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What started out as a simple lunch between two friendly strangers, ended up becoming the most dangerous affair anyone has ever seen.

"I was abducted by aliens!"

Cagalli Yula Attha's eyes flew up to the woman that was walking around, flaring her arms around repeating that aliens had abducted her. As if sensing eyes on her, the woman paused and stared at Cagalli. She shifted uneasily where she was standing as the woman began approaching her.

"I was abducted by aliens," the insane woman stated for the nth time.

Cagalli fought back the urge to give a rude reply, instead she gave the woman a curious glance, "oh really…"

Before the mentally ill woman could say anymore, Cagalli picked up her suitcase and began walking through the train station hoping that the woman would take it as a hint of disinterest. Unfortunately, the woman proved to be completely oblivious as she also began walking to match the pace of Cagalli's.

"It happened while I was out eating dinner one night," the woman went on, "I was minding my own business when an abnormal looking fellow told me to follow him in some foreign language."

Cagalli rolled her eyes, "If the language was foreign, then how did you know he was telling you to follow him?"

"He zapped me, instantly making me understand his language," the woman replied.

Cagalli glanced beside her at the women with wild, greasy hair, dirty, ripped up clothes and two different pairs of shoes on. It was easy to conclude that not only was this woman deranged but she is also clearly living on the streets.

"I would love to hear the rest of your adventure," Cagalli said, "but I really have to go now."

The woman smiled and made a weird peace sign with her hand.

"I will find you to continue our discussion," she said before twirling and running off.

Cagalli watched as the woman ran right into a bunch of teenagers that twisted their faces in disgust and told the woman to get lost.

Cagalli laughed to herself, "it seems New York is just as interesting as I've heard it was."

As she walked up the last few steps leading out of the station, Cagalli stopped in amazement. Being from a small town, she was not used to seeing so many tall buildings and so much people. It seemed as if in New York, everyone had somewhere to be, there was constant movement. As she stood there watching the different people passing by, she couldn't help the excitement building up inside of her.

Cagalli put her suitcase in between her legs, making sure to have a strong hold on it due to the stories her father had told her about thieves. She pulled out a little map telling her where all the hotels are located.

After locating the one she was booked under on the map, Cagalli decided that after a lengthy train ride, she deserved something to eat. Lifting up the handle of her suitcase, she began walking towards the road to hail a taxi. After several attempts at getting a taxi driver's attention Cagalli sighed and looked around. She witnessed many people calling a taxi and having one come rushing to the curb with only one shot causing Cagalli to frown.

"This is ridiculous," Cagalli mumbled.

A woman wearing a black female business suit stepped up beside her, lifting one had in the air and letting out a whistle. After a few seconds a taxi pulled up to the curb.

Cagalli gaped at the woman walking towards the taxi.

"Excuse me," Cagalli called before the woman could enter the car.

A look of annoyance crossed over the middle aged woman's face before she plastered a smile on, "yes?"

"I'm from a small town in Georgia and…" Cagalli paused as she saw the woman rolling her eyes. Maybe telling the story of her life wasn't the best idea.

"What can I help you with?" the woman asked.

"I need a taxi."

The woman looked surprised at first but then laughed.

"You're clearly not from around here," the woman stated as she turned toward the road.

"Taxi!" the woman yelled at the top of her lungs.

Cagalli was a little frightened at what the woman had just done, since she was expecting her to just give her the one that was waiting. But she was thankful as a taxi pulled up behind the other one.

"Thank you so much Ma'am," Cagalli called, but the woman had already gotten in the taxi.

The taxi driver stepped out, helping Cagalli with her luggage which she thanked him for.

Getting in the back seat of the car Cagalli told the man to bring her to a restaurant.

"I'm going to need an address..." the taxi driver said over his shoulder.

"I'm not sure; just take me somewhere that gives good food."

The taxi driver made no attempt to hide the tired sigh that left his mouth as he pulled off of the curb.

As they were driving to Cagalli's unknown restaurant destination, she began to wonder that the taxi driver could simply be taking her around in circles to get the most money out of her, something she should have thought about before leaving the destination up to the driver.

After about half an hour of driving, the taxi finally pulled up beside a bistro.

"They serve the best Italian food in the city," the taxi driver said looking through the rear view mirror at Cagalli.

"Thank you sir," Cagalli said, "and how much do I owe you?"

"I'll give you a discount since you're a lost pup."

Cagalli arched an eyebrow, "lost pup?"

"You're not from around here, just don't be walking around alone," the taxi man continued, "it will be fifteen dollars by the way."

Cagalli fished into her wallet for the money. Pulling out a twenty and handing it to him.

"Keep the change," Cagalli said stepping out of the car, "consider the five a tip."

The taxi man smiled widely at Cagalli due to the fact that no one usually tipped a taxi driver, deciding not to mention this fact, the taxi man drove away.

Before entering the Italian bistro, Cagalli could already smell the delicious aroma of the food being cooked inside.

Upon walking inside, Cagalli was greeted by a nice young female waiter.

"Good afternoon ma'am, welcome to our bistro," the waiter said picking up a menu then handing it to Cagalli, "here we give the customers the liberty to seat themselves based on what they like."

"Thank you very much…" Cagalli began leaning in to read the name tag, "Luna."

Luna smiled, "No problem, I'll be around to serve you after you are comfortably seated."

Cagalli immediately searched for a booth. She loved sitting at booths because they were comfortable and offered more privacy than sitting at a table.

Staring out at the dinning area, Cagalli finally noticed the only empty booth and quickly rushed over with her suitcase trailing behind to claim it as hers.

When she reached the booth, however, she noticed that there was a jacket lying on the seat, but nobody was around. Contemplating whether or not to move the jacket for a few minutes, Cagalli finally decided that the person probably left it there by accident. She folded the jacket, slipped into the booth and placed the jacket off to the side of the table.

While Cagalli was looking over the menu, she suddenly heard someone clearing their throat beside her. Curiously Cagalli looked up to see a handsome blue haired, emerald eyed man staring down at her. They were playing a staring contest for awhile before Cagalli broke the silence.

"Uh, sir, can I help you?" she asked.

The man smirked at her, "you see that jacket over there?"

"Oh, I apologize, this must be yours," Cagalli replied picking up the jacket and giving it to the man.

He let out a deep, pleasant laugh, "It is mine, along with the booth you're sitting in."

Cagalli blushed, then pouted as she realized this was the last empty booth, "But this is the only booth left."

"Exactly why I would like it back," the man said still smiling.

"Can't you be a gentleman and let me keep it as a reward for not stealing your jacket?" Cagalli pleaded.

"I hardly doubt my jacket is your style," the man challenged.

"You don't know my style," she stated.

"Well then, since it doesn't seem like this is going to end anytime soon," the man said taking a seat across from Cagalli, "We're going to have to share the booth."

"As long as you're not annoying company, its fine by me," Cagalli smirked. It seems living in New York would never get boring with all the interesting people here.

"I must say it's been a while since I've met such an outgoing stranger who walks around with a large suitcase," the man said referring to the suitcase leaning up against the seat.

"I'm not from around here, I just got off the train about an hour ago," Cagalli told him.

"Oh, well than as a complete stranger to New York's fine cuisine," the man said taking the menu from in front Cagalli, "I insist on ordering something good for you."

"I don't even know your name," Cagalli stated, "And how would you know if I'm allergic to something you order for me."

"That is a valid point, but I'm going to take that risk," he winked, "my name's Athrun."

"It's nice to meet you Athrun, my name's Cagalli," she said reaching to shake his hand, "but since you basically said 'I don't care if you die of an allergic reaction by something I order for you', I would rather I order for myself."

"You don't have any allergies," he said looking down at the menu.

Cagalli frowned," And how exactly would you know?"

Athrun shrugged, "you don't look like you do."

Cagalli couldn't help the laugh that escaped her lips, "and since when can you see someone's allergies?"

"I work in the medical field," he replied smiling.

Cagalli was about to say something back but Luna finally came to take her orders.

"Oh, I wasn't aware you were expecting someone," Luna said looking at Athrun, "would you like me to get another menu?"

"Not its fine," Athrun said, "We'll be having the same thing, number 5 please."

Luna took the menu from Athrun's hands, "and any drinks with that?"

"Two cokes," Athrun answered.

"I hate coke," Cagalli said turning to Luna, "I would like a strawberry smoothie please."

Luna smiled, "It will be ready soon."

When Luna left, Cagalli turned her head and started looking out the window.

"Wow," Athrun said catching Cagalli's attention again.


"I didn't take you for the picky type," he replied.

Cagalli rolled her eyes, "Just because I don't like coke, doesn't mean I'm picky."

"Fair enough,"

"What is number five anyway?" Cagalli questioned.

"You'll see," Athrun smiled at the suspicious look Cagalli was giving him.

After awhile of comfortable silence, Athrun decided to learn more about this small town stranger.

"You're engaged," he observed from the nice ring on her finger.

Cagalli's face immediately glowed, "Oh yes, I'm getting married in two months!"

"That's wonderful," Athrun smiled, "you sound very excited."

"I am," Cagalli said, "he's a very nice man."

"Is the wedding here?" Athrun asked.

"No, its back in Georgia," Cagalli said, "that's where I'm from."

"Interesting," Athrun said, "that would explain the small, but noticeable accent you have."

"Yeah, it's small, but it's definitely there," Cagalli said, "what about you, are you seeing someone?"

"I'm married," Athrun smiled holding up his left hand to show the ring, "It's been almost seven months now."

"That's great," Cagalli exclaimed, "it's nice to finally settle down."

"It is," Athrun agreed.

They continued chatting happily even when there drinks and meals came. Cagalli had to admit the number five meal, which consisted of fine Italian pasta and delicious garlic bread, was absolutely addicting. Cagalli was glad she agreed to Athrun ordering for her.

Athrun was getting to know Cagalli more than a stranger and Cagalli had learned some interesting things about Athrun. It wasn't until Athrun's phone rang that they realized how much time had gone by. Athrun pulled out his blackberry, muttering a quick apology to Cagalli before answering it.

"Hello?" Athrun answered.

"Oh yes, right away," Athrun said before shutting his phone than placing it on the table.

"You have a blackberry too!" Cagalli exclaimed pulling hers out and putting it beside Athrun's.

He laughed, "Yeah, it's a necessity in our time."

"That is very true," Cagalli agreed.

Athrun looked at his watch, "I'm sorry but the hospital called me saying that I have to come in now."

"Oh, it's fine," Cagalli said, "it was very nice meeting you."

"The pleasure was all mine," Athrun said getting up and putting his jacket on, "I feel bad to be rushing out so suddenly like this."

"Really its fine," Cagalli repeated, "you have to go save peoples lives."

Athrun smiled than picked up his blackberry, "Thanks again Cagalli for this entertaining afternoon."

"No problem," Cagalli said, "now leave before you're late."

He laughed again before mumbling a quick bye, than rushing out of the bistro.

Cagalli was left smiling, feeling more excited about being in New York because of the few people she has met so far. She quickly gathered her stuff since Athrun had paid the bill earlier and proceeded out the door.

Since Cagalli had studied the women who had helped her hail a taxi before, getting ones attention wasn't a problem for her this time.

When the taxi pulled up by the curb, Cagalli loaded her suitcase in the trunk then proceeded to the back seat. Once inside, she immediately recognized the driver.

"Hey!" she exclaimed happily, "remember me?"

"How could I forget the lost pup?" he replied smiling, "the name's Miguel by the way."

"Well Miguel, you are officially my designated driver in New York," Cagalli said smiling.

Miguel laughed, "that's not how it works around here pup, you don't always get the same driver. This happened to be a huge coincidence."

"I refuse to ride anyone else's taxi than," Cagalli said stubbornly, "I'll just keep calling for one until you come."

"If that's the case, they'll stop coming to you all together," Miguel joked.

"They have to," Cagalli said, "I'm an official New Yorker

Miguel smiled, "A few hours here doesn't make you a New Yorker pup."

"Is pup my new nickname now?" Cagalli asked grinning.

"It definitely is," Miguel replied, "Anyways, where you off to now?"

"I'm trying to get to this hotel," Cagalli said reaching into her coat pocket for the map where she circled the hotel.

Cagalli handed the map to Miguel, pointing the large red circle, "that's the hotel I'm staying at, mind taking me there?"

"That's my job," Miguel said, "it's about a half hour drives with traffic so just sit tight."

"Thanks a million Miguel," Cagalli said before leaning back in here seat and buckling up her seat belt.

Cagalli decided to spend the car ride thinking about the past few days. It was hard convincing her father to let her come to New York all alone because he was unable to let his little girl go. She had told him that if she saved up enough money to stay here for two months, then he should let her visit. After arguing for weeks, they finally agreed on her staying for a month, since her father thought two months was ridiculous. Cagalli was glad when her father agreed since she's always wanted to visit New York from reading all the NY fashion magazines. Something about seeing everyone in a trendy New York life appealed to Cagalli in so many different ways, she just couldn't control the urge to want to come.

Luckily, her fiancé had been excited for her and even helped her save up some money. He had told Cagalli that anything that would make her happy; he was more than willing to do. Cagalli loved him even more when he said that, she couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with him.

From the different people Cagalli has met, including the psycho alien abduction lady, Cagalli couldn't wait to spend the next month in this strangely attractive state.

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