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From Joan's POV, how she sees some of her operatives, small mention of Joan and Arthur :)

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I picked up my coffee, sipping it as I looked over the file sitting on my desk. My eyes wandered out the glass door and walls of my office, to Annie's desk. Jai was perched on the chair next to hers, and it looked as if he was asking something completely un-related to work. He was a hard to one read, Jai. I wasn't quite sure what his purpose was in the DPD, although Arthur had assured me Jai wasn't here to spy on me. He had been useful a few times in assisting Annie with things like McAuly, so I was grateful for that. However, his closeness to Annie and the charming smile was currently flashing her was odd. Jai and Annie? I wasn't one for gossip or speculation on the relationships of my operatives, but I'm getting a weird feeling about all this.

I rose my from chair, holding my coffee and walking to the glass wall, looking out it. Annie Walker. Now there's a hard working girl. She's quick to learn, determined, smart and a good agent for her level of experience, although she still has a lot to be taught. In a way, she reminds me of myself, when I first started at the CIA. However, if doesn't look as is she'll fall in love within the agency, as I did. She's been hurt, and she's strong enough to prevent it from happening again. I admire her for that.

Taking another sip of my latte, I notice a green light flash quickly onto Annie's jacket. I smile. Auggie. Another hard worker, and a kind guy overall. I didn't know him very well before he was blind, just heard his name mentioned a few times. Then I come in to work one Monday morning to find a letter on my desk explaining his accident and relocation to the DPD. He's a fantastic tech guy, faster with a computer than most of the people here who can see the keyboard. It must be hard, but he gets through it. He's strong too, just like Walker.

My computer beeps, indicating a new email. I walk over to my desk to see an email from the DCS himself. I click on it, reading it slowly.


Dinner? 8:30?

Love, Arthur

I smiled to myself, getting back up from my desk. I'll answer it in a few minutes, just to drive Arthur a little crazy. I take another long sip from my coffee and exit my office. I lean up against the railing of the upper level of our office space, directing my line of sight to Annie's desk, where she and Jai are talking.

"Jai! Get back to work please."

"Of course, Joan," He smiles, walking over to me. "Just asking Annie a few questions."

"Work," I say, pointing to his desk. He walks off, and I smile, turning around and walking back into my office. I sit down at my computer and type back a short reply to Arthur: