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If You Were There…

Moose/Camille and Natalie/Luke

Step Up 3D

Rated: K+


Chapter One;

All In My Head

"Camille, you coming?"

She glanced up slowly from her phone. "Soon, Moose is running late, but he'll be here shortly." Kristen nodded and left with the others as Camille looked back at the phone sadly.


"Oh Cam," his voice awoke her from her sleep and she looked up from snoozing at his study desk to find Moose stand over her, a frown etched to his face. She angered quickly. What right had he to look like that? Feel sorry for her? She didn't need his pity…

"Save it Moose, I don't need to know." She stood and grabbed her coffee cup, sunglasses and shrug.


"I've been dancing Cam. Before, during and after school."

She was standing in the doorway now, her eyes prickling from the earliest onset of tears. "So you've been lying to me too?" He looked to the floor. "Why couldn't you just tell me?"

"It's over now."

She nodded determinedly. "You're right, it's over now…"

A soft shake of her shoulder awoke Camille from her dreams and she looked up to find Moose standing beside her desk sporting straight hair and the ugliest silver shirt she'd ever seen. She cracked a slight smile but it disappeared when she remembered the dream. "What are you doing here?"

"Cam," he smiled that usually goofy smile, "it's the Halloween Dance remember?" He pushed a small hunk of hair off her forehead. "You poor sleepy little Chameleon."

Camille chuckled; covering how momentarily uncomfortable she'd felt at his caring touch, then let the dream wash over her again. "Uh, Moose, can I ask you something?" He was distracted now by a snow globe on Camille's desk, one of many small things Cam had come across in the college shops when she was trying to ignore the fact that her best friend had gone AWOL on her, and just gave a small grunt. She glanced at him for a minute. He looked tired; really tired actually, but there was something about him that she hadn't seen since, well, since he'd been dancing in high school actually. But then… no, he wouldn't. During their senior year they'd planned for the future, facing it together, and vowed to leave high school things behind them…

He looked up when she didn't say anything and his left eyebrow lowered in an animated way.

Typical Moose. Goofy, sweet and always honest Moose. Her best friend. Her confidant. The guy she'd been in love with for over two years now. He wouldn't lie to her. It would do her no good to ask.

"I wanted to know if you had the lights off when you dressed yourself tonight." He feigned hurt as she just laughed. "Just to make sure the power's not out in your dorm."

"Wow, one hour of straightening my hair and this is what I get?" He sniffed but he wasn't the best actor she knew and it only made her laugh harder. "Alright you cold, cold woman, you ready to get to the dance?" He stood and offered her his arm, his elbow crooked to accept hers.

She failed to hold back the enthusiasm as she jumped to her feet and took it from him. "Let's roll."

A girl had waylaid Luke's best ally that night, but he didn't blame Moose for choosing his best friend over his new one, he himself was being sent to the other side of town for the exact same reason. That afternoon when he'd received Natalie's text he'd been more than confused, sure she'd left and would never return, but now she was holding a birthday party in one of the flashiest places in town? It just didn't add up. He tried calling her again as the taxi pulled up outside the hotel, but again no answer, so Luke thrust ten dollars at the driver and got out, not waiting for his change.

He realised he needn't have hurried as the moment he got to the doorway he was stopped by some pompous jerk holding a clipboard. "Invitation?"

"Uh," Luke fished out his phone. "I got it on my phone."

The guy looked at Luke in a way that suggested Luke had something more along the lines of 'my catfish just baked me a cake' rather than something rather reasonable. Obviously phone invitations weren't kosher in this part of town. "Stand over there please and wait." He shuffled to the side as the usher-type guy let in people better dressed and clearly much better off than Luke. Obviously they didn't live in a warehouse that was about to be repossessed.

Their loss.

He was leaning against the wall behind him wondering if he was about to get escorted out by security when he saw it – the rack of jackets and trousers sitting just inside the kitchen doorway. With one last look at the busy clipboard guy, he grabbed a suit and slid into the bathrooms nearby.

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