ok people I see that you like my story so far so I am going to keep this kinda short but I well make the next ch. Longer so here BellaD'onna also put a review for it please its just not right for you not to put your thoughts on the story.

As I was landing in Seattle I was thinking about going to school on the rez I don't like forks kids to much and they gossip way to much.

" Please buckle your seat belt and stay it your seats we are now landing thank you" An annoying squeaky voice said on the intercom. Thanks god I don't how much longer I could next to this old man, we could crash and we he wouldn't wake up.

As we came to a landing I went to get all my stuff I saw someone holding up my name so I am guessing my car is here. I walked up to hi and said hi

" are you BellaD'onna ma'am?" the guy asked

" yes I am" I pulled out my ID he gave me the keys to my car and had some guys put everything in my car. As I was driving to the rez I was thinking about what charlie said to me on the phone did he really want to know what Renee was going up in Italy?

I passed the welcome to forks and keep driving as I was speeding down I way people's mouth dropped at my car, it hasn't came out in America ye and not for another year. I cam on to a dirt rode and than came to a 'Welcome to La Push" sign when I passed the sign I could have sworn I saw a giant wolf looking at me. But when I looked again it was gone I shook my head and keep driving until I got to my dad's house, it was still the same sense I was a little girl two stories with white chipped paint. A red wooden fence and a large front yard , just I pulled in my dad came running out the house and pulled me into hug

"Hi papa" I said in my heavy Italian ascent

" Hello my little one" he said his voice getting thick with sobs coming from his chest

" I missed you to papa" think tears came down on his uniform. I gave him one last hard hug and than pulled away

" come on kiddo I want you to see you new room" I took some of my things and halled them up the stairs where I'm guessing my new room was going to be.

As we came to the last door my dad opened it to reveal the most beautiful room I ever seen. The walls where black with sliver on it. Some words where in Italian, there was a matching desk with a black Mac Pro on it a giant "50" inch plasma screen hanging on the wall where my giant queen size bed lay with black and sliver sheets and throw plows and a giant stuffed bear with my family crest on its neck . That bough tears to my eyes every daughter would get it at the age of 16 and it would pass for daughter to daughter

"i-i-is that what I think it is" I studded

" yea baby I think you are ready" I was happy I wanted this forever someone say there is a lea-gen has it that t go's with it that the first child of the 7th generation swan. she well have such great power that every one well fear her . Its says that she well out shine anyone's beauty and was made to keep peace but I don't believe in that shit.

" O thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou " I scream and ran to give him a hug again.

" no problem kiddo, well I guess I'll let you unpack. Oh by the way you start school tomorrow at La push High" I moaned

he chuckled and left me to unpack.

It took he 2 hours to unpack all my stuff and put it in my walk in closet.

" Bella Pizza's Here!" charlie screamed from down stairs I put my bathroom things down and ran down stairs to see he had a giant box of pizza on the kitchen counter.

I had six slices of pizza. What? I have a big appetite not my problem I do nothing to have the hot bod of mine.

" so uh school start's at 8:00 I leave for work at 5 or 6 so you'll probably won't see me in the mornings and drive that car safely to kiddo I don't want you to wind up in the hospital" I nodded my head said I was going to head up to bed. I washed my plate and ran upstairs. I hopped into the shower took care of my self I don't shave I wax it last longer ,washed my hair, brushed my teeth and pull out some Victoria secret silk pj's

Climbed in my bed and just layed there thinking about tomorrow I haven't seen anymore for year and I doubt there remember me I changed a lot .

As I was looking on my shelves I saw my trophy's for thi qon do and karate self defense all fist melts.

I went to bed dreaming of a sexy cowboy with red eyes.