Soul or Soulless

Chapter 1 –
The Endless Hall of Rooms

Far from everything, yet the centre of this world... past the stormy mountains... past the sandy regions... past the seemingly endless mist... past the rocky terrain... past nearly everything up to a forest vicinity, hiding in the leaves, a village resides near the centre of Fire Country. One of the Five Great Shinobi Nations; Konohagakure. Highly populated, though slightly lacking in Military and Economic strength, the village has always consisted of many famous and legendary ninja clans; from 'Uchiha' (A/N Even though most of the Uchiha have perished in the mass genocide by Itachi Uchiha, once thought to be a great and respected prodigy. Left only his brother to survive) to 'Hyuuga'.

Among the Hidden Leaf Village, unlike the Uchiha, the village consists of a lot of members of the Hyuuga Clan to this present day.

The Hyuuga Clan is one of the founding noble families of Konohagakure. The Clan itself is said to be the predecessors of the Uchiha Clan, who possess the bloodline of the 'Sharingan'. Each member of the Hyuuga Clan retains the 'Byakugan', or 'White eye'. The Clan member gains an extra-sensory perception when the Byakugan is activated, which gives them long-ranged and 360° vision that also allows them to see the chakra network of other beings. Unfortunately, one weakness the members of the Clan have to tolerate with is the small blind-spot that extends outwards from the upper back. So it's not entirely true when the people, who are vaguely familiar of the Hyuuga Clan, say that the Byakugan can see everything.

Though the Hyuuga use great powers such as the 'Gentle Fist' fighting style, powers like this led to internal conflict within the family. It's because the eye grants such a unique and powerful ability that the Clan became possessive and over-protective of it. The heads of the Clan only saw that the main family were worthy users and inheritors of the Byakugan. As a result, there were two Hyuuga lines, the ones who represented the line; the powerful main family, and the branch family members who are ordered to protect the main family. Otherwise they face a most painful punishment due to the cursed seal they bear.

The cursed seal is placed on the foreheads of the branch family members. It's an alternative used to protect the secrets of the Hyuuga Clan. If the branch family member were to betray the main family, or be killed in action, the seal would activate, destroying the bodies secrets. Therefore the branch family is forced to bow down to the will of the main family.

However this may seem cruel, it doesn't go unnoticed by the entire main house. A woman, wife of the Hyuuga clan's current leader, Hiashi Hyuuga, and mother of Hinata Hyuuga, despises the tradition to brand side branch members at the age of four with the cursed seal. She couldn't make a big difference, but she helped the side branch anyway she could, even if it was just a little.

Lady Hikaru Hyuuga was a peace loving type who thought what was best for every individual with a good enough heart, and was also not as arrogant as most of the main branch.

The same went for Hinata Hyuuga, who was actually more of a peace loving type than Hikaru. Though what she lacked was confidence, and was too obedient to the rules and ways of the Hyuuga because of her insecurity. She never spoke out when she had uncertainties about her father's principles.

Hikaru Hyuuga had always vanquished the worries and doubts of Hinata Hyuuga, and always brought a smile to her face with her kind and stimulating words.

Many attributes of Hikaru have rubbed off on Hinata; she used to be just kind and gentle and was one who would seek harmony with others rather than resort to violence. Before Hikaru came with a reason to help her daughter, Hinata had always quit so easily, as she trained under the cold, watchful eye of her father, Hiashi. But it was thanks to Hikaru that Hinata became even a little more aggressive and much more determined in honing her skills.

In those days, Hinata made a promise with herself that she'd pass on her mother's way of the ninja onto her sister Hanabi as soon as she was of age.

Hinata had started to develop quite well... until a fateful and unexplained incident happened with her mother. It was a long time ago, but how she died; or who or what may have killed her still remain a mystery. Hinata somehow got involved in something dangerous with Hikaru, without the help of anyone else until the young Hyuuga heiress was found, screaming before her mother's corpse.

Too traumatized to go on living with determination or any kind of inspiration, Hinata went backed to her old self... only worse this time. Hinata thought that after seeing the deceased form of her mother, the only support she had, she began to feel that her existence had no meaning anymore.

She had no-one left to smile for, because there was no-one to smile at.

She had no-one to live blissfully for. The one person that brought happiness into her life was gone. It was Hikaru Hyuuga who she wanted to live happily for, as it made her happy in return.

She had no inspiration. The only inspiration she got... was from her mother. Now, all that's given to her are harsh words from her grieving, seething father. Due to her mother's death, Hinata lost nearly every bit of confidence she had left. She pretty much just... stopped trying to prove that she could become a great Kunoichi and leader of the Hyuuga Clan. The thought of proving herself to her father just wasn't comforting anymore. She would have felt differently if it were her mother.

Hinata could no longer live life to its fullest. It was Hikaru who always brought out the impulsive side of Hinata. The Hinata that actually felt free from all negativity.

Hinata never got her chance to teach Hanabi her mother's way of the ninja. The young Hyuuga just couldn't remember anything her mother told her. From the time she first laid eyes on the stiff motionless body... every meaningful word from her just seemed to fade to the back of her mind. It was like everything she learned was no longer necessary, as it did not help Hikaru Hyuuga in the state she was in. She gradually started to become an empty shell, which became her father's broken puppet. That's why she let Hanabi learn her father's way of the ninja, without any other option. Hanabi had no memory of her mother, so Hikaru Hyuuga's way of the ninja ended when she died. Hanabi, however, always wanted to know what kind of person her mother was, but Hinata never dared to mention her, she knew that if she tried, she would break down even further. Even if she did have the courage to speak of her mother, she feared that it would upset Hanabi that she never got a chance to properly grow up with an amazing Kunoichi.

Hikaru Hyuuga used to be the single person who could keep Hinata away from a pit of unnecessary, soulless emotion. One of the only few people who could've brought out the soulful Hinata... the Hinata that could've seen the world as a peaceful utopia, like she knew the outcome of any bad situation... like it was certain that there would be great fortune for everyone good... and marvel at what accomplishments she and others could make. Disaster and hard work might've seemed much easier to get through if Hikaru Hyuuga had lived on much longer.

Those who are unaware of the life of Hinata Hyuuga today, you may wonder why she has not currently given up after losing what she thought was the only inspiration she had in her life. It's only because she has found a new inspiration; a boy with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, with whisker marks on each cheek. For some reason he had always been hated by the villagers, yet that never brought him down.

If Naruto Uzumaki can get through a life of being hated and later gain the acknowledgement he worked for all his life, then Hinata too could strive to become to greatest of Clan leaders. She won't let the boy she came to love to get far from her as he works to become the greatest Hokage.

The life cycle of human kind is cruel for a usually timid and insecure person... The death of a loved one, who expected things from you that you wanted the world to expect from you and accept... could just as well destroy your heart, leaving you as a soulless shell that's been cleared of all good emotion, left with nothing but painful memories. But knowing that someone is worse off than you, yet still able to smile despite their true sadness, you may just think of how lucky you are, despite the trauma you've went through. And knowing how sorry you are for the one who suffers the most, yet really inspired with how they cope with their misfortune, you just can't help, as you want to walk by that person's side, you just can't help... but feel like you've gained... a soulful heart...

Soul or Soulless

Hinata lay flat on the cold, firm ground, now aware that she wasn't sleeping in her bed anymore. Was this a dream? Where she was felt kind of real, but... she didn't know if she was in control of her motions.

Hinata's vision was kind of blurry at first, but after a few minutes she began to make out her surroundings. It looked as though she was in a tremendously long and narrow corridor, filled with a series of doorways on each side.

After a few moments, receiving the silent shock of where she was, she slowly began to stand on her shaking legs, realising that she was in control of her motions. Usually in a dream, your mind just wonders and things just happen randomly. But here, she had the will to do anything of her own free will. And it also seemed that her body responded to her movements like they usually do; like when she got up from the floor, she felt a strand of her lavender hair run across her cheek and her silk, purple nightdress dance around her supple thighs (A/N yeah, somewhere out there, a perverts nose is exploding, lol).

Standing up straight, she looked down the passage in front of her; it was just an endless, dimly lit hallway of entryways that each led to 'who knows where'. It was the same from behind. Was there any end to the supposedly infinite passage, both in front and behind her?

Hinata decided that there was no point in standing around if she was curious of how long the corridor was, but she had a hard time choosing a direction, considering that either way was a long walk.

Before she could chose the way she'd prefer, the lavender haired Kunoichi took peek into one of the rooms on her right and gasped out of astonishment.

She saw what appeared to be, in the middle of the cube sized room, an orb that gave off quite a bright light, though not so bright that it would light up the whole room. Apart from the unusual brightness coming from the orb, she saw something else quite puzzling about; there was movement coming from unsystematic parts of the sphere, like there were people moving around inside it.

Other than the orb, there was nothing else in the small cube sized room.

Hinata considered entering the room to examine the sphere, but knew that that was a big gamble. If it was dangerous, then her best course of action was to set off down the corridor, so she can figure out where she was and how she ended up there. If things looked hopeless for her, she would investigate the rooms more thoroughly for clues.

Hinata went back to looking both ways. In the end, she ran in the opposite direction she was recently facing.

She ran on her bare feet for what felt like hours, yet still there was no end to the stone structured corridor. She decided to run faster as she was getting impatient. Though the whole journey through the corridor wasn't such a waste; she found that all the rooms to her left (A/N since she's going back in the opposite direction from the place she stood and was facing in the first place) had similar looking bright orbs as the one she saw in the first room she looked into. Though there was either a big or small difference in each room she passed; some orbs were dimmer than the other, an ostensibly rare few were brighter, which she felt attracted to for some reason. Each time she passed a room with a more dazzling, shimmering orb, she felt the need to slow down, just to get a good, long look at it, as though it were one of her precious people, smiling sincerely as she smiled back.

Although these rare types of orbs brightened up the rooms they were within, they did not seem to fully consume the room in luminosity entirely; there was always either a small or big tint of gloom in each room to her left.

What astounded her even more were the rooms to her right. They were each equivalent in size to rooms on her left. In each room, there were orbs nearly the same as the ones to her left, except... these spheres appeared to be and even felt different; unlike the rooms with the elegant, glowing globes of light that she ran passed, the ones to her right gave off no light at all. Infact, you would say that (if you observed them) they rejected light. They appeared to do the opposite to what the ones to her left were doing; the rooms that she passed contained orbs that gave off darkness. Some rooms were shadowed in a small radius from the barely noticeable globe; others were nearly devoured in complete darkness, which Hinata just felt like avoiding. She didn't know why exactly, but she didn't feel comfortable at all being near any of the rooms to her left, especially the ones that were nearly obscured in a dark shadow completely. She just felt scared to go near them. She stayed close to the rooms she passed on her left, where she felt more at peace.

Other than the obvious difference, the spheres to her right floated of the ground the same and seemed to have the same effect where she can make out movement in them.

After running for what felt like an eternity, Hinata stopped, getting exhausted from running endlessly. She came to realise that she didn't have the faintest idea of what was going on, why she was here, how she got there or why the hallway seemed so continuous.

Was this some sort of intense genjutsu? If it was, who would do such a thing to her?

Hinata needed to confirm that this was just an illusion. But first she needed to focus on the full distance of the corridor by using her byakugan, just incase her hypothesis was wide of the mark and that the corridor was actually leading her to a familiar place.

However, she went off track when she glanced at the closest room she was standing by. Inside was yet another glowing orb, hovering off the ground in the centre. It was one that was rarely brighter than the others.

That was another thing; why would someone use a genjutsu that showed her all these rooms containing mysterious spheres of light, which she felt attracted to, and spheres of darkness, which seemed to emotionally threaten her?

If this was an illusion done by a powerful ninja, it could've been arranged to gain the targets trust and, without warning, attack the mind severely. However, Hinata couldn't stop herself from moving closer to the sparkling object. She just felt that if she just touched it, it wouldn't hurt her in anyway.

As she stood at least 7 inches away from the orb, she saw movement within it... people infact. It wasn't clear since the anonymous orbs bright light exceeded her average view of things, but she could definitely make out human figures.

Hinata's impulsive side suddenly took over, as she started to reach out to the glowing sphere. But before her fingers could even tap it, a voice cried out to her from behind.


Hinata jumped back. Her heart pounded in her chest because of the sudden outburst that took her by complete surprise. After all, there was not a soul in sight as she ran through the immensely long corridor. To have someone show up out of nowhere all of a sudden seemed ironic.

Slowly, Hinata turned to face what she hoped to be her saviour from this hell she called 'Endless sphere domain'. She hoped that whoever it was, it'd be the person that would explain why she was here, how she was here and how to get out.

Hinata was dumbfounded, facing a very beautiful woman. Her hair was a silver colour, and she wore a pure white Kimono. However, her skin was very pale, yet it looked soft. Her grey eyes had pupils that were slit, but her expression showed her kindness and innocence towards Hinata.

These features however were not what stunned Hinata; the woman had white, angel like wings growing out of the small of her back. They were at least three quarters the size of the whole room. But that's not all that shocked the lavender haired Kunoichi; what protruded from lower part of the woman's back were ten tails. They were greyish and scaly, like that of a reptilian creature. They moved constantly, like they were alive and restless.

Hinata could not tell whether she was human or some crossbreed. All she knew was that this woman wasn't normal. But Hinata could tell that, normal or not, this woman was of no danger to her. Infact she kinda felt safe in her presence.

The woman took a few steps closer to the Hyuuga heiress. As her elegant, bare feet continually connected with the marbled floor, there was barely any reverberation of footsteps coming from them. It was almost like she was lighter than air, despite being solid.

Finally the woman spoke in a more graceful, yet somewhat enthusiastic, tone.

"Hm... this room is quite bright, huh?"

Hinata could only nod, not able to figure out what say at the moment.

"Th-that boy... Naruto," she whispered, in awe at what she was seeing. The scene looked so familiar to her. She remembered something like this; it was during the time when she started watching him, with him unaware of it. She usually hid behind a tree, glancing at the progress of his training.

"I guess that means that that there is a very special memory to you... am I right?" the woman said, pointing directly to the glowing sphere behind the confused Hyuuga.

Hinata could not understand what she meant when she said 'special memory', but it was shown that it had something to do with the orb.

"Um... e-excuse me," Hinata said as she finally mustered up the courage to speak to the strange woman. "Um... w-where am I, exactly?" Hinata would usually only stutter in front of people she felt really uncomfortable with, such as her father, who she feared of disappointing. She also felt uncomfortable in front of strange looking people she's never met, afraid that she'd give the wrong impression or that she'd say something offensive about the person's unusual appearance. Though that never meant she wouldn't be nice or show any distaste. She had known for a while that she should never judge a book by its cover.

"You are somewhere between sleeping and awakening," the woman answered, sounding very vague to Hinata. It didn't make any sense. Was she dreaming or not? "You're in a place that represents your destiny of either becoming a soulful or soulless form of yourself."

Hinata had a hard time choosing how she felt about this; she was either confused or interested. What the woman said to her may have confused the young Hyuuga, but she was interested to know what she meant.

Hinata's eyes then fell on the more unusual features of the anonymous woman.

"Oh, checking out my wings and tails?" she asked, but expected no answer. She merely waved her tails around the room. "I know they're not normal, and I also know having wings and ten tails isn't something a normal human being would just let by."

"Oh... I-I'm sorry for staring," Hinata said in a remorseful tone, "I really don't mind them at all. I j-just think they're very... unique."

"Yeah, well... you don't often see many guys and gals with several tails. And in addition, it's also hard to come by a human figure with wings. Whenever somebody sees you like this, they could assume that you're an angel." The woman rolled her eyes out of annoyance.

"So... are you an angel?" Hinata asked, realising that it was a stupid question half a second later.

"DOES A PERSON ROLLING THEIR EYES MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU?" exclaimed the silver haired woman, slamming her long tails against the walls out of frustration.

"I'm sorry!" the Hyuuga cried, waving her hands in front of her face.

"Heh, guess I overreacted, huh?" the woman said with a hint of embarrassment, rubbing the back of her head.

After realising her own rudeness, her expression became quite gloomy. She looked up at the ceiling, like she was studying something that was written on its surface.

"You know... it's not all just innocent assumptions, like calling a person with wings an angel. I mean... when a person takes even a glance at even one of these tails... they may take it harder than you expect at first. People could get scared, they may even hate you, may want you out there life... some would want you dead... *sigh* just for being different. And then... it soon becomes a routine of running away out of fear."

Hinata could understand that the mysterious woman had her own share of problems, what with her unusual appearance. She could understand that with her inhuman parts, she most likely had to put up with a lot of hardship. What's weird about this is that it certainly reminded her of the way her blonde haired hero, Naruto Uzumaki, used to live life. This saddened her deeply, but she tried her best not to show it.

"Well... it's so nice to see that you understand," the woman spoke with more enthusiasm, looking down at the Hyuuga heiress once again, with a compassionate smile. This surprised the girl. Even when she physically gave nothing away, it was like the woman could see into her soul, knowing what she felt.

"Oh Hinata, I can read you like a book," the winged beauty uttered, stifling a laugh before she noticed the curious look the young Hyuuga was giving her. "If you're so curious, why don't you go to that orb over there and I'll show you how it works."

"How it... works?" Hinata asked, looking back over to the glowing sphere at the rear of her. She twisted around to get a better look and slowly moved towards it.

"That's right," the woman replied. "All I really need you to do is focus your chakra to the palm of each hand, to enable your hands to bond with the sphere when touched."

"Um, okay," she said, not sure what good this would do. She had absolute experience in this area of chakra control. The tree climbing exercise was a necessary training regimen for the Hyuuga clan. It was also essential for Hinata to learn how to climb trees with her bare palms using only the right amount of chakra. It was thanks to that type of training that Hinata had nearly perfect chakra control, supposedly on par with her cousin.

Hinata concentrated chakra to her palms and placed them nonchalantly on the glowing sphere. It felt weird, but in a good way. She felt like she was in an embrace, with someone very familiar.

"Now, I want you to spread the orb around this room as much as you desire using your chakra, so you can shape it into a clear picture," said the woman, not sounding too clear to Hinata.

"W-what?" Hinata turned to face the woman, without taking her hands off the orb, hoping for a more obvious explanation for what would happen if she followed her order.

"Just do it, you'll get it soon enough."

Hinata nodded and returned to her position of shaping the gleaming sphere to the approximate size of the room.

It was easier than she expected; all she really did was expand the sphere by moving from the centre to where the woman was standing. It was now a completely different shape, but when she stretched the bright object out, she could make out a tree inside the expansion she made.

Hinata was a bit confused about this, but things seemed a little clearer to her than before; the orb had contained something, but since it was conserved into a small object, the brightness emanating from it was too much for her normal vision to make out unless if it were expanded.

Her curiosity getting the better her, she proceeded to expand the rest of 'thing' (A/N She can't think of a proper name anymore, it just doesn't look like anything now) to her full satisfaction.

Still feeding the right amount of chakra into her hands to keep the expansion of the sphere steady, she stared into it. Right now, from the outside, Hinata had shaped the object into a more massive, yet jagged sphere that gave off more of a dim light. All the light was spread out more since the sphere grew. Having all that bright light compressed into something small can't be good for the eyes.

But inside the rough sphere, Hinata could see one of the training grounds that were found in her village. And apparently not a secluded one.

She saw a small boy, throwing kunai knives at quite a fractured old tree. The tree had previously thrown kunai and shuriken embedded into its bark. The blades looked worn out and rusted, like they were treated roughly in battle for years.

The boy looked to be about six. His hair was blonde and his eyes were an ocean blue type of colour. What made him especially recognisable to the Hyuuga heiress was his whisker marks.

"Th-that boy... Naruto," she whispered, in awe at what she was seeing. The scene looked so familiar to her. She remembered something like this; it was during the time when she started watching him, with him unaware of it. She usually hid behind a tree, glancing at the progress of the blonde haired boys training.

She remembered spying on him at some point when she was young. She recalled him grazing his wrist when he attempted to another shuriken at bark of the tree embedded with bladed weapons. Apparently he had released it too late. She remembered herself wincing at the incident as her heart pounded hard in her chest. She was worried that he seriously might've injured himself.

Looking into the large, jagged sphere, her eyes shifted towards the more wooded area that spread the whole way around the entire training area. It was to the right of the boy that she saw a petite looking girl. Though it wasn't just any girl; infact you would say that she knew the person, who appeared to be watching the young blonde, more than anybody.

It was herself, only more chibi-like, about the same age as the Naruto she saw in the sphere (A/N – Just picture young Hinata from episode 166 of Shippuden).

This surprised the Hyuuga heiress quite a bit, as she confirmed that the scene she was looking into did infact happen. She knew this because the things she was witnessing in the expanded and more dimly lit orb where exactly the same as her memory of when she went to watch Naruto train for the third time. She had a... very long-term memory and her remembrances of Naruto are kept precious to her. Every single moment with him, was always remembered.

It was then that she saw her younger self shift uncomfortably. That gesture she made told the older Hinata what was about to happen.

She recalled Naruto spinning a shuriken on his index finger, ready to fling it. Problem was, it was too deep in the finger for it to be released at the right time. So if he threw it too late...

"Gah!" the boy exclaimed, doing exactly what she expected and remembered from that day; he had cut his wrist, which started to bleed quite rapidly, seeing as the gash was quite deep.

The older saw the younger shaking at this. She remembered how scared she was when she thought Naruto had cut too deep. Hinata saw how her chibi self took a hesitant step from behind the tree, showing how she wanted to treat the boys wounds herself if she could. But she also remembered herself considering the option, as she thought of how little use she thought she had.

Before the younger Hinata could think properly, the blonde spoke to himself with pure determination, clenching his fists, despite the stab of pain he felt on his wrist.

"There is no pain... that can stop me... from proving myself to them," his voice was deemed loud enough for the young Hyuuga within the memory to hear. Somehow, the Hinata who was looking into the memory could hear Naruto perfectly. The blonde pulled the shuriken out of the ground. "I'll find a way to be Hokage, even if I lost all my limbs. Nothing's gonna stop me!"

The present Hinata could recall how much the younger Naruto managed to bring forth young Hinata's newly attained will power. She saw her younger self beaming, inspired by his determination and his capability to never give up. The same smile spread across the present Hinata's face.

Too distracted by the heart-warming scene in the large, uneven looking orb, the Hyuuga's manipulated chakra gradually receded to the point where her hands detached from the orbs surface; resulting it to turn back to its original state.

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, the silver haired woman who directed her into seeing the memory in the first place, lightly placed her smooth, tender hands on the girl's shoulders. She had almost forgotten she was there.

"That boy will be something great, wouldn't you say?" said the woman. Her lips formed into an affectionate smile. "I must admit, you picked the cream of the crop, even though he's oblivious to a lot of things."

Hinata felt the woman's warmth. Truthfully, she wanted to feel her body and embrace. Somehow, when this woman had touched her, she felt like there was an addition to the strength of her heart. It felt like she and this stranger's soul were slowly converging. And for some reason, it felt right.

"Miss... who are you?" Hinata asked with her back towards the woman. "And just... what are these?" Hinata's eyes where directed to the orb, indicating what she wanted to know about.

But the woman did not answer her questions. Instead, she leaned in and whispered into her ear.

"I think it's time for you to wake up... Hinata Hyuuga."

The Hyuuga's eyes shot open. As she lay on her bed with her arms crossed, light shimmered all around her body. She could've freaked out, as it would've made no sense to her as to why or how she was giving off this glow, but the reason she didn't was because she didn't mind at all, since she barely noticed. All of the sudden - for her - all worry, all fear... all negative emotions were unnecessary.

She was happy. She was thankful. She was giddy. She was fully determined. She was everything that she wanted to be, and that put the biggest smile on her face.

She was ready to yell. She was ready to laugh. She was ready to show the world a great time. She ready to show everyone that she was far from weak. And most of all, she was ready to share her love with-


The bright light suddenly vanished from the Hyuuga's body, and so did her newfound emotions. She went wide eyed at the sudden burst of energy, only to have it leave her in a matter of seconds.

"Hinata!" the door to Hinata's room slid open, revealing a girl who was at least a foot small than the Hyuuga heiress. It was Hanabi Hyuuga, Hinata's little sister. She had shoulder length, black hair and had the same byakugan eyes (A/N – obviously).

"Hanabi, w-what is it?" Hinata asked, sitting up, despite the drowsiness.

"I... um," Hanabi seemed hesitant on what to say, "it's nothing really. It's just that... for a second there, I felt a different kind of presence in your room." Hanabi had a confused look, scanning the room using her byakugan. She found no trace of abnormalities. Deactivating her byakugan, she continued. "It must've been my imagination though, I can't feel anything now." A smirk appeared on the young girl's face as she paced over to her older sister. "It's funny though... ironically the presence felt sort of comforting. I was actually more excited than scared. I must be going crazy or something."

Hinata just nodded, not completely sure how to respond to this.

'What Hanabi sensed,' Hinata thought, 'could it have been... me?' Hinata thought back to the flood of intense emotion she experienced just a moment ago. 'What... was that? I felt so strong... so confident... perfect infact. Did that change affect Hanabi's senses?' The woman from her supposed dream, crossed her mind. 'It felt too real... but, surely I was dreaming, right.'

While Hinata took her morning shower, Hanabi stood in front of the clothes her sister laid out for herself, giving her jacket in particular a distasteful look.

This was the last straw; she was going to give her sister a lecture.

She waited a while until Hinata returned to her room, wrapped in a towel, slightly startled to see that Hanabi was still there.

"H-Hanabi," she said, blushing faintly. She felt kinda embarrassed being half naked in her sister's presence, even though they're same gender.

"Listen sis," Hanabi began, carrying her sister's bundle of clothes, "these are a little too small for you, plus they've got holes everywhere. Why don't you pick out something different and I'll... dispose of these?" Hanabi said with a hint of mischief in her voice. 'Maybe something that could show off your curves, for once.'

"Well, I don't know if I have anything appropriate-," Hinata got cut off when her little sister started tearing her usual clothes apart. "Ah! ... H-Hanabi, did you h-have to do that i-impulsively?"

"Oh come on, Hinata!" Hanabi exclaimed, irritated with her sisters insecurity for her body. She knew how much the Hyuuga heiress's jacket hid, especially since she was staring at her half naked at the moment. "Be a little more flexible. Look in your wardrobe."

Hinata hadn't had much of choice, since her original attire was in shreds anyway.

After a few minutes of searching, Hinata found black ninja pants that reached down to her ankles, and a mesh shirt which she wore over a black T-shirt. She also found high heeled sandals, which were black.

There was only one more thing Hinata needed; a jacket. For some time, whenever she was in a public place, she'd feel insecure about her body. She also liked the embrace her jacket gave her because of the lack of embrace she got from the people she appreciated. She really didn't like to think much on this. However, overtime she began changing jackets, each one less thick than the one before. It was thanks to her friends, teammates and a certain blonde haired ninja that her confidence grew.

Meanwhile Hanabi was looking toward Hinata's desk, where quite a thick book caught her eye. She walked over to the small table to get a closer look. Picking up the book, she read the label:

My Journal

'So this is what sister uses to write about her life,' Hanabi thought. It was then that she noticed something hanging out from behind the hard-back cover. From her point of view, it looked like an old photo.

Hinata had found something at the far end of the wardrobe; it hung on its own, with no clothes to company it. It was a jacket; on most of the chest area it was dark blue, however there were two shades of dark blue at the bottom on each side. In the middle and in between the shades of blue, it was a creamy white colour. Its sleeves were white and thin like paper and it looked to be very flexible in all kinds of places. On the small of the back, there was a ying-yang symbol.

Taking one look at the symbol, Hinata recognised the jacket immediately. It belonged to her mother, who had only worn it since she was her daughter's age. Her mother favoured it and wanted to give it to Hinata when she was old enough to wear it. However, the Hyuuga's mother never got chance to exchange it with her. Hinata had decided a long time ago, that she would keep it stored somewhere until she was able to fit into it. But for private reasons, she had her doubts about it.

The Lavender haired girl pulled the jacket out of her wardrobe and held to her chest. She could still smell her mother's scent, which brought back memories; some heart-warming, some painful. She felt confused.

'I'm not sure if I'm ready to wear this,' she thought sadly. 'I mean the thought of wearing something that was once part of her... just makes me think of how I couldn't...,' Hinata's mind stopped for a second. She couldn't bear thought that almost crossed her mind. She tried to think of some advantage in wearing her mother's jacket. 'Her existence was always so comforting... being around her was like... being around Naruto.'

Hinata stared at the garment in her arms. Could she get over herself and just slip it on?

Before she could think of an answer, something caught her eye. She turned to see her sister, who was about to do something terrified her to her very soul.

"Hanabi!" Hinata ran over to her sister hastily, snapping the journal out of her hands.

"Hey!" Hanabi yelled, trying to grab the book out of her sister's hand, failing miserably due to her height. "I wasn't gonna read it, I just want to see that picture."

"Sorry, but... that's private too," said Hinata. She quickly slipped the journal into her back pocket, just incase. She would think of a better place to hide it later. She knew she should've stored it in her cabinet last night, rather than going to bed early.

Hanabi pouted, feeling left out of something she didn't even know of. However, her expression changed when she saw the jacket in her sister's arms.

"I at least hope that it looks better on you than the other one."

Hinata nodded, feeling more sure of herself. It wasn't bad thing to just wear the jacket. It wouldn't do her any harm, it would probably do her more good. It was strange, but by holding it close to her chest, it felt like a type of energy was seeping into her body, one that she usually got from her mother.

Hinata unzipped the zipper and quickly slipped the jacket on, which sent a wave of energy through body. It was still warm... and it didn't feel weird, it only felt right.

Hinata turned to her sister, whose eyes were as big as saucers. She had a sort of expression you would have when you saw something beyond beautiful. But that couldn't be the case with her. For years, Hinata had not directly looked herself in mirror. Since the last time, she couldn't help but feel that her looks were far too inferior compared to the other girls. People hardly looked her way or made a nice comment on her appearance; and one person in particular had yet to compliment her as well. She thought she was too much of a disgrace to look at.

On the other hand, if things went differently today, she could consider giving herself a good, hard look in mirror, and confirm whether or not she was ugly (A/N – believe me, if it were up to me, I would shout out the obvious to her).

"Hanabi, I think I'll go take a walk in this," she said as she ran out of her room. "See you later." She waved goodbye and slid her door shut, leaving Hanabi in her room alone.

'Is it just me, or did sister look really mature just now?' she asked herself.

As she engraved the Hyuuga heiress's new form into her mind, one part of her new attire was stuck in her brain: her back pocket were she kept the journal and the mysterious picture.

'What is she trying to hide from me?' she thought, feeling a little rejected. 'Doesn't she trust me? I can keep secrets.'

Hanabi thought carefully until an idea crossed her mind. A wide grin appeared on her face.

"I got it!" she said, lightly hitting her palm with her fist. "Maybe she finally got together with that boy she likes, and in the picture, they're kissing." Hanabi sniggered, her grin getting wider and wider. "I'd sure like to see that."