my name is BellaD'onna De Luca I am from a small town called Volterra, Italy I live with my mom I was born here and raised but my dad lives in Forks, Washington when I was little my mom left my dad because she couldn't stay in the tiny town anymore. She wanted to go somewhere with nice views and it was warm, I see my dad every summer and sometimes winter but most of the time I am with my mom. Know let me tell you I have Italian blood in me I'm not trying to be vain or anything but Italians are always beautiful. I have and hour glass figure I have long black eye lashes and natural black wavy hair that comes down to my waist .My ice blue eyes, my mom doesn't know where I got them from both her and my dad have a warm brown color.

I'm going to stay with my dad because she married some guy. to tell you the truth I don't like him, he took away my mom I hardly see her anymore there always going on to some show or out to dinner. It's like she has no time for me anymore, so I am giving her space to be with her new boy toy when she ask me if I like him it didn't go so well.


I was sitting down on the couch watching TV when my mom burst threw with phill right behind her I look at her like she was crazy.

"Bella honey what do you think about me and phill getting married" I knew my face was heating up.

"WHAT DO I THINK! HELL NO I DON'T WANT HIM AS A FATHER EVER!" I screamed if her face she looked like was about to break out crying. Well good than

" I never liked him, when was the last time you spend time with me huh the last time we bonded before he came into our lives or the last time you really wanted to talk to me. You don't care about me you're to busy having sex with him to care about my needs" I said I looked at her face to see tears running down her face. I looked at disguised I can't take this anymore!

" Did you know I got in trouble because I got into a fight or I always got raped walking home from school or how I got my black belt or made the soccer team No! Because you never ask and you don't care" I screamed the last part.

" Bella honey please I'm sorry I...I..I can do better please just give me another chance" she said crying pleading me with her eyes.

I shook my head no

" That was the last straw I'm leaving for forks don't try to call me, E-mail, or any contact at all I don't want to hear from you for the rest of my life" I took my Iphone 4 out and called the airlines for a ticket and when up to pack everything thing that was in my room. And trust me that was a lot, me and my family were very wealthy and I mean wealthy we didn't have a problem with money I all I asked the housing staff if they can help me with my things I took them to one of my cars my Mercedes Benz A-class 2012 got my walled credit cards ID and check book and was on the way to the air port.

As I was driving I decided to call charlie and tell him I was going to stay with him for the rest of my senior year.

" Call charlie" I told the car


"Hello" A gruff husky voice answered the phone

"inferno papà mi chiedevo se potevo venire stare con te per il resto dell'anno scolastico? " I said to him... yes yes he knows Italian he has to if he wants to speak to me I don't want to speak English I can under stand it I just don't want to

"certo campane certo che va bene ma voglio che tu a spiegare quando si arriva qui mi senti " I nodded my name evern though he can't see me... I could work with that

"sì papà a presto ciao ti amo "

" ciao Isabella" I hung up the phone and zoom down to the airport... boy with this going to be a ride

end of flash-back

ok so i did some major editing on her but i well have something new hopefully by tomorrow : caio! :)