Shindou glared at his watch.

He was wearing tight denim jeans with a white v-neck and a vest. He wanted to be classy and simple.

It was already 7:45 and she's not here yet. And the festival starts at 8.

He sighed and he mumbled, "Why do I even care?"

Then he heard a cheery shout, "Shindou!"

I whipped his head forward to see Uru in a pale pink yukata. The yukata has yellow goldfish decorated at the edges of her sleeves and at the bottom. Her hair was tied in a bun.

She did her funny smile as she scratched the back of her head, "hehe... Sorry Shindou. I was trying to fit into my old yukata but it ripped..."

Shindou inwardly thought, "Her inhuman strength must've done it..."

"Hey! Uru!"

Uru turned around and smiled, "Ah! Its Sou Abekawa!"

Sou Abekawa was in a nevy blue yukata, he blushed when he saw Uru in a yukata. When he saw Shindou, his mood kinda darkened. And so did Shindou.

Uru smiled oblivious to the darkened aura, "Ah! Shindou, I already told Sou Abekawa that you'l be our guardian for the festival. And... Aoi-san isn't coming. He was busy."

Shindou nodded with a frown, "Well... shall we get going?"

Sou nodded nervously, "Y-Yeah."

Uru grinned as she held both hands. Shindou and Sou looked at her with suprised.

She looked at them and smiled her sweet silly smile, "Hehe, I feel like the daughter!"

Both the young men frowned thinking, "Daughter?"

She changed the subject quickly, "Oh! I can already see the cotton candy!"

She smiled, "Lets go!" She rushed as she dragged them with her superhuman strength.