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Over it. A Glee fanfic.

Rachel groaned, banging her head against her desk.

He sucks. He sucks. He sucks. He SUCKS.

Forget about him, Rachel! You don't need him!


Gaaaah! I HATE HIM!


"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid head!" Rachel hadn't realized she had said that out loud.

"Excuse me, Ms. Berry?" Her professor raised an eyebrow, a skewering look plastered on her face.

"P-Professor! I wasn't referring t-to you!" Rachel stuttered, feeling a thin sheet of sweat forming down her face.

Her professor had simply just rolled her eyes. "Disrespectful teenagers these days.." she mumbled, moving back in front. "So class, as I was saying the test will be abou-"


Before she could even finish her sentence, all the students started filing out of the classroom, creating a clamor doing so.

Rachel slowly got up from her seat, sighing as she did. Why did high school life have to suck so much?

"1!2!3!4! Girls, keep it moving!" Quinn shouted, inspecting her team mates' movements.

"Hey, Quinn!" a familiar figure called out, waving his hand.

"Finn!" she called back, running to him. "I missed you! How was the championship?" she asked, engaging him in a tight hug.

"We kicked some asses." He beamed, returning her hug.

"That's my man. There's a party in my house tonight. You coming?" Quinn caressed his chest, moving his hand over to hers.

"Y-yeah sure!" Finn replied, stealing one last kiss from her, returning to the field shortly after.

Quinn smirked. Everything is exactly falling into place.

Enjoying your slushie, Berry?

Rachel ran to the girl's bathroom, freezing in her slushie drenched clothes. She pushed the door open, only to reveal two other familiar faces, also drenched in slush.

"Britney? Santana?" Rachel stared in disbelief. Had she just seen the two Cheerios drenched in slush and not the ones drenching her with slush.

"What… Happened?"

Santana hesitated for a while, wiping off a tear from her cheek. "Quinn… Kicked us out of the cheerios."

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