After the bee, when William is grinning at his trophy, Olive is hugging her dad, Leaf is getting teased by his siblings, and Chip is attempting to get Marigold's attention, Marcy finds Logainne sitting on the front steps of the school, sulking.

"Hey," she says, sitting next to her. "You did really well today."

"Hey," Logainne replies unenthusiastically. "Thanks. You too." There is a long pause, then she says loudly, "Vug! I can't believe I got out on the word vug!"

"Winning isn't everything," Marcy tries to assure her, even though she too only realized that today.

"Easy for you to say." She twists one of her braids in her hand. "You do everything perfectly without even trying."

"I…I don't like being perfect," Marcy admits, saying it out loud for the first time. "I want to be normal. And I think that's probably what you want, too—to be normal. I was thinking, maybe we could try normal together? We could both stop being what everyone else wants us to be and just be ourselves. What do you say?"

Logainne doesn't even have to consider it. "It sounds great."