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"Don't get too excited Liss. You know you still need a lot of practice." I know, I sound like such a downer. "Let's get some sleep and we can tell everyone in the morning."
She unhappily agreed, still keyed up after our discovery, and turned off the light. I slipped under the covers and felt myself drifting to sleep almost immediately, into an Adrian dream.

I glanced around at my surroundings to find that I was at Court in one of the small courtyards I had 'helped' build.
"Adrian, get your drunk ass out here!"
Sure enough out came Adrian from behind one of the statues of a previous queen.
"Little Dhampir, so nice to see you. And might I say, you are looking extremely beautiful this evening."
He was turning on his 'charm', as he liked to call it. What does he want?
I looked down at the clothes he had put me in and saw that I was wearing a black skirt and belt, a tight, pale pink sleeveless top and black flat sandals. Far less raunchy than what I would have expected from Adrian.
There was something missing from my outfit though. I studied my look for a few moments before adding a brown coloured scarf, a couple of black and gold bangles and a purse.
"There." I said, looking back up at Adrian. "That's better. Now can you please explain why I am here and not peacefully asleep?"
He shook his head in exasperation. "How many times do I have to tell you, you are asleep."
"As many times as you're going to waste your breath telling me because I couldn't care less, now what do you want?"
"Well little Dhampir," he began with a small smile on his lips. "I was just going to ask how we are supposed to find Lissa's sibling if we don't know where to start?"
I looked at him like he had just said the dumbest thing in the world, and in my eyes, he had. Watching him I noticed a sense of secrecy. He was hiding something.
"Do you remember that Moroi guy we spoke to last time we were here, the one that was talking about how Lissa's dad had a mistress?"
He nodded. I expected him to catch on then, but he didn't. He stared at me with a blank face, waiting for me to continue. Well, not quite blank. I could see annoyance in his eyes, and was that worry? I sighed and went on.
"Come on Adrian, it's not that hard. We go to the Nightingale, find the Moroi and figure out if he knows anything else about Eric's mistress."

Unbelievable, he wasn't even listening to me. I was on the verge of punching him, and if he didn't seem so troubled I probably would have.
"Alright, Adrian spit it out. There is something else going on and i want to hear it"
He let out a sigh and through his hands up in annoyance.
"I can't put my finger on it! I can feel something that is not quite right in this place and it's pissing me off!" he practically screamed.
Whoa, what on earth could be getting him so worked up? I gaped at him with wide eyes until I came to my senses and answered him.
"What do mean there's something not right? Is something interfering with your dream walking?" I asked
He scrunched up his eyes, trying to concentrate on figuring out what was wrong.
"It feels like there is another spirit user somewhere, but the sensation that picks up spirit keeps disappearing, like something is blocking me"
"Or someone" I said curiously
"Yeah and it is driving me crazy!"
He was getting really angry now and I had a feeling some of it was spirit induced. Shit, spirit darkness is not good, especially on Adrian. I walked over to him placing my hands on his shoulders and tried to calm him down.
"Adrian, look at me. Stop trying to find this person, relax, go to sleep we will talk about it in the morning, okay?"
It didn't work. He pushed me away and walked over to one of the small statues in the courtyard and pushed it over. Okay, Adrian was officially scaring me.
"I can't. Do not tell me what to do! It is my choice not yours. Get away from me!"
Like that, I was thrown out of the dream. I jolted upright in my bed, and almost screamed when I saw Lissa leaning over me. She had turned on the light and was watching me with concern, and shock. I suppose I scared the crap out of her when I suddenly jerked awake.
"Rose," she said hesitantly, her voice gentle. "Rose, are you okay? You were talking in your sleep and thrashing around. I-I was so worried a-and…"
I put a hand on her arm to reassure her.
"Liss, it's okay. I'm fine, I was with Adrian and he was kind of worrying me."

I told her how Adrian had sensed another spirit user in the dream and how angry he got from sprit's darkness. She seemed genuinely scared about how quickly his mood changed.
"It isn't like him to just flip out like that. Maybe I should make him some charms, you know, just in case…" She began rambling more to herself than to me so I left her to worry about Adrian and went to sit on the balcony. It was cool outside and the fresh air did wonders to wake me up as it hit my clammy skin.
"Enjoying the breeze?" asked a voice to my right. I almost jumped out of my skin before I noticed Dimitri sitting on the balcony next to mine.
"Don't do that. You scared the shit out of me." I said, holding my chest as I tried to get my rapidly beating heart back to normal.
He laughed at what he thought were my theatrics and walked over to the side of his balcony that was closest to mine. I copied his movements and laid my hands on the railing.
"That was pretty bad Guardian surveillance on your part Rose." He said with a smile.
"Hey, it's not my fault you're freakishly stealthy. If it was anyone else I would have noticed them right away." I said, trying to defend my honor.
Before I even realized what was happening, Dimitri had his foot on his railing and launched himself over to stand next to me.

"Are you crazy?" I practically screamed. "You could have killed yourself, jumping over like that."
He took my hands in his and looked me in the eyes.
"I'm sorry I worried you but I couldn't stand to be away from you, even if it was only a few metres." My heart melted. I felt so awkward under his gaze. I didn't really know whether to look away or say something, so I did the next best thing. I took my hands from his and wrapped my arms around his neck, placing one hand in his hair. I pushed myself up on my tip toes and brought my lips to his. He responded immediately, enclosing me in his arms and lifting me off the ground. I would have said that nothing could compare to this moment, right now, in Dimitri's arms, until the moment was ruined by a loud wolf whistle coming from Dimitri's balcony. I reluctantly pulled myself away from my beautiful Russian to see what the annoying noise had come from. And it most certainly was a 'what'. Sure enough, there was Christian with a mug in his hand and a smirk on his face.
"You know as much as I love seeing the two of you making out, I don't think the rest of L.A. feel the same way."
What an opening that was.
"Just because you don't get any from Lissa does not mean you have to perve on us to get your satisfaction. It's kind of weird."
Just like that, the smirk was wiped off his face and turned into a scowl. He turned around and slid back inside, slamming the door in the process.
"That wasn't very nice Roza." Dimitri said as he pulled me into a hug from behind.
"Just admit it Comrade, you thought it was funny." I retorted, spinning around to face him.
I barely had a chance to see his face when his lips found mine, but once again we were interrupted.
This time by Lissa, she poked her head out the door but didn't say anything. The only reason I knew she was there was by the uncomfortable feelings flitting through the bond. I pulled away from Dimitri yet again and turned to face my best friend.
"Sorry to interrupt but we have to get going if we want to question that Moroi guy at the Nightingale." She said awkwardly. I nodded at her in response and gave Dimitri another quick kiss before heading inside to get ready.

About an hour later we met everyone in the lobby; our bags packed, and handed in our keys. We didn't know if we would need to return after our meeting at the Nightingale and decided that we should be ready in case we needed to leave quickly. Adrian wouldn't make eye contact with me and he seemed really on edge. Even when Lissa tried to comfort him he pushed her away. I shoved Adrian out of my thoughts and instead concentrated at our mission at hand.
"Okay, everybody ready?" I asked. Murmured replied and a few nods told me that was a yes. "Alright then, let's get Lissa a sibling."

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