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Sai wasted no time after the brief 'meeting' to formally introduce himself to Flay. He got up from his chair at the conference table, trying his very best to ignore the conversation starting to stir up on the fact that their new secretary wasn't unattractive like the old one. He stepped out of the room, pausing to locate the newcomer. He spotted her off to the side talking with Kira. It appeared as though they were having a nice friendly conversation from the way her face lit up at something Kira said. He approached the two and kindly cleared his throat. The both of them immediately stopped talking and turned to see who had come.

Sai smiled softly. "Hi, I just thought I should formally introduce myself since I am one of the heads alongside Kira," Sai said extended his hand toward the young secretary, "my name's Sai."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Sai," Flay's smooth voice chimed as she accepted his hand shake, "I'm so grateful to be working under you guys."

Sai couldn't deny the fact that her hands were soft. They remind me of Cagalli's hand, he thought. The thought of Cagalli dimed Sai's mood realizing she wouldn't be back for some time. He missed her so much, from her voice to the softness of her touch, he couldn't wait until she came back home.

"Well," Kira started, breaking Sai's train of thoughts, "my work here is done, I'll just take my leave now."

Sai chuckled, "if you can even call the meeting work."

"It's more work than you've done in awhile," Kira's eyes slightly narrowed followed by a smug grin.

Flay started giggling at the little competitive exchange of words between the two men, "I'm assuming you guys are close?"

"As a matter of fact Sai's my future brother in law!" Kira exclaimed with a huge smile wrapping his arm around Sai and bringing him close.

Flay smiled and looked to Sai for confirmation to which he blushed and offered a small smile.

"It's true," Sai continued after clearing his throat, "unfortunately my fiancée's in New York for awhile."

"Oh that's wonderful!" Flay exclaimed.

Both males looked at her confused wondering what part of a man being separated from his fiancée is wonderful. Reading their expressions, Flay's excited died down a little bit.

"I mean there's a lot of nice bridal dress choices down there," she explained.

Kira's eyes shot up in recognition, "Oh right, I've seen that show…Say Yes To the Dress? I think that's what it's called."

Flay and Sai both began laughing.

"Even though I'm the one getting married, I'd never be caught dead watching that show," Sai said in between chuckles, "did you ever notice that the only men on that show are gay the majority of the time?"

Kira immediately blushed," Hey! I was just helping my twin sister out. I want to make sure she looks absolutely breath taking when she walks down the aisle."

Flay was still giggling on the side when Sai replied sarcastically, "sure."

Kira frowned. "Whatever, I don't have to explain myself to you. Anyways, I'll be leaving now," Kira said turning to Flay shaking her hand, "pleasure having you on board."

"Thank you sir," Flay said smiling as she took her boss' hand.

Kira nodded towards Sai and then retreated in the direction of the elevators.

"Well, I better get back to work, I have a meeting in half an hour," Sai said once Kira was out of sight, "It was nice meeting you Flay."

Flay smiled as Sai walked away towards his office.

They're both so cute, Flay thought watching his retreating figure.

Cagalli woke up feeling refreshed. She had a wonderful nights sleep in Meer's and Athrun's guest room. Wasting no time, Cagalli got out of bed, grabbed her handbag and headed towards the bathroom. Thanking God that she always had a miniature toothbrush in her purse she quickly brushed her teeth and headed downstairs. Upon reaching the main floor Cagalli noticed there was absolutely no sound in the house.

"Hello!" Cagalli called.

After awhile Cagalli started to hear shuffling from the kitchen. She decided to walk towards the source of the noise. Turning the corner she Meer reaching up into a cupboard trying to get something. Since Meer's back was facing Cagalli, she wasn't aware of her presence.

Cagalli shyly cleared her throat immediately catching the women's attention.

"Oh!" Meer exclaimed putting a hand on her chest, "I almost completely forgot you were here."

Cagalli smiled, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you."

Meer nodded her head before approaching the blond, "It's no worries, I'll survive."

"Thank you so much for letting me stay here," Cagalli said, "I probably won't be here for long, just until they clear things up at the hotel or they find another one for the visitors to stay in."

"Once again, no worries," Meer smiled, "That guest room was collecting dust anyways."

Cagalli raised her eyebrow.

"Not literally of course," Meer continued upon seeing her reaction, "I clean it often."

Cagalli laughed again, "Okay, I believe you."

"You have a very beautiful home by the way," Cagalli broke the silence as she looked around the kitchen.

"Thank you, if you must know, I decorated the majority of it," Meer giggled.

"I could tell, there's nothing like a women's touch," Cagalli said smiling at Meer.

The two continued to converse for hours, talking about any and everything that came to their mind. Meer informed Cagalli that Athrun had left for work and probably wouldn't be back home until much later so they had the whole house to themselves. Cagalli could honestly say that Meer was a very kind woman especially due to the fact that she let her stay at her house for a little bit. They continued talking but decided to move to the living room for a more comfortable environment.

"This is a beautiful picture of you too," Cagalli complemented looking at a picture of Meer and Athrun on a beach.

"Thank you very much," Meer said, "I'm so happy to have someone like him in my life. What about you Cagalli, got anyone special?"

Cagalli's face immediately brightened to which Meer smiled at, "as a matter of fact, I'm engaged!" Cagalli held up the diamond ring on her hand.

"That's wonderful! What's his name?" Meer asked.

"His name is Sai; he's amazing, loving and patient. Our wedding's in roughly three months," Cagalli continued unable to suppress her excitement for her big day.

"I can tell you're very excited," Meer pointed out.

Cagalli laughed, "Is it that obvious?"

"There's nothing like a woman's big wedding day," Meer said, "girl's usually dream about it from so young."

"That's very true, I can hardly believe my big day is right around the corner."

Cagalli put the picture back down on the coffee table and noticed a Lacus Clyne CD sitting right beside it. She picked it up, smiling to herself because it reminded her so much of Kira.

"She's amazing," Meer whispered dreamily cutting off Cagalli's train of thought.

The tone in her voice momentarily stopped Cagalli from answering. The gang wasn't joking when they said Meer had an obsession with the pop star.

"Athrun loves her too," Meer continued, "We used to watch her performances together when we were dating and he'd say how she could really sing."

"Yeah she pretty good," Cagalli agreed.

"No," Meer said staring at the CD, "she's wonderful."

Cagalli slowly nodded her head finding it a bit funny how this grown woman was obsessed with a pop star.

"My brother used to have a huge crush on her," Cagalli said smiling at the thought of her twin, "He kept saying how beautiful she was and how someday he was going to meet her."

Meer laughed, "I don't blame him, you can in a way say that I have a little girl crush on her. And your brother was right, she's so beautiful… I want to look like her."

"Why?" Cagalli asked, "You're also very beautiful."

Meer smiled sadly, "Thank you, but she's gorgeous."

"Everyone's beautiful in their own way Meer," Cagalli said putting her hand on Meer's shoulder.

"I know… soon I'll be just as beautiful."

Cagalli gave Meer a confused look, wondering why she'd say something like that but decided to dismiss it thinking that she meant eventually she'll see herself for the beautiful women that she truly is.

The ringing of Cagalli's phone caused her to slightly jump in her seat making Meer giggle. She searched through her handbag, finding her blackberry at the very bottom as usual. Seeing that it was Milly calling, she quickly answered.

"Hey Milly," Cagalli greeted her new friend.

"Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to come meet me at Starbucks for a quick coffee time."

"I'd love too!" Cagalli exclaimed, "I was just talking to Meer, getting to know her and everything," Cagalli said smiling towards Meer, "do you mind if she comes to?"

Meer smiled at the fact that Cagalli didn't want to leave her out.

"Sorry, maybe next time. I'm heading to the hospital to meet Athrun anyway," Meer whispered.

Cagalli nodded in understanding, "Oh never mind, it'll just be me and you then."

"That's fine. I'll text you the directions to tell the cab driver."

"Alright, bye Milly," Cagalli said before hanging up the phone.

"We should probably be heading out then, I can wait with you until a cab comes," Meer said getting up and walking towards the kitchen to get her purse. She reappeared in the walkway leading to the front door just as Cagalli was putting on her shoes.

"You don't have to wait with me, you've already done enough as it is," Cagalli said turning to Meer after her shoes were on.

Meer checked her watch, "Well okay then, I'd probably be late if I waited anyways. And it's really not a problem for you staying here."

Cagalli smiled and walked up to Meer giving her a friendly hug. She could tell the woman was a little startled by her actions but returned the hug nonetheless.

"I'll se you later Meer," Cagalli called over her shoulder as she walked through the front door. She walked down the walkway onto the side walk contemplating which way would lead her to the main road.

"Just walk up the street that way," Meer called from the front door pointing to her right, "and it'll take you to the main roads. You can catch a cab easily there!"

"Thank You!" Cagalli yelled walking in the direction Meer had given her.

Cagalli quickly walked up the street. She started hearing the sounds of cars honking and engines going as she looked up and spotted the main road packed with cars. The New York life, thought Cagalli.

She walked up to a curb and stuck her hand out yelling, "Taxi!"

Cagalli did exactly what she had learned from that woman when she first arrived here two days ago. She couldn't help but feel happy when moments later a taxi pulled up by the curb. She quickly climbed in and checked her phone for the directions to give the driver.

"Well if it isn't Pup," Miguel said.

The blond instantly looked up and smiled widely, "Miguel!"

"Hey there, it's been awhile," Miguel said smiling at the blond.

"Too long if you ask me," Cagalli pouted, "I was very disappointed when I took the cab and you weren't the driver."

Miguel laughed, "Sorry but I can't be a personal driver. Where will I be taking you today?"

"The Starbucks at the corner of uhm, near the bouquet shop?" Cagalli said hesitantly, "I'm sorry, that's what my friend sent in the text message."

"It's alright Pup, being a cab driver I almost know where you're talking about 95% of the time," Miguel smiled before turning around to start driving.

"Thank goodness, or else I'm pretty sure I'd have you driving around in circles."

Miguel laughed, "Not with this skilled cab driver."

They continued their friendly small talk all the way to Starbucks. Cagalli found out a lot more about Miguel and he found out a lot more about her. She could honestly say that Miguel was a very nice friend and she would want to keep in touch with him even when she leaves.

"Well here's your destination," Miguel informed her as he pulled up to the curb in front of Starbucks.

Cagalli handed him his money and opened the door.

"I swear if I don't see you again, I will call the cab company and hunt you down," she ended her threat by smiling sweetly at him.

"Who knew an innocent lost pup has an evil stalker side," Miguel teased, "I'll circle the area if it makes you feel better, maybe we might run in to each other again."

"Not maybe… We will," Cagalli smiled and stepped out of the car. She turned to wave at Miguel one last time before walking into Starbucks.

Cagalli marveled momentarily at the cozy feel this Starbucks has. It makes you want to take you time, relax and just enjoy the environment. She spotted Milly in a corner with two comfy looking chairs.

Cagalli quickly made her way over to her friend and lazily plopped down in the chair across from Milly.

"Well don't you look tired," Milly said leaning forward.

"Not really actually," Cagalli replied sitting up, "but the atmosphere in this Starbucks makes you feel as if you don't have a single care in the world."

"I agree," Milly nodded, "I walked into here feeling high on energy and now look…I'm sitting here lazily drinking my milkshake."

Cagalli let out a small laugh, "I think I'm going to join you with a milkshake. Be right back!"

When Cagalli got back, with her strawberry milkshake in hand, Milly was indulging herself in a Vogue magazine.

"Is that the new release?" Cagalli asked referring to the magazine in the brunette's hands and she slumped back in the chair.

"No, I carry this old one of last month's issue around simply because the styles are classic! I love it!" Milly smiled turning the page and holding a picture up for Cagalli to see to prove her point.

"I agree," Cagalli stirred her milkshake around before taking a little sip, "but the winter articles are always my favorite. Just the different styles for the different winter themed occasion, it makes me go crazy!"

Milly smiled, "Then your closet fills up more around winter time. I'm a sucker for autumn, the colors and the weather. When that season comes around I'm always in the store shopping for new clothes."

"I'll be sure to visit in autumn then, I need a good shopping buddy for that season," Cagalli took another sip of her milkshake enjoying the strawberry taste. "So why did you call me here on this fine summer day?"

"Does a friend need a reason to call another friend for a simple get together?" Milly raised her left eyebrow taking a sip of her milkshake as she stared at the blond expectantly.

Cagalli shook her head as she grinned, "Well can't a friend ask a friend if there are intentions behind this get together?"

"Nope," Milly replied popping her lips to enhance the 'p' sound, "that friend should just trust that the intentions for said get together aren't harmful or in any way going to turn into an interrogation. It's just a simple meeting between new found friends."

"Well, in that case, I'm glad I showed up to this innocent get together with my new New York Friend," Cagalli raised her cup as if she was proposing a toast.

Milly smiled and raised her cup as well, "To new friends."

"How was the first night staying at Athrun's place?" Milly asked taking a long sip of her drink then looked back up at the blond.

"It was nice," Cagalli put her cup down and leaned back in her chair, "I mean I fell asleep early after meeting Meer for the first time. I have to say, however, she seemed a lot nicer this morning than she did when we first met."

"I don't blame her, any woman wouldn't be so fond of a girl that their husband brings home claiming she's the new guest in the house for a while," Milly added.

"That's true, which adds to my feeling. I mean, even though I know they don't mind me staying there, they're newly weds… I feel like they should be spending time alone, not taking care of a Georgian girl," Cagalli bit her lip as she thought some more, "I'm actually hoping that everything with the hotel clears up soon… Not only so I get my money back but to give Athrun and Meer their space."

Milly nodded in understanding, "Well if it's bothering you that much you can just crash in my place for awhile. I have a two bedroom apartment and I get lonely sometimes."

"Aw, Milly, doesn't Dearkka come visit you often?" the blond asked reaching for her cup again.

"Yeah, but surgeons work crazy hours sometimes," Milly spun her straw around in her drink, "when I'm not working, he's usually at work."

"Maybe coming to stay with you won't be such a bad idea…" Cagalli pondered, "When I get the money refund from the hotel, I can just give it to you for the trouble."

"Oh nonsense!" Milly exclaimed, "I'll give you a 50% discount."

Cagalli couldn't help the laugh that escaped her lips, "I feel like a true valued customer."

Milly smiled, "You should, its not every day I let someone into my royal kingdom that I call home."

Cagalli took another sip of her drink, "I'll just have to pick up my suitcase from the police station…"she paused realizing that she has no clue where the police station is, "Where exactly is the police station?"

Milly burst into laughter, "What would you have possibly done if you hadn't met anyone here? Unbelievable, most people would have asked. Anyway, I can just head there with you; I have nothing better to do really."

Cagalli rolled her eyes, "You're making it seem like your life is boring."

Milly got up and started gathering her things and Cagalli followed suit.

"That's exactly what I'm saying," Milly led the way to the front door, "Either than the occasional clubbing, I don't have such an eventful life you know."

"What are you taking about?" Cagalli asked disbelievingly.

They stepped outside of Starbucks on the main streets of New York again.

"Look at this world around you!" Cagalli exclaimed putting her arms up and doing a quick spin emphasizing her point, "New York is amazing!"

Milly laughed, "I guess any tourist would say that about the place their visiting."

The blond pouted at her friend, "Stop being such a pessimist!"

"I can't help it," Milly shrugged walking over to the curb and hailing a taxi.

Cagalli walked up to Milly and put her arm around her as a taxi started approaching, "Well as long as I'm here, I'll keep you positive!"

Milly grinned, "You act like such a child-"

"Miguel!" Cagalli cut Milly off as she opened the door to the taxi that just pulled up to the curb and started talking to her friend.

"Hey pup," Miguel smiled and turned in his seat, "Twice in one day? That's our new record!"

"Yeah, I guess my threat worked on you," Cagalli winked, "I'd like you to meet my friend Milly." Cagalli pointed towards her brunette friend that just came in the cab.

"Hey Miguel," Milly smiled towards Cagalli then to the Cab driver.

Miguel laughed, "Hey Milly, how's everything going?"

"Wait…" Cagalli's jaw dropped, "you guys know each other?"

"Yep," Milly answered popping the 'p' as usual, "Same area of New York."

"Oh well…" Cagalli trailed off slouching in her seat.

"its okay pup, your intentions were good," Miguel said turning back around in his seat, "where to ladies?"

"The Elsmere Police Station please," Milly said.

"So, pup, when did you meet Miguel?" Milly asked smiling at the nickname.

Cagalli immediately blushed, "Shut up!"

"What?" Milly asked innocently, "I think it's cute."

The blond blush got even deeper when she heard Miguel's laughing at the front.

"You should have seen her when I picked her up the first time, didn't even know where she was going!" Miguel said over his shoulder causing him and Milly to laugh.

"This is going to be a long car ride…" Cagalli mumbled slouching in the backseat and covering her face.

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