Shindou looked at the clock.


She's late… he thought, Maybe she got into someone's business again…

He sighed as he continued wiping the cup. Ichirou as sleeping as Manager was being the cashier. Then as Shindou was peering at the window, his eyes widened.

Uru was there going to the café, taking her time. With someone.

With a guy.


That crack woke up Ichirou and got the Manager's attention. The manager asked like a worried person, "S-Shindou! Are you okay?"

"Y…yeah," he said numbly barely listening. Ichirou just stared at him silently.

Shindou looked back at the cup as he found it crushed by his hand. He looked at it with total shock and confusion.

He didn't even notice his hand bleeding because of the broken glass.

Why is she with a guy? Is that the reason that she's late? He paused for a second then thought, wait, why do I even care?

Uru came with the guy, "I'm sorry I'm late!"

The three guys had their attention to Uru and the guy. The manager and Ichirou had a mysterious aura. Both auras's saying to the guy why are you with her?

Uru perked up and said to the bonhuer members, "Oh! This is my new classmate Takashiro Aoi. I showed him around town since he's new."

Takashiro nodded. The manager quickly calmed down and greeted happily to the guy.

Ichirou stood silent then said, "Uru…" with a concerned angered stare. Uru flinched thinking, Is…Is he mad?

He fell down to the floor scaring Takashiro. He was asleep. Shindou kicked him in the head, "Wake up idiot."

Manager said, "Oh! Takashiro, please have a seat!"

Uru put a smile then looked up at Shindou. She gasped, "Shindou!" She got his arm and dragged him to another room as the Manager was treating Takashiro and Ichirou is still asleep.

Shindou had a shocked face then stuttered, "W-what?"

"Your hand!" she pointed at the wound, "You hurt yourself."

He finally took notice of it, "Oh… I'll fix it up."

"No I will!" she got the first aid kit. As she started treating it Shindou watched her.

"You know…You should be more careful with your hands Shindou…" she started as she was wrapping a band aid on his wounded hand, "You make magic with these hands. You must treasure them."

Shindou had an amazed face then softly smiled though Uru was too focused on treating his hand.

"There!" she huffed proudly as she finished.

Shindou started to flex and move his hand. Uru put a careful concerned face, "Be careful!"

He muttered, "You know…its your fault that I'm like this…."

She had a confused face, "Huh? How?"

He had a confused face too, "…I don't know."

"?" they all so confused.


Uru turned around with a smile, "Ah! Yes Takashiro?"

"I'm going home now," he said, "Thank you for showing me around town."

She kept smiling, "Yep! Come back soon to the café okay?"

He said with a smile, 'Okay." He left.

"Who is he…?" He said finally noticing the young man.

"Takashiro Aoi, he just transferred here. Didn't I tell you?" she said.

He paused then muttered, "I don't remember…"