in white's hand.

The boy in black lets out a small laugh as he approaches, and the white boy tilts his head up to face the approaching kid. "So... have you found the wielder?" the boy in white asked.

The kid in black stops at where he is at and he grins widely. "Not quite," he replied. "I checked over the area known as the cul-de-sac and nothing."

"Then what do you mean by 'not quite?'"

The black boy let his eyes trail off to the side. "Well... there were these two boys that I found while surveying, and both of them seemed like perfect candidates."

The white boy raises an eyebrow, as he moves his foot off of the wall and begins to walk towards the boy in black. The wolf begins to growl and the white boy tugs on the wolf's chain. "Relax, will you? We won't be in these forms for much longer. Once we find the one who is wielding it, we will be out of here in no time."

The black boy lets out another laugh. "And then we get to destroy this world?" he asked.

The white boy returns a glare in response and the boy in black lets out a loud burst of laughter. "Oh boy, this is great! I got this new spell in mind that I want to try out and seeing how this world is perfect for it..."

"We can't allow for you to get carry with your spells," said the boy in white. "Remember the last time that I allowed you to use your magic?"

The boy in black drops his grin temporary to remember the previous incident. "Oh yeah, now that you mention it," he said. "Our master is still making us do cleaning duty after that."

"Well hold out on using your magic until we are safe away from this world and have the wielder in our grasp," said the kid in white.

The black boy lets out a sigh in disappointment. "Fine. Let's play by your rules," said he. "But I still get to blow this planet up once we find this person."

"Sure," is the white boy's response. He gives a tug on the chain to allow the wolf to get up on all fours. "Let's go. We got some planning to do."

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