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This is the sequal to Gundam Seed Purpose, so if anyones a new reader finish reading that to avoid spoilers. To returning readers from Gundam Seed Purpose I thank you for your patience and for loyaly following my Gundam series. Hope every body enjoyed their holidays.

The Sequal to Purpose is a heavy rewrite of the Destiny saga with more of the old Seed characters returning along with the Destiny characters. Not only is their the involvement of Sensou in the Second Bloody Valentine war but also a new faction consisting of black Zaku Kai's (from Gundam 0080) and a mysterious sniper and the mercenary Silver Mask, but the question that haunts the key figures of the war is whether this Silver Mask is the original, a new man wearing the mask or an ace pilot from the war whom has somehow cheated death?

Your welcome to speculate and theorise, but also enjoy the first two chapters of the fic!

And on another note, italics are segments of Gekido's book and his advice to Vincent, that's right Gekido's inner voice and snarky comments are still present even if he's not there, Enjoy yourselves!

Gundam Seed Destiny Or Liberty

Prologue: Nightmares of the past

Onogoro Island, the sight of the brutal clash between Orb and Earth Alliance forces. A day of tragedy that people tried to prevent through peace negotiations, or effort on the battlefield. A family of four ran through the forest, carrying enough baggage for a new life in the Plants. Shinn Asuka would occasionally look up at the battle going on between the Gundam known as the Freedom and the other four Earth Alliance machines. The pale blue one broke off from the group, attacking nearby Orb machines. He then saw other families running past them, carrying no bags or supplies for their futures in new countries. A brown and gold machine swooped over them, shooting at a black and red bird like armour. It was then that Mayu's pink mobile slipped out of her pocket, rolling down the hill. Their mother pulled on Mayu's arm, trying to get her to move.

"Come on we need to get to the escape boats" Their father said.

"No my phone!" Mayu squirmed.

"I'll get it!" Shinn said.


But Shinn ignored his father's cries, jumping down the hill, skidding through the dirt and grabbing a tree for support. He grabbed the phone, looking at it for just a moment before he was thrown back by a shockwave. Landing on the dirt just feet from the escape ships, Shinn shook his head as he got up off the floor. He widened his eyes as he saw a Strike Dagger with a missing left arm standing over where he and his family stopped. The machines head was looking down for a full minute before it flew away. Was his family okay? Shinn needed to know. He ran up the hill as fast as he could and widened his eyes in pure horror as he saw what remained of his family. They were just a mass of flesh and blood underneath the Strike Daggers broken left arm. Shinn fell to his knees, tears running down his face. He coughed and gasped as he locked fingers with his sister's arm, the only thing that was left of her. Shinn looked up at the sky, watching the fight between the Freedom and the other Gundams. This time he looked at the scene with anger, people had been fighting for years and they still hadn't learned. The Athna's were to blame, so was the Earth Alliance and especially that Strike Dagger pilot. Shinn Asuka screamed to the heavens, a piercing scream that would haunt a pilot's ears forever.

Vincent lunged forward, awaking from his nightmare. Pressing his hand against his forehead, Vincent growled in frustration. Time and time again he saw the remains of that poor girl Mayu Asuka, then that awful scream. Two years had passed since that time and in those two years the Sensou had annihilated most terrorist threats and war profiteering organisations. Gekido would have been proud at how much his legacy had grown. From single office rooms to five floor embassies, from a space frigate to a full fleet, from a small team to a worldwide army. They were seen as both heroes and bullies by the people and Vincent understood their views. Basically they were butting in on people's business, but if their actions prevented wars, if their fights prevented full-scale battle would their sacrifices be worth it. Leaning back on his hands, Vincent looked at the book on his bedside table. It was Gekido's personal journal, filled with ramblings on the people that pissed him off, his thoughts on certain battles and his Sensou plan.

Getting up off his bed, Vincent turned to his wardrobe, deciding to put on his uniform. Whilst most of the Sensou pilots wore regular civilian clothing or military uniforms, Vincent wore something to honour Gekido Jaeger. A red sleeveless shirt, designed to be near identical to the one that Gekido wore for most of his life, a pair of camouflage trousers, black military boots and a pair of gloves. He then reached for the standard Sensou uniform jacket. It was a grey jacket with a red symbol for rage on his shoulder, regular Sensou member's bared grey jackets with symbols for war depending on their country and camouflage fatigues. Despite Vincent's American heritage he wanted to honour Gekido's Japanese name (rage). And he was the commander of the Sensou forces and their leader in moral issues. If he told them to fight, they would fight. Walking across the corridors, Vincent made his way to the command centre. Rubbing his eyes as he entered, Vincent walked to the side of a red haired woman dressed in a white and red Sensou uniform.

"How can you be up so early?" Vincent asked.

"I've been living in Japan for a while now Vince, you just got here yesterday so your not used to the time…I know why I'm up early why are you?" She asked.

"Persistent nightmares, you ever get them?"

"Yeah, you still remember that Rau kidnapped me?"

"Sorry…you should be worse off than me"

"Vincent, whatever happened it wasn't your fault and even if it was look at what you're doing now…you're a hero, whoever doesn't forgive you is an idiot"

Vincent yawned, he honestly knew that Flay Alster was trying to cheer him up, but he really didn't want to listen to someone else tell him to deal with his issues. He had enough of that with Zack Tempest. The new type mercenary joined up and later left. Vincent sighed, at least he still had some allies left, five American pilots had been the start of his military, now he had African pilots, Korean, Japanese, English, even pilots from Orb and the Plants.

"Thanks Flay, after this run I heard you'd be going to Orb" Vincent said.

"Well your sources are wrong, I'm going to the Plants, I haven't been to Kyusai's grave in a while so I've decided to go there" Flay explained.

"Whatever, anyway lets get to work, how's the situation here?" Vincent asked.

"We managed to negotiate with the terrorists and come to a diplomatic solution, to be honest Vincent I think once they saw that we were getting involved they decided to reach a compromise that favoured the government more than them, but that's not why I asked you to be here"

"Why did you call me here then?" Vincent asked.

"The Chairman of ZAFT requested a meeting!"

That got Vincent's attention, he had heard of the new Chairman of the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty but had never actually seen him. He never read a newspaper report about the man, nor a news video, he only heard about him from the word of other people. Vincent could best describe Durandal as charismatic, if he'd been in a presidential election he would have gotten the majority of the votes. But since he was a coordinator he became the Chairman of ZAFT and leader of the Plants. Everyone loved him; Vincent had never heard a negative word when he had been to the Plants. From time to time he and a few other pilots would go into space to track pirates. The end of those pirate hunts would often result in a trip to one of the colonies.

"Why would the chairman want to meet me?" Vincent asked, rubbing his eyes as he and Flay walked through the corridors of the base.

"He'll be at ZAFT armoury one overlooking the production of some of ZAFT's latest machines, Kira tells me that Cagalli will be speaking with him concerning technicians from Morgenroutte that are working with him" Flay said.

"Using technology from Orb"

"Yes, I've met with the chairman myself, he's actually quite charming although I don't think Cagalli will get on with him, considering this is a negotiation between two countries he feels that Sensou should overlook the negotiations to ensure that both groups reach a decision that benefits both" Flay explained, typing in the code to the lab.

Despite their view on preventing war, Sensou wasn't above creating new weapons. The lab wasn't a small classroom for chemicals, but a huge warehouse. Vincent slapped his cheeks as he walked into the lab, hiding his tired expression. Mobile suits walked around the room, carrying crates and looking at weapons while scientists worked.

The Primary machine of the Sensou faction was the GM, a simple mobile suit armed with a beam rifle, Vulcan's and the standard shield and sabre. Ace pilots could upgrade to the GM Custom, a more bulky version of the GM with extra armour and a more powerful rifle. The GM came in two models, the standard GM for use on Earth and in space and the GM E model a mobile suit designed solely for Earth. This mobile suit would be fitted for its particular missions. For example if it was to fight in the desert it would be given desert armour and the primary focus would be on weapons that wouldn't overheat and would be effective in the heat of the desert. Another mobile suit for the Sensou was the Gun Cannon and Guntank mobile suits. While the Gun cannon was a heavy artillery mobile suit for space and Earth the Guntank was only effective on ground.

Vincent and Flay walked towards a group of people working on one of the latest prototype weapons. Several large, very large wires had been attached to what looked like a giant Gundam head, looking straight at a powered up Gundam. The Gundam was the Murasama, personal mobile suit of Branden Kamal, a Middle Eastern recruit and former Earth Alliance soldier. He sat inside the mobile suit, tapping the controls impatiently, but also somewhat anxiously adjusting the collar of his traditional grey Sensou jacket. At the Gundam Head were several other recruits. One was wearing a pair of glasses, with purple clothes that matched his long purple hair. Beside him tapping on a holographic pad was Kojiro Sasaki, a young Japanese Man, Eighteen like most of the Gundam pilots and with shoulder length black hair and a black Sensou jacket with black fatigues.

"Tieria, Sasaki, I don't know about this test, are you sure this thing wont blow up Murasama?" Branden asked.

"We're pretty sure!" Kojiro said casually before he pressed a final button.

The Gundam Head's eyes suddenly lit up, the other recruits put their hands to their ears as the machine released a screeching sound. A wave flew from the Head's V-fin, slamming into the Murasama's silver V-fin. Branden yelled as the Gundam's phase shift deactivated and fell to the ground.

"It's all right, everyone keep working!" Vincent said, drawing everyone's attention away from the Gundam while Flay shook her head.

The Murasama's hatch opened and Branden furiously walked towards the two Gundam pilots.

"Are you two crazy, how could you fire that thing at Murasama if you…"

"He was joking!" Tieria deadpanned.

Branden grinded his teeth together while Kojiro walked away.

"I apologise for the trauma Major, but the test was a complete success, the trial system will deactivate the weapon and propulsion systems of a mobile suit but enable the pilot to exit the machine, that way the pilots wont be trapped inside their machines during a battle" Tieria explained.

"You didn't really think they'd test a weapon without being absolutely sure it wouldnt cause any permanant damage did you Branden?" Flay asked.

"Listen Chairwoman, you're a pencil pusher, I'm a soldier, Murasama and I should be fighting not playing guinea pigs" Branden growled.

"How has the portable version been going?" Vincent asked.

"Incomplete, its difficult to focus on one task when we have so many missions" Tieria said.

"Focus on the information network for now, I actually came here for Kojiro and Branden, I want them to come with me to the Plants!" Vincent said.

"Coordinator central huh, we expecting resistance?" Branden asked.

"No, but just in case I want you guys to bring your Gundams"

"In other words we're walking into the unknown"

"Actually we'll be meeting Supreme Chairman Gilbert Durandal" Flay said.

"Durandal, I still don't get why Clyne didn't appoint herself, I always thought being a politician was a public service, she ain't doing a service singing to little kids in Orb" Branden said.

Flay shoved Branden's chest with a frown. He turned his head, seeing several mechanics that had stopped working. With a growl he remembered that Lacus being in Orb wasn't public knowledge, and was best kept close to the chest.

"What are you idiots staring at, get back to work!" Branden ordered.

Vincent rubbed his eyes in frustration as he walked towards a Gundam with Samurai style armour and hair coming out of its helmet. Kojiro sat beside the Gundam's leg, in deep meditation.

"Kojiro, pack a bag for a trip to space, bring the Kenshin with you" Vincent said.

Kojiro nodded his head, prepared to follow the orders he was given as always. He had formally been an Orb pilot; in fact he was officially a liaison between the two military forces. His contacts had told him of Cagalli's decision to see the chairman but he didn't think much of it, his expertise was in combat not politics. Likewise Branden didn't think much of the situation, it was just another negotiation better suited for Sensou's diplomatic corp.

"I want the Jegan and the samurai Gundams put onto a Salamis class ship, have the Cape Town crew meet in Twenty four hours for deployment to space" Vincent told one of the technicians.

The Technician nodded his head before running off to gather help. Vincent, knowing that there was a good few minutes before the Cape Town would be ready decided that he would buy some time in his office. He walked into his room, throwing his jacket on his chair and jumping onto his bed. Looking at the bed to his side he saw the notebook of Gekido Jaeger. The short tempered but honourable grey haired pilot had been a mentor to Vincent in the later stages of the war. In Gekido's will, his notebook had been left to Vincent while the riches of his adopted father were left to the clones of Gekido's adopted siblings.

'Gilbert Durandal' Vincent thought as he reached for the book and turned to the first of many pages Gekido had written for his benefit.

Vincent, I'm gonna give you some quick advice about politicians, they're smooth talking assholes who always hide behind promises and speeches and one thing you need to learn about them is that they're always looking to carry out their ambitions, whether those ambitions benefit their people or not. A true king in this world is a rare find, your gonna have to form your own opinion of what a true king is but then again you could always look at my book, where the hell would you be without my advice huh?

Vincent chuckled at his old friends choice of words. He flipped onto his feet and removed his case from under his bed.

'Gekido the Plants have had two years of peace, your old friends are now living in Orb…are any of them going to see war again?'

One thing that Lacus and Kira didn't get was that war is eternal, and thus Sensou must be eternal. Wars will never end, peace will last for an uncertain amount of time until the next conflict comes, be ready to prevent that conflict Vincent and if you cant…then choose a side and fight in it!

He sat in the cockpit of his machine, his eyes closed as the eyes of the Gundam looked out into deep space, the two orbs shining their green colours. The Gundam was a small frame mobile suit built for speed with rocket boosters on the tips of its feet and shoulders. It had a backpack with two powerful vernier thrusters on its left shoulder was its main long range armaments, a hyper bazooka and a rail rifle with a beam pistol attached to the hip armour and two beam sabres on the backpack. The Gundam's faceplate was the standard Gundam head design while the helmet had horns pointing outward along with the gold v-fin, much like the head of a dragon.

"Vernier thrusters ready to engage, Arc Generator Version 2 solar energy capacity full, weapons fully loaded, reserve batteries charged, ready Phase Shift armour!" The Pilot said.

The dull grey armour of the machine lit up, switching to an orange colour with a dark grey faceplate, hands, frontal waist armour and feet, with red lines across the chest and helmet.

"Dusk Aero Gundam ready for war…time for me to put this mask to work" The Pilot said.

As it flew around the moon, the light given off by the rock illuminated the cockpit. Sitting in the seat was a young man dressed in a red suit, with silver padding across his chest and gloves and a silver aerodynamic mask covering his face.

"Another war…this'll be fun!" Silver Mask said before a glowing red slit appeared over the right side of his mask.

War was inevitable!

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Prologue ends with the introduction of Silver Mask