Author's Note

Hey, I may have some bad news, but that depends on what you guys would want me to do; you see, I haven't managed to get any work done on 'Soul or Soulless', and there's a chance never will.

I'm thinking of either giving up writing completely, or just putting it aside for a while, until I resolve most of what's holding me back.

I guess you could say I have Writer's block; firstly, I am one of those people who have an extremely hard time getting several things done quickly, because of my lack of energy. Secondly, this is definitely not a popular fanfic, so I can't find any motivation in getting anything done for a lot of readers. Thirdly, I'm a senior now, and that means I need to try and work hard and think of my future career. Problem is, due to my lack of stamina, I continually feel exhausted and out of breath (it's weird, 'cause I'm not even overweight), and drastically lowers my concentration and awareness. Lastly, I think I actually failed this story; I screwed up some of the characters personalities, I forgot to mention some important details in some parts of the chapters I released so far, I've been using so many cheesing lines and a lot of the things I wrote were just too cliché, and I regret typing them out (if I ever get back into writing and releasing chapters, expect me to leave out some things, and adding in stuff I forgot to mention). Look, I also just think that I haven't made a good effort at thinking this all through.

I just submitted a poll; I want to know what I should do.