Baby Bella Cullen
Chapter 3: The Truth Comes Out
BTW this may be a really short chapter because I'm kind of busy attempting to update all stories! But it's an update so I hope you enjoy!

Emmett's POV

I sat in my bed with Rose when I heard a very high pitched scream come from my daughter's room. I got up and ran across the hallway opening her door, and running into the room.

"DADDY DADDY HELP", she screamed, looking at me through tear filled eyes. I pulled her gently into my arms rocking her back and forth, soothing her.

"Shhh, baby girl shhh, tell daddy what's going on ", I said kissing the top of her head.

"DADDY", she screamed burying her head in my chest, "THEY'RE GONNA GET ME DADDY". Her whole body was shaking with fear, and tears were streaming down her face.

"Who baby? Who's gonna get you", I said looking into her eyes. All I could see there was pain and fear.

"THE VAMPIRES DADDY THE EVIL VAMPIRES", she said, gripping tightly to my shirt out of pure fear.
I held her tightly against my chest and sighed.

My baby girl was scared of vampires, and little did she know that her entire family was just that. But, of course we weren't evil, but would she understand that? I guess I would have to find out. I took a deep breath and began what might change Bella's entire outlook on us and her life.

"Baby girl, daddy, mommy, and the rest of our family…they're vampires", I said, waiting for her response.

AN: Sorry it's so short I'm trying to update all 12 stories :D so for your enjoyment here's a little poem :D

Is there a thing so sweet
As a father's love
For his little girl
Whom he's always thinking of
His hands stroke her cheek
As she lies on his chest
It was there she fell asleep
It is there where she likes it best
The day had been a long adventure
For the little girl
Her father sat and thought awhile
As he stroked her curls
The little girl came running home
After her play date
Then her mother had to tell her
That her father would be home late
The tears began to run
Down the little girl's face
While she looked around the room
And at her father's empty place
When he got home, his little girl
Ran up to him and cried
Oh daddy, please stay here with me
Her cheeks had not yet dried
He picked her up and sat her down
Upon his big knee
And in his heart he felt so warm
As it filled with glee
She nuzzled up against him
As they sat together
Then she whispered in his ear
I want you here forever
She kissed him and she fell asleep
For to her he meant the world
And at that moment he understood
That she was daddy's little girl