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Mad World

"What do you mean they don't want to settle? Well have you told them that my client isn't making negotiations? Do they even know who the fuck they're suing? Well let them know that they will be seeing my client in fucking court!"

Sasuke snapped his phone shut and kept walking down the street towards the firm that he worked for. He was already having a pissy morning, not to mention that the call he had just received only made it worse. Sasuke walked into the nearest Starbucks to get his caffeine fix.

"Hey, let me get a grande regular coffee. Black, no sugar or crème," he told the woman at the register. She nodded and asked for his name as he gave it to her and he was able to pay. She gave him back his change as he stood to the side and waited for his coffee. He went over to the side and looked at his watch seeing that he had to get to work and fast.

His order finally came and he grabbed it hastily walking out of the Starbucks. He continued to walk at a brisk pace towards his firm and saw a bum with his head down and palm outstretched begging for change. Sasuke dropped the change from his coffee into the open palm and continued walking to work. This random act of kindness was something he did every morning. Not like he was truly going to use the change as it was, why not give it to somebody who would? Then again, Sasuke just hated change period. The clanking of the coins irritated him to no end.

Stepping into the building many people greeted him as he walked through the building to get on the elevator so that he could get to the 15th floor. On his way to the elevator Sasuke got a BBM from one of his co-workers saying that his brother was skulking around like a mad dragon looking for him. Sasuke rolled his eyes and exited the elevator walking towards his office to put his briefcase and coffee down.

He shrugged his suit coat off and walked back out of his office to go find his brother. He didn't have to look far since he heard the loud voice screaming at another employee not to far away.


"Stay seated," Sasuke told the cowering person in front of him. Itachi whirled around anger dripping off of him in waves. Sasuke stayed leveled with his brother and looked at him in a way that told his brother that they needed to talk.

Itachi growled and walked away from Sasuke and the cowering employee and headed towards Sasuke's office. Sasuke followed him and once getting inside shut the door so that people would not be lurking into their conversation. Itachi paced back and forth near the window looking out onto the city as Sasuke waited patiently for his brother to calm down.

"Itachi…what the hell happened?"

"That asshole Deidara…" Itachi said calming down and coming back down to Earth as the level headed Uchiha everybody knew the family to be.

"What did Deidara do?"

"I think he's cheating on me," Itachi said with not sort of expression on his face. Sasuke looked evenly at his brother and saw the flicker of pain flash through his eyes and knew that his brother was definitely not okay. Whether it was the whole screaming at a lowly employee or the fact that he just knew his brother.

"Why do you think that?"

"He comes home sometimes at 3 in the morning. He avoids my questions, he acts as if everything is okay but something is off with him," Itachi answered just as evenly with his hands shoved deep inside his pockets.

"Have you SPOKEN to him about this? You're too quick to jump to damn conclusions!"

"Fuck you! I'm not jumping to conclusions! You just know when these things are happening…It's a feeling you get…like you're world is falling apart and you can't do anything about it,"

"You're being melodramatic,"

"What would you know about how I feel Sasuke? You've never even been in love!" Itachi snarled at his brother. Sasuke felt a pang in his chest as his brother said that and turned away from him.

"What would you know about what I have and haven't felt?" Sasuke said lowly over his shoulder.

"I've never seen the look on your face. The only time I've ever seen you smile a real smile was when Naruto was in your life…"

"Get out of my office," Sasuke said evenly to his brother. Itachi lifted his head with his hand still in his pockets and walked towards the door where his brother was currently standing near.

"I want that closing argument on my desk before you leave today," Itachi told him and left his brother's office calmly without another word. Sasuke clenched his jaw in anger at what his brother had said it he last moments since he should have known better to bring up that topic.

Sasuke moved over to the window and stared out of it looking out on the street and seeing how far up he was from everybody on the ground. It never ceased to amaze him how far he had come in such little time. Shutting his eyes he let his mind wander and realized that he had gotten to this point by causing harm to a lot of people, even some that were close to him.

"Shit…I have to finish the fucking closing," Sasuke grunted to himself and went to go sit down at his desk to turn his computer on. When it flickered alive he saw the picture of himself and a bright sunshiny blonde adorning his background. He felt something stir inside of him as he saw the picture and realized that he hadn't seen the person in that picture in over 5 years. He didn't even know what had happened to them in those 5 years. For all he knew, the person was probably dead.

Sasuke rested his head in his hands and groaned, not knowing what to do with himself. He was at the top of a firm that his family had built from the ground up and he still felt empty. He had money, he had fame, and he had people throwing themselves at him like nothing…yet he still felt there was something missing and he had no idea of what.

He took his head from out of his hands and looked back at the screen and opened up the Word document that he had been focusing on in order to finish is closing statement so his brother would lay off of him for a while. Especially with the tirade that he was going on since the whole thing with Deidara. Sasuke truly didn't understand why his brother overacted and didn't just talk to the blonde. Granted, he would obviously deny it because nobody likes to be accused of cheating, but still. Itachi is smart enough to know when said blonde was lying.

Sasuke continued to type the words that came easily to him. Being a defense attorney was easy stuff for Sasuke since his family had one of the best poker faces known to man. Not only that, but Uchiha's were some of the best debaters ever to step foot in the courtroom. God speed to anybody that dared have an Uchiha opposing them.

Sasuke finished the closing argument in record time and hit print so that he could pick it up at his printer. He heard the paper printing and leaned back in his chair to relax for a moment. He went to grab his coffee and realized that it was the last sip. Frowning he finished it off and got up to go collect the pages. He shrugged on his suit jacket and made his way over to his brother's office and slipped it into his box so that he would see it when he got back.

He nodded at the receptionist who nodded back as he took the elevator back down to go get another cup of coffee. An Uchiha had to have their caffeine and if one ran out early…well it just wasn't a good look. He went into the Starbucks down the block and ordered the same thing as before and waited patiently for his order.


He turned at the mention of his voice and shuddered, realizing that he shouldn't have.

"Sakura…" he responded dryly to her. She waltzed over her overly small pencil skirt swaying revealing far more than what he liked.

"I haven't seen you in such a long time Sasuke. Almost like you're avoiding me,"

"Really? Now why on EARTH would I want to do a silly thing like that?" Sasuke responded sarcastically trying to drop the girl a hint, which she obviously didn't take.

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking," she said actually pondering. Sasuke inwardly groaned and prayed to every God that the crazy woman in front of him would leave him alone in the next few moments.

"So yeah. I was wondering, how about we get dinner sometime? You never give me a response,"

"Oh. Yeah, see I'm working on that Pain case, so there's no POSSIBLE way I would be able to," Sasuke answered, getting his coffee just in time and pointing at his watch as he moved away from Sakura.

He smirked to himself going to sip on his drink when he rammed straight into somebody spilling it all over himself. He cursed loudly at the stinging that accompanied the hot drink and wiped at his shirt dropping the now empty cup.


Sasuke's sentence died in his throat as he saw the bum from earlier looking at him with a scared and shocked expression on his face. However, that wasn't what had caught him so off guard. Before him stood a pair of frightened bright blue eyes and matted dirty blonde hair that was being hidden under a beanie hat along with dirt smudges along his face. Sasuke knew those eyes from anywhere and he just couldn't believe the sight in front of him.


"I…I'm sorry sir…so sorry,"


"I don't know that name,"

"Naruto…it's me…Sasuke!"

"You have the wrong person," the blonde in front of him said and ran away from the scene leaving Sasuke to only look after the person as they pushed people out of the way and ran down to the end of the block. Sasuke blinked a few times and walked back towards his office like a complete zombie. He couldn't believe what he had just seen.

People were calling out to him but all he could think of was the bright blue eyes that gazed back at him in such fear. The elevator opened on his floor where he walked out still in a daze. He wasn't caring that people were looking at him as if he was crazy because he had a big coffee stain on his shirt. He didn't care that people were staring at him because he looked shocked beyond all compare. At the moment he truly just didn't care.

He walked into his office and plopped into his chair and allowed a breath to escape his lips. Sasuke looked around his office in awe, trying to will himself to get up from his seat and change his shirt, but it just wasn't happening. A few people were looking into his office trying to figure out what it was that was bothering the young genius since it was very rare for Uchiha's to show their expressions.

Just at that moment Itachi walked into his office and saw the state his brother was in after having heard it from so many people in the office. Sasuke didn't even flinch as his brother slammed the door shut to his office.


"I just saw Naruto…" he mumbled lowly.

"What did you just say?"


"Yeah okay 'Naruto'. What about him, you haven't seen that kid in years,"

"I just saw him…on the street," Sasuke said looking at his brother. His brother's eyes widened slightly and then came back to normal as he waited for his brother to continue. Seeing that wasn't going to happen he prompted him.

"What was he doing?"

"He was begging for money…"


"He was a bum…the one that is in front of Starbucks…and he was begging for money,"

"Wait a minute…the bum we pass everyday to come to work? THAT'S Naruto?"


"What did he say when you saw him?"

"He…he said that I had the wrong person,"

"Maybe you did then…"

"NO! No, this…this was Naruto. I KNOW it was Naruto. I could see it in his eyes,"

"Sasuke…you're tired, you might've been seeing things,"

"NO! I KNOW it was him," Sasuke shouted, rising from his chair. Itachi said nothing to him and looked away from his brother.

"Fine. You handed in the closing argument,"

"You know I'm good with those,"

"It's in earlier than I expected. Just work on the Pain case…then you can go,"


"Oh and Sasuke?"


"Change your shirt," Itachi said with a smirk on his face while leaving his brother's office. Sasuke groaned and started to unbutton his shirt and walked over to his closet to get a new one. He slipped the shirt off revealing his strong well built chest and stomach. He looked at himself in the mirror and tried to see what everybody else saw in him. Women and Men threw themselves at him left and right but he didn't understand it. He thought he looked average, nothing particularly special about him at all. He shrugged and put on a clean white shirt, buttoning it up and sitting down at his desk to work on the Pain case a bit more. Seeing as how this case was very extensive being that if he lost the man would serve multiple life sentences. Sasuke couldn't even remember how many people he was being accused of killing. This was going to take forever.


Sasuke leaned back in his chair at the progress he had made with the case seeing as how he hadn't gotten this far with a case in one day in almost…ever. He looked at the time and saw that it was about to be close to 9 o'clock and knew that the building would be closing soon. Gathering his things he shut everything off in his office and walked towards the elevator to go downstairs towards his car that he had parked close by. As he was about to exit the building he saw that it was raining and cursed himself. Whenever it rained he didn't have an umbrella but when it didn't rain that's when he always seemed to be carrying one.

Shrugging he put his briefcase over his head and walked into the torrent towards his car so that he could get dry sooner than later. He ran towards his car already having his keys ready and unlocked the door jumping inside and throwing his briefcase to the back seat. He put the keys in the ignition and put the car in drive and started to make his way home.

While the brunette was driving he couldn't help but let his thoughts wander to that of Naruto. He knew that was the blonde he recognized from when they went to school. He knew it was him but then why did Naruto act as if he had the wrong person? As Sasuke continued driving he saw somebody walking slowly through the rain, gripping their sides and shivering. Sasuke looked closer at the person and saw that it was the person he was thinking about.

Pulling up alongside the person and driving slowly Sasuke rolled down the window and just watched the person walking slowly.


The person jumped and looked in the direction and saw who it was and started running. Sasuke hit the gas and went faster as Naruto tripped and fell making a big splash. Sasuke got out the car, not particularly caring if he got wet and went to go look at the person. Naruto lifted his upper body up and nursed his foot that was stinging. Sasuke knelt in front of him and looked at the man that he had known for so long.


"Get away…"


"GET AWAY!" the blonde shouted looking up at the man. Sasuke sat there captivated by the sight in front of him and couldn't help but reach out a hand and cup the cheek in front of him. Naruto swatted his hand away and glared at the brunette through his hair and the rain that continued to fall.

"Naruto please…"

"What do you want from me?"

"I want to help you…allow me to help you!"

"I don't need your help!"

"Naruto! You're walking out here in the fucking rain! LET ME HELP YOU!" Sasuke shouted at him. Naruto twisted his head to the side in agitation and then he looked back at Sasuke.

"Get in the car…please," Sasuke told him more gently. Naruto went to get up allowing Sasuke to help him up and walk towards the passenger seat door so that he could get inside the car. Once he was situated Sasuke walked over to the driver's side and got in putting the car back in drive to go home.


"Just drive," Naruto cut him off. Sasuke did just that and drove towards his house not saying a word to the blonde man next to him in his car. Every few moments he would sneak glances at him and wonder how it was that Naruto got in the predicament that he was in.

Getting to his house Sasuke parked in the garage and got out the car going to the other side to help Naruto out of his seat. Naruto limped out of his seat with Sasuke's help who helped him up the stairs into the living room. Naruto groaned as Sasuke helped him to the bathroom so that the blonde could take a shower.

"Do you need help?" Sasuke questioned him.

"I'm not an idiot. I know how to take a fucking shower," Naruto said pushing Sasuke away while trying to stand and ended up just falling back where Sasuke caught him in his arms.

"Naruto let me help you. There's obviously something wrong with your foot," Sasuke told him. Naruto groaned again as Sasuke picked him up and set him in the bathtub so that he could take his clothes off.

"I got it from here," Naruto told him. Sasuke nodded and walked out the bathroom so that Naruto could take his bath. Sasuke sat down on his couch and took out his cell phone to call his brother.


"Hey it's Sasuke,"

"I have caller ID,"

"Look I'm not coming into work tomorrow,"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me correctly. I'll tell you about it more later," Sasuke told him and got off the phone. He heard the water running in the bathroom and could only imagine how long it would take to get the grime off of himself. Sasuke got up from the couch and walked upstairs to get clothes that Naruto could sleep in for now.

He walked into his room and went over to his boxer's drawer and pulled out some black boxers and a black wife beater so that he could sleep comfortably. Sasuke walked over to the bathroom door and knocked.

"Y…yeah?" Naruto questioned through the door.

"I'm leaving clothes here in front of the door," Sasuke answered. He didn't hear anything so he could only assume that that the blonde had nodded or something. He walked away from the door and sat back down on the couch to wait for him to finish.

He heard the water cut off and looked away from the bathroom door so that he wouldn't see anything or make Naruto uncomfortable. He waited a few moments and then heard the bathroom door open so that he could grab the clothes. He heard the door click again and knew that Naruto was getting changed. He heard the door open again and saw Naruto now standing but limping out the bathroom.

Sasuke stared at the blonde and noticed how much shiner his hair was from the matted mess he had going on previously. He trailed his eyes up the face that was past beautiful in his eyes. His tan skin glowed from the shower he had just taken giving him an earthy look.

"Let me help you with that," Sasuke heard himself speak. Naruto glanced down at his leg and nodded slowly while Sasuke got up from where he was sitting and went over to his old friend. Sasuke helped him to sit on the seat of the toilet inside the bathroom and went to get the first aid kit that he kept in handy.

He pulled out an ace bandage and a few ointments that would help with the healing process. Sasuke lifted Naruto's ankle gently and moved it around to see if it was sprained or twisted. From the way he saw Naruto wincing it seemed that it was only sprained which would take a few days for it to heal.

He rubbed some of the ointment onto the ankle and proceeded to apply the ace bandage to it making it tight so that it would bring any swelling down. Naruto never took his eyes off the pale man as he did this and wondered why this kindness was being shown to him. Sasuke finished and put his foot down just as gentle and looked into the eyes that were searching his face.

"You didn't have to do this," Naruto spoke softly.

"Yeah I did," he answered him not breaking his gaze.

"Thank you. Kinda funny, I always remembered you as the person who hated to talk, didn't regularly show kindness to people…and yet here you are," Naruto spoke to him. Sasuke stood from his place on the floor and looked away.

"Whoever said any of that's changed?"

"Then wh-,"

"You were my only friend…still kinda are," Sasuke interrupted him looking back at the blonde. Naruto looked away and got up from the seat feeling a bit steadier on his feet. Sasuke helped him over to the room as Naruto laid down on the bed. He got under the covers and looked at the man in front of him.

"You're not off the hook…I want to know what the hell happened,"

"I'm sure you do," Naruto grunted and looked at Sasuke from where he was on the bed. Sasuke got up and turned off the light in the room, closing the door behind him He leaned against it and breathed not being able to understand what the hell had just happened and what he had just done.


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