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Sasuke smirked to himself as he heard his office door open and saw that it was none other than his new assistant that was going to be telling him what was needed for the day.

"Hello Mr. Uchiha. Pain called and said that he would not mind having lunch with you the coming week. Another client called and said that they sent you an e-mail of everything that you requested and you have a presentation to the board later today around 3:15,"

Sasuke nodded at everything that was said and moved from his desk over to the new assistant. Sasuke took the folders and papers from the person's hands and placed them on the edge of his desk. Turning back to face his assistant he continued to grin and leaned in capturing the startled mans lips with his own.

Said man melted into the kiss and then preceded to push Sasuke back slightly already becoming flustered from the attention. Sasuke grinned down at the shorter male and ran his fingers through touchable soft hair and nipped the side of the rosette lips.

"Did I ever tell you how positively sexy you are in a suit Naruto?"

The blonde gulped and shook his head moving slightly away from the brunette to collect his folders and opening the door to make his exit, "Itachi also requested to see you,"

Sasuke nodded and saw Naruto smile at him as the blonde made his way back to his desk. Sasuke had decided to give Naruto a job considering that the blonde was talking about how he wanted to at least contribute to his own something to the apartment he was living in with Sasuke. Although how much he was contributing considering SASUKE was the one who gave him the job was in question.

Sasuke shrugged on his suit jacket and made his way over to his brother's office that wasn't too far off wondering what it was exactly his brother needed from him and wondered why it couldn't wait until after work.

Coming to Hitachi's office Sasuke rapped on the door slightly seeing his brother on the phone and merely wanted to signal his attendance. Itachi noted that and finished up his conversation as Sasuke sat down in the chair directly across from the older man. Sasuke looked around the office and saw two different pictures of Deidara. One with the artistic blonde alone and the other with Itachi scowling into the picture as the blonde grinned broadly, obviously having taken the picture himself.

It surprised Sasuke to no end to see how his brother actually put any pictures up of the loud blonde in the first place. Itachi was usually one to stay subtle about his personal life and yet here was this blonde taking every part of it and staking his claim loud and clear.

Sasuke turned his gaze on his brother who was hanging up the phone to look at his younger half. Sasuke smirked at him and folded his hands in his lap, crossing his leg over at the ankle. Itachi put his elbows on the desk in front of him and stared back at his brother in wonderment.

"How is your new assistant working out?" Itachi questioned with a winning grin.

Sasuke shrugged nonchalantly, "He's positively wonderful. Why do you ask?"

"Making sure he isn't a distraction," Itachi responded coyly. Sasuke held the gaze that was so alike his own as he put both his feet on the floor. Sasuke motioned towards a picture of Deidara and looked back over at his brother.

"How's he been?" Sasuke questioned nonchalantly. Itachi leaned back in his chair, folding his hands over his lap.

"Perfectly fine. I believe I should be expecting you and Naruto for the opening of his gallery?" Itachi questioned his brother back.

"Of course, wouldn't miss it for the world. You talking to him yet?"

Itachi didn't answer, blinking a few times and then looking away completely. Sasuke scoffed at his brother's stupidity and leaned forward tapping on the desk.

"You can't go to that gallery and NOT be talking to him. I'm sure everything will explain itself there," Sasuke told his brother.

"You haven't fucked Naruto so you don't get it," Itachi mumbled. Sasuke's face reddened and narrowed his eyes.

"How would YOU know that and what does that have to do with anything?"

"How do I know?" Itachi laughed slightly, "It's obvious, the way you two can barely stay off of each other and it's different once you fuck,"

"Can you not say it that way?"

Itachi arched an eyebrow, "What, fuck?"


"Fine, have sex. Once you have sex it's different…"

There was a silence between the two with the unanswered question wavering in the air.


Itachi looked at the picture of Deidara and himself and then back at his brother.

"You give a piece of yourself to them,"


Naruto stepped into the house kicking his shoes off and dumping his messenger bag off on the couch before plopping down himself. Sasuke looked at the shoes on the floor and then over at Naruto who was sprawled on the couch babbling about something or the other that he had to take care of the next day when he went to work and how people kept calling for the Uchiha, especially an annoying sounding girl that insisted she would be Sasuke's wife.

Sasuke walked over to Naruto and leaned down over him shutting the blonde up efficiently with a kiss. Naruto didn't move and allowed the kiss to take place while he kept his eyes open. Sasuke moved back and saw Naruto looking back at him intently.

"What was that for?" Naruto questioned cutely. Sasuke smiled down at him softly.

"I just felt like kissing you," Sasuke answered the blonde looking him over a few times.

"You sure that's all it was?"

Sasuke held Naruto's gaze and leaned down kissing the smaller man again. Naruto allowed his eyes to close and just feel the emotions running through his body and love the way that Sasuke took care of him as if her were the gentlest thing on Earth.

Sasuke moved back suddenly and cupped Naruto's chick in his palm. He sighed to himself looking over the tan body laid out in front of him begging to be taken.

"Naruto…I want you…"

"You already have me Sasuke,"

"No…I mean I want you. I want all of you. I wan to be inside of you and I want to make you moan my name and make you feel like if you leave it would be the worst thing you ever did in your life. I want to be with you in a way that I've never wanted to be with another human being,"

Naruto looked back at Sasuke not believing the words that had just left the pale man's mouth. Naruto closed his eyes and pulled himself up to Sasuke, kissing him softly while entangling his hands in the dark locks.

Sasuke allowed his hands to trail behind the blonde's back pulling him closer to his chest. Naruto pulled his head away and moved from Sasuke pulling the raven up by the hand with a suggestive smirk on his face.

Sasuke laughed and wrapped his arms around the lithe waist in front of him as he led them both up the stairs toward the bedroom. Naruto laughed loudly at this as he tripped a few times but finally was able to run into the bedroom with Sasuke followed close behind. Naruto laid down on the bed and propped himself up on his elbows to await Sasuke.

Sasuke shut the door behind him and began to slip off his tie and take his suit jacket off as he looked at the gorgeous blonde that was soon to be his. Naruto continued to hold the older man's gaze and blushed slightly. Sasuke made his way over to the bed, feeling it dip beneath his weight as he placed one of his knees at the foot of it.

Naruto waited with baited breath for the raven to come closer to him. Sasuke continued to look over Naruto as he leaned into him and kissed him again. Naruto closed his eyes loving the feel of how passionate this was becoming. Naruto trailed his fingers to the collar of Sasuke's shirt and began to unbutton the buttons slowly.

Sasuke sat up and finished unbuttoning them and slipping out of his shirt as he did so. Naruto worried his lip seeing the expanse of chest that was being made available to him and leaned up kissing his chest as the shirt fell to the floor. Sasuke closed his eyes feeling Naruto's plush lips on his bare skin.

Naruto leaned back and lifted his shirt over his head letting it fall on the floor along with Sasuke's. Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto's back and smiled as he kissed down the tan chest. Naruto sighed letting his head fall back and sighed at the feeling.

"You are so beautiful," Sasuke spoke right on the blonde's chest. Naruto smiled softly at the feel of the breath. Sasuke continued to kiss his way down and found his mouth right at the waist of the blonde's pants. Sasuke began to unbuckle the blonde's pants and locked eyes with the other man as the buckle came loose.

Naruto arched his lower body allowing Sasuke to get his pants off of him. Sasuke leaned up and pulled Naruto's socks off slowly allowing the others feet to come free from their confines. Sasuke took both of Naruto's feet in his hands smirking down at him as he rubbed his hands down the tan man's legs.

Naruto allowed both his legs to fall on either side of Sasuke's body and trailed his hand to the exposed chest of the man above him.

"What are you thinking about?" Naruto asked the other.

Sasuke looked down at Naruto and grabbed the hand that was on his chest and laced their fingers. He brought the hand up to his mouth and kissed each finger.

"I'm thinking about how I'm one of the luckiest guy in the world right now,"

Naruto smiled, "That was incredibly cheesy,"

Sasuke snorted and leaned down, "I'd like to see you come up with something better," Sasuke kissed him sensually, running his hands through the addicting soft locks.

"Stop kissing me and take your pants off," Naruto told him moving away from his mouth. Sasuke snorted again and leaned up to slip out of his pants, letting them join the other articles of clothing on the floor.

"Much better," Naruto told him holding his arms out. Sasuke leaned forward again after slipping his socks off and loved the feel of Naruto's legs on either side of him. Sasuke groaned feeling Naruto's length alongside his own. Naruto rutted up against him making Sasuke moan out. Naruto laughed and kissed along the Uchiha's neck.

Naruto allowed his hands to trail down the Sasuke's hips to pull his boxers down over his bum. Sasuke separated from him while licking his lips Naruto grabbed the raven's butt and squeezed each cheek lightly smiling the entire time.

"You're getting a little cheeky there huh?" Sasuke smirked.

"That was a horrible pun," Naruto laughed at him. Sasuke leaned back, allowing Naruto to fully push his boxers off. Sasuke's cock sprang out as his boxers were pushed below his balls. Sasuke stepped off the bed for a moment to take his boxers off fully and looked down at the blonde who still had his red boxer briefs on. Naruto laughed and began to pull his boxer briefs down slowly as Sasuke's eyes stayed riveted on the sight.

"You're killing me Naruto," Sasuke groaned. Naruto smiled coyly and pushed his boxer briefs down all the way exposing himself to the other man. Sasuke bit his lip seeing the gorgeous man below him.

Naruto saw this gaze and went to cover himself slightly because he wasn't so used to feeling so exposed. Sasuke grabbed his hands and leant down slightly to keep Naruto spread eagle. Naruto looked up into the dark eyes that were boring into his skin in question.

"You are beautiful. One of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. Never let anybody ever tell you different…you are mine and nobody else's and I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with you everyday,"

Naruto stared up at Sasuke with wide eyes at the confession and allowed himself to be fully open with the raven. Sasuke leaned over Naruto and allowed their bodies to fully touch for the first time. Both of them sighed in unison as Sasuke moved against him letting their cocks brush against each other.

Sasuke slid down the body above him until he came face to face with Naruto's engorged length. Naruto locked eyes with the man as he leant forward and sucked the length into his mouth in one go. Naruto gripped the sides of the bed as he threw his head back, opening his mouth in a gasp.

Sasuke pulled his mouth up to the tip, hollowing his lips out and slid back down to the base as he relaxed his gag reflex to reach all the way to Naruto's pubic line. Naruto moaned louder, feeling Sasuke's tongue rub against the underside of his cock. Sasuke let his hands rub on the blonde's hips as he continued to suck and bob his head against the turgid length loving the sounds emitting from the rose colored lips.

Sasuke removed his mouth from the length, which gained a groan from the man beneath him. Naruto tried to look at the other and saw Sasuke lift his legs to have them bent so that now he was fully exposed to the raven. Naruto had no idea what was happening as Sasuke's head ducked lower and Naruto felt his butt being lifted slightly.

Naruto screamed when he felt Sasuke's tongue meet his puckered entrance. Naruto's eyes widened as his toes curled in passion at the new feeling. Sasuke's mouth enclosed around the entrance and sucked it as if it were the sweetest nectar he had ever tasted in his life. Sasuke allowed his tongue to poke out and push into the entrance. Naruto let his hand wander down to Sasuke's head and gripped tightly at the pleasure that was spiking in his system.

"Oh God…Sasuke…ah…" Naruto moaned out. Sasuke smiled as he continued what he was doing. He allowed his right hand to come to where his tongue was and pushed a finger into the entrance to meet his tongue. Naruto gripped the other's head tighter as he felt the finger inside of him moving around.

Sasuke removed his tongue and allowed a second finger to enter the blonde as he pumped them inside and scissored them to stretch the entrance. Naruto panted beneath the man as he did this and cried out in pleasure. Sasuke brought his other hand to join him and began to pump the cock in front of his face.

"Sas…Ah! Sas…now…I need…I need you now," Naruto moaned out. Sasuke stopped his ministrations and made his way back up so that his face was now at Naruto. Naruto leaned forward and kissed the other man.

Naruto wrapped his legs around Sasuke's waist as Sasuke pressed his member against the blonde's entrance. Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke's shoulders, pillowing his head into the other's neck in preparation for the breach. Sasuke kissed the side of Naruto's head and pushed in slowly.

Naruto's arms tightened around Sasuke's shoulders and bit into the one that was supplied to him. Sasuke continued to push in until he was at the hilt. Naruto continued to pant at the new sensation that he was now feeling. Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto's back again and pulled him up so that he was sitting into Sasuke's lap.

Sasuke moved back to kiss Naruto and bucked up into the other man. Naruto gasped and moved against Sasuke. Sasuke pushed into him further hearing Naruto gasp in his ear. He placed his hands on the blonde's waist and aided the smaller man in riding him.

Naruto cried into his ear gripping onto the dark man's hair. Sasuke latched onto Naruto's neck and sucked hard as Naruto's grip turned brutal. Naruto threw his head back and continued to thrust down onto Sasuke as he felt teeth biting at his skin.

Sasuke threw Naruto onto his back continuing to pound into him in the same rhythm. Naruto reached up and gripped the pillow above his head panting at the feeling that was assaulting his body. Sasuke reached his hands up, lacing his fingers with Naruto's never ceasing the pounding of the body beneath him.

"Sasuke…Sasuke…God…I'm close,"

"Me too…" Sasuke grunted. He leaned in one more time capturing Naruto's mouth in a heat-searing kiss as he thrust into the blonde a few more times. Naruto broke from the kiss and let out a silent scream as he came in between their stomachs. Sasuke's mouth opened wide as he felt Naruto clamp down on him and released into the blonde.

Sasuke fell on the side of the blonde as he slipped out of the other man in the process. Naruto turned to face the other man and smiled happily. Sasuke sent a small smile back his way as his lips were captured in a kiss.

"I love you so much Sasuke,"

"And I love you,"


Naruto looked around the gallery as he held Sasuke's hand tightly in his own and looked at the artwork that was exploding around them. The smell of gunpowder and explosives was strong in the air considering that it was the main point to Deidara's work.

Sasuke spotted the artist and made his way over to him with the blonde trailing behind him. Deidara smiled in his direction and waved as Sasuke got closer. Deidara set down his drink and shook hands with Sasuke and then with Naruto.

"Well? What do you think?" Deidara questioned the couple.

"I've never seen something like this ever before in my life! It's fantastic!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Thank you so much," Deidara beamed.

"Truly some of your best work if I do say so myself," Sasuke spoke. Deidara smiled quite possible lighting up the entire room as something else exploded around the corner.

"Thank you Sasuke…uhm…have you by any chance seen Itachi?"

"Right here actually,"

Deidara spun around and smiled weakly seeing the older Uchiha walking towards him with his hands in his pockets. Naruto saw the tension that was clear between the two and glanced at Sasuke in question. Sasuke just shrugged it off and looked at Deidara.

"Hey…I'm glad you're here. I've been waiting for you," Deidara told the other man.

"There's a fantastic turnout, what do you need me here for?" Itachi answered coldly. Deidara flinched as the words left the elder's mouth.

"Because you're my boyfriend," Deidara stated making Itachi turn slightly red at the comment, "and haven't you looked around and seen something quite similar with all the pieces?"

True to what he said all three men looked at all the explosives and indeed saw something similar. Each explosion that erupted into a sculpture all had something to do with Itachi whether it was a profile of him or something with the Uchiha family such as the crest or even something that symbolized him like his favorite foods or favorite places to be.

Itachi looked back at Deidara in shock as Deidara looked away from him and walked away towards the center of the room. The other three followed him towards the center of the room where there was a pillar that Deidara was known for using in his art. A few people gathered around since they saw the artist with a dial in his hand and was looking as if he wanted attention.

Everybody stood behind the barrier that was placed around the pillar for safety. Deidara looked right at Itachi as he held the device in his hand and pressed the button creating several tiny explosions consecutively so to limit the smoke that resulted. Everybody looked on at what was being exposed and applauded when the final image was revealed.

Sasuke heard his brother suck in his breath at the image before him and smirked seeing exactly why Deidara wouldn't have wanted Itachi to know what he was doing for the past few months. Naruto smiled and applauded with everybody else as Sasuke looked at his brother who stood momentarily speechless.

Before them where the pillar was once placed was an exact replica of Itachi staring straight back at them with his signature smirk in place when he found something amusing and his arms crossed over his chest.

Deidara bowed and smiled at the applause that he was receiving and then locked eyes with Itachi. He walked over to the older raven and stood directly in front of him. Deidara wrapped his arms around the older man's waist and leaned into him, placing his head on the others chest. Itachi sighed and wrapped his arms around the other man in an embrace.

"Do you see that I wasn't cheating on you now?" Deidara questioned looked up from his position.

"Yes…I can now. I'm sorry that I ever doubted you," Itachi answered.

"You have no idea how long it took me to do that. I had to keep redoing it because the explosives I was placing inside of it kept coming out wrong and finally I got it right and I had to reposition them correctly in the clay mold,"

"Thank you Deidara," Itachi told him smirking down at the blonde. The artist smiled and leaned up kissing the other shortly.

Naruto looked on at the display between the two and smiled at Sasuke.

"They're really cute," he told Sasuke. Sasuke scoffed pulling his own blonde to him and kissing him softly.

"They're not as cute as another couple I know," Sasuke whispered to him. Naruto smiled brightly at the comment and laced his and Sasuke's fingers together.

"This is one mad world,"


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