"And over here would be the showers, which are still getting cleaned up from the dance a month ago. There's the laundry room—always have someone with you when you go there, because it gets pretty damn scary at night, especially if you just came from the dorm where you were watching The Blare Witch Project—Rusty!" Robyn went over to me, where I was waiting for her in front of the cafeteria. "Sorry to keep you waiting, Rusty, but we've got new students, who are cousins. Rebecca Park, meet Emma Campbell and Imani Boyd," Robyn said.

"Hi," I said to the two girls. Emma was tall, had curly red hair in a bun like me, and had freckles all over her nose. Imani was a little shorter than Emma, had curly brown hair, and was a little chubby.

"Okay, first thing to know about this Catholic private school," I said, "is there're three groups. There's the Royalty and the Religious, and then there's us, the Outcasts. But they just call us that because we're different."