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A/N: I was feeling sappy and loving Eliot ... behold, my drabble. Like it, hate it; feel free to tell me what you think.
Word Count: 300


"Come on, man, you gotta!"

"I'm warnin' you, Hardison; get outta my face before I break your arm."

"Oh, Eliot, just be a sport – please?"

"Not you, too, Sophie! Crap, what is it with you people?"

"Sophie's right, Eliot; you should do it."

"No, Parker. I said I wasn't gonna, and I'm not. Now leave me the hell alone!"

"Guys, back off a little; if Eliot doesn't want to do it, then he doesn't have to."

"Thanks, Nate."

"Everybody is scared of something, after all."

"I ain't scared!"

"Prove it."

"You know what? Fine!" Eliot growled. He stood and, with a final glare for his teammates, walked over to where the redhead they had been discussing was sitting at the bar.

The girl turned toward him immediately, a brilliant smile in place as she shifted closer in obvious welcome.

His family watched with pleasure as the hitter began to relax for the first time in days, sipping on his beer and flirting with the more-than-willing target.

Nate smiled, satisfied at last. Everyone needed someone sometimes, and they had all agreed that Eliot was near the end of his rope.

After last week's job Eliot needed some time to unwind, and maybe someone to confide in, even if there wasn't much he could tell some girl he didn't really know.

Sometimes not much was more than enough, as long as someone was listening.

Of the five seated around the barroom table that night, anyone looking would see two couples and one solitary man, but that just wasn't right.

They were five solitary people, four of whom had found a soul to shelter in and a fifth who was still looking.

But until he found his "other half," as Hardison cheesily called it, Eliot had a family.

And that was enough.