Minato blinked and stared around him, his fellow Konoha-nin looking slightly disoriented before slipping back into reality and watching as people began to appear in the seal that was written on the ground.

"Konoha-nin! Push aside what you just saw! We must make sure that those are not threats!" cried Sarutobi just before the seal stopped glowing.

The shinobi and kunoichi all nodded tensely, staring down fiercely at the intruders down below. Some were leaning on their comrades, bleeding out while medic-nin dashed around, healing them as best they can.

"Who are you!" snarled an Anbu, katana drawn, jumping down. Minato stared at Sarutobi, waiting for approval. He nodded and Minato jumped down alongside Sakumo, standing a good distance from the group.

"Speak, before we deem you a threat!" snarled Sakumo, one of the genin standing on the roof threw down a kunai.

"Godaime-sama!" cried some Anbu, drawing weapons and leaping to the circumference of the round seal, standing defensively. All the nin on the seal seemed to tense, drawing weapons and crouching down, preparing to leap.

"That's enough!" snapped the Godaime, stepping forward and turning to stare at his Anbu. His hat was drawn over his face, a kunai in his hand, most likely the one thrown at him.

"Who are you! How dare you wear the symbol of Konoha!" growled Minato menacingly, pulling out one of his three-pronged kunai. The Godaime looked at him and his shoulders began to shake and he laughed.

"Oi, gaki cool it, you're acting like a mother bear," chuckled one of the larger cloaked figures. He walked forward to stand next to the Godaime, before reaching up and pulling down his hood.

"Jiraiya-sensei!" burst Minato, gaping at his sensei. Other than some more wrinkles and scars, he looked no different then he did at present.

"Jiraiya, how can we be sure you're our Toad Sannin when he stands here next to me?" questioned Sarutobi, smoking his pipe. He had also joined them on the ground, flanked by Tsunade and Jiraiya.

"Alright, there was this one time after training! I remember it like yesterday, I was heading home when you called me and said, '"Jiraiya, would you like to join me rese-"

"Alright, I believe you," snapped Sarutobi, one of his eyes twitching angrily.

"Looks like you still have your sense of humour is still intact after all these years, Jiraiya," teased the Godaime.

"And who are you? I wonder who the successor of the Hokage position is," Sarutobi stated, eyes alight with curiosity.

"Geez, you'd think he'd be able to guess," the Godaime reached up and pulled off his hat to reveal…

"Tsunade?" gasped Sakumo, staring at her. "You're the Godaime?"

"Is it really unbelievable that I'm the Hokage! Sheesh!" burst Tsunade, waving her hands up.

"But, you can't be the Godaime, I mean no offence, but other than being a taijutsu specialist and a medic, you're kind of weak," shrugged the Jiraiya standing next to Sarutobi. Both Tsunades seemed to tense while the Godaime began cracking her knuckles.

"Wow, who knew I was such an idiot in the past. I mean, Tsunade's a lot of things, but seriously weak?" Jiraiya said dazedly, gaping at his past self.

Suddenly the Godaime stepped forward and punched Jiraiya send him flying back and through several walls. "Bastard!" she roared.