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Little Girl Lost

by Minlin

Chapter 2

Nick tries, but there's no answer at Coach Ross' residence. He decides to try Karen Crezski and is luckier.

"Chief Monohan, hello. I hope everything is well?"

"Mrs. Crezski, actually I was trying to get a hold of Coach Ross. Would you know how I could get in touch with him?"

"Oh I'm afraid Carl's out of town. The football team has an away game tonight. They'll be staying over and coming back in the morning. Is there something I can help with?"

Nick sighs heavily, he'd been hoping to get in touch with Ross but perhaps Karen can be of assistance.

"Look, I don't mean to pry, but I got the impression that your- uh...that you don't get along very well with the vampires?"

There's a pause.

"We generally aren't too friendly, no."

Karen's voice is hesitant, but not hostile.

"There's been a kidnapping..."

"You suspect a vampire?"

Her voice is shocked, she may not be fond of vampires but apparently she knows they have rules.

"No! Well, yes, but nobody living in town."

He realizes he needs to explain this better.

"Emily Radcliffe..."

"Claire's daughter? Oh god, she's been taken?"

"A former friend of the family took the girl from her house. They think she went willingly, she trusts him, but have reason to believe she's in danger."

"What do you need me to do?"

There's no hesitation or wariness in her tone now. She's not speaking as a werewolf but as a mother concerned for a child, even if not her own.

"I was hoping, well, I can't call for state or federal assistance considering the nature of the case. There's a good chance that he's not very far from here and I need a way to track him. At least maybe get an idea of which direction to look."

Nick feels a bit awkward, the last thing he wants to do is offend anyone. He realizes the werewolves might not be thrilled being asked to be tracking dogs, but with a child's life at stake he can't pussy-foot around.

"Of course, I'll get in touch with the community right away. Some might be a little hard to persuade, but I'll bring them around."

Nick feels a brief flash of pity for anyone not immediately agreeable. He has a feeling that Karen Crezski's methods of persuasion are very effective.

"We'll meet you at the Radcliffe's in about 30 minutes," she tells him.


Exactly 33 minutes later the Radcliffe's doorbell rang. Nick had told Dylan and Claire that he'd gotten help, and from who, they were more than willing to accept.

"Karen, thank you," said Claire shakily, "Thank you so much."

"Claire," the blond came forward and put a gently hand on the other woman's shoulder.

"How are you holding up?"

Claire eyes teared, but she kept control.

"We'll do all we can to find her," Karen reassured her, "I promise you."

Nick realizes that while werewolves and vampires may not get along, apparently Karen and Claire do. There's probably an interesting story there.

Karen turned to Nick, "Several people volunteered immediately but I figured it might be a bit noticeable if there were suddenly two dozen large dogs running around a specific, small area. Four of the volunteers came with me..."

"Five," said a voice from the doorway.

They turn to see Lukas Ford standing in the doorway.

"Eight actually," said a girl standing beside him who Nick didn't recognize.

"Please let me help," said Lukas directly to Nick, "you helped my mom and I when we needed it. Please, I want to help."

"Lukas is pretty much the best tracker around Mrs. Crezski. You know that."

"That's true Lexy but we're not going to be hunting deer, we're hunting a vampire. It's much more dangerous."

"More dangerous than getting shot by that hunter?" asks Lukas,"more dangerous than living with my dad?"

Karen flushes and drops her eyes.

"What does your Mom say about this?"asks Nick.

"She understands that I want to do this."

"I'll give her a call, if she tells me it's ok, then you can help. BUT you will do exactly what I tell you, up to and including go home."

The boy's smile is blinding. Nick feels a twinge of unease, he's so young, but they need him.

The girl, Lexy, puts her two cents in.

"We; Mickey, Greg and I, came along as back-up. Greg's almost as good a tracker as Lukas, and Mickey and I are the fastest. We figured we could be your reserve group."

"And how do your parents feel about this?"

"Actually," says Karen, "since Lukas is their Alpha, there probably wouldn't be much of an objection."

"I didn't force them," says Lukas quickly, "I told them the situation and they offered."

Nick nods, "Ok, let me call your mom," and he's pretty sure he already knows the outcome of this phone call, "and then we'll get started."



Since most of the other wolves in Lukas' pack haven't been named, I'm naming them. I'll be naming or creating other minor characters as necessary.