All this time I was wasting,
Hoping you would come around;
I've been giving out chances every time,
And all you do is let me down.
And it's taking me this long, baby,
But I figured you out;
And you're thinking we'll be fine again,
But not this time around.

By now, it was almost Christmas Break; Draco and I were pretty much inseparable. Due to the unmasking at the Halloween Ball, Ginny and Blaise were inseparable. Anytime that there was Prefect Duties, they were beginning to Prefect Duty Rounds to inter-house pairs; starting with Ginny and Blaise.

One night, right before Christmas Break, there was a knock on the Portrait Door. I opened the door and stared into the eyes of a red-headed Weasley; but not the one that I wanted to be seeing. Draco was in the library.

"'Mione," they said, "I'm so sorry. It's been four months about; please forgive me." I sighed.

"Ronald, I gave you chance after chance after CHANCE again and again. You will never stop cheating on me. You know that you would rather be with that... That... SLUT!" I shook my head as he looked at me with pleading eyes. "Just go away, Ronald... I'm happy; I'm finally happy..."

You don't have to call anymore,
I won't pick up the phone;
This is the last straw,
Don't wanna hurt anymore.
And you can tell me that you're sorry,
But I don't believe you baby;
Like I did before.
You're not sorry, no.
No oh.

"But, 'Mione-"

"Ron," I said quietly, "shut up. You're not sorry, and you never will be; and you know it." I glared at him. "I avoid you because I can't stand to look at you because I can't stand to look at your face. I don't answer your owls because I have nothing to say to you-"

"But I ended things with Lavender! I don't want to be with her! I want you!"

"-and I don't believe you anymore like I used to. I forgave you over and over again." I sighed. "Can't you just accept that I'm happy with Draco? He can give me things that you never gave me."

"Ferret," he hissed. "What can Malfoy give you? He's a Death Eater-"

"No, Ronald, you assumed that he was. HE never got the Mark! He didn't even do Voldemort's bidding! If it hadn't been for sacrifice by several people, Draco would be dead because he CHOSE to fail!"

Ron scoffed. "Again, what does he have to offer that I supposedly couldn't give you?"

My mouth gaped, jaw dropped at him. "Everything!" I yelled, waving my hands before counting everything off on them. "Security, Honesty, TRUSTWORTHINESS-"

"What's so trustworthy about him?"

"-Romance, PASSION, FRIENDSHIP!" I emphasized on several different occasions, trying to get it across to him.


"Go AWAY, Ronald!" I said before slamming the door in his face. Breathing a huge sigh, I turned back to the table in the middle of the Common Room, picked up my book while curling back into a ball on the couch and continued to read; waiting for Draco to get back.

Looking so innocent, I might
Believe you if I didn't know;
Could've loved you all my life
If you hadn't left me waiting in the cold.
And you got your share of secrets,
And I'm tired of being last to know;
And now you're asking me to listen cause it's
Worked each time before.

I sighed again, turning the page. I was so tired of Ron's crap; it was beginning to get unbearable! Suddenly, I heard someone outside the Portrait Hole yell "Weasel! Get away from the door to my Common Room!"

"Shut up, ferret, before I curse you into oblivion for even looking at 'Mione!"

"Is that a threat, Weasley? I can give you a weeks worth of Detention just for threatening to curse me."

There was a low snarl, I was now looking at the Portrait Hole, waiting for the moment that I needed to intervene between my boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend. "You wouldn't, Malfoy, because it would hurt her and piss her off!"

"Ha! She despises you right now! She'd rather spit on your face than talk to you. Now, stop making a scene in front of my Common Room before you're put back in Detention for not only threatening me, but also making a public disturbance."

"No," I heard Ron growl before he shouted "Stupefy!" At that second, I swung open the Portrait and saw Ron with his wand pointed at where Draco was standing, and Draco was on the floor with his hand loosely around his wand.

"Mr. Weasley!" I yelled. Ron whipped around. "This will carry a severe punishment." Luckily, at that moment, Blaise and Ginny walked up. "Expeliarmous," I muttered, catching Ron's wand. I now had to put on my Head Girl face, which Ginny realized with a gasp. "Miss Weasley, Mr. Zabini," I said, my eyes not off Ron, "please take the Head Boy to the infirmary. He was hit with a very strong stunning spell and hit the floor quite hard." Ginny and Blaise both nodded, and picked Draco up and carried him to the Hospital Wing. "Mr. Weasley, I believe we have an appointment with the Headmistress." Stowing both wands in my robes, I took Ron by the arm and escorted him to Headmistress McGonagall's office.

Within minutes we stood in front of the stone gargoyle that lead to the staircase to her office. "Stay right there," I told Ron. I stepped up to the gargoyle and whispered into it's gigantic ear, "Semper Albus." I stepped back from the gargoyle as it sprung to life to reveal the steps to her office. I turned to Ron. "Let's go, Mr. Weasley," I said, my arm extended to the staircase making him go first.

When we got the top of the stairs, he looked at me before knocking timidly. We faintly heard McGonagall's "Come in." Ron looked at me before reaching for the handle. "I'm sorry, 'Mione," he said again.

"In, Mr. Weasley; let's not keep the Headmistress waiting," I said, nodding towards the door. He sighed, and opened the door. Professor McGonagall looked up from her desk, there was a slight of trace of surprise in her expression.

"Miss Granger? Mr. Weasley? To what to I owe the pleasure?" McGonagall had put her quill down and had her hands folded on top of her desk. Without a word, I motioned a non-verbal command to Ron to sit-which he did-and took his wand from my robes, setting it upon her desk. "Oh," was all she said, and I sat down in the second chair across from her. "Another student was hexed?"

"Not just any student, Headmistress," I replied in the same Head Girl manner that I had been handling this entire situation. I looked at Ron. "Would you like to explain or shall I?" Ron kinda shrunk back into his chair. "Mr. Weasley, you know Headmistress McGonagall as well as I do, if you hold your peace it will be more severe, I can promise you that." With my peripherals, I could see the shock on McGonagall's face. She had very rarely seen me like this, and very, VERY, few people had seen me anywhere remotely close to this. Ron, in answer to my question just looked to the floor.

"Malfoy... Bloody git..." was what came from his barely audible mumble. McGonagall's shock turned from me to Ron.

"You... You hexed the Head Boy, Mr. Weasley?" McGonangall stuttered slightly.

"With a very strong stunning spell powered by a lot of anger," I said. "The Head Boy hit his head quite hard on the floor. As I began to tell Mr. Weasley that he had an immediate appointment with you, Miss Weasley and Mr. Zabini came around the corner and took Mr. Malfoy to the infirmary upon my request." All she did was nod.

"Well," she said after a moment. "As Head Girl and a witness, you have the first suggestion for punishment, Miss Granger." At that, Ron's head shot up.

"What? She gets to chose the punishment? That's BEYOND unfair!" Ron had jumped out of his seat. McGonagall turned her attention back to him.

"Hexing-especially stunning-another student is a serious delinquency, Mr. Weasley," she said calmly. "Being that it was the Head Boy, that makes it an even more serious matter!" She turned back to me. "Miss Granger?"

I sighed. "Well," I said. "To begin, at least a month's worth of Detention. During which, there should be a suspension from the Quidditch Team"-at that I saw the horror on Ron's face as he whipped his head around to face me-"and fifty points from Gryffindor."

McGonagall nodded. "That sounds very reasonable, Miss Granger-"


"-BUT," she continued, raising her voice higher than Ron's as he stood once again. "Due to the fact that it was the Head Boy, I am extending it. Six weeks Detention, I agree with the Quidditch suspension, and it will be another thirty points also." Ron sat there gaping at both the Headmistress and I. I nodded agreeing full heartedly with her extension on the punishment, but I think there should be one more thing.

"Headmistress," I said, a little nervously at bringing this into the situation. She looked back at me. "I believe," I continued, "that with the seriousness of this being the Head Boy that was, indeed, stunned; I believe Mr. and Mrs. Wealsey should be notified about the situation. After all, the punishment is very severe-almost near suspensin or expulsion-for such a serious act; but, do remember that they did have three boys that were Head Boys, so he should know proper respect that needs to be shown towards one."

She nodded. "You're correct, Miss Granger. I believe Authur and Molly should be notified about this situation also." Ron's head shot to McGonagall, then he shot a glare back to me. "Now," she said, "Miss Granger, you're dismissed. Mr. Weasley, you're to stay here with me." Ron slumped back into the chair; I stood, and bowed slightly to McGonagall.

"I will be sure to request to Madam Pomfrey that she keep you informed," I said, watching McGonagall incline her head to accept that I give that request, before I turned and walked out the door; listening to murmurs from the portraits of the former Headmasters.

"Now, you'll be sorry," I whispered as I descended the stairs to head to the Hospital Wing.

You don't have to call anymore,
I won't pick up the phone;
This is the last straw,
Don't wanna hurt anymore.
And you can tell me that you're sorry,
But I don't believe you baby;
Like I did before.
You're not sorry, no.
No oh.

I sat beside Draco's bed in the Hospital Wing. Ginny and Blaise sat on the opposite side. I had been on McGonagall's office whit Ron for two hours, and Dray still hadn't woken up. We all sat there in silence. As if I now needed anymore proof to show that Ron will never be able ti give me a real reason to forgive him.

Apparently, because of the force of the stunning spell, when Dray hit the floor he has hit it hard enough to give him a concussion and knock him out for a long while; meaning that all I could do was sit there next to him, holding his hand, and wait for him to wake up. It was going to be excruciatingly long for me...

I'd been sitting there for only an hour and a half or so, when McGonagall's cat Patronous showed up. "Miss Granger, I'm sorry, nit I need you to come to my office with Miss Weasley and Mr. Zabini. Oh, and an update on Mr. Malfoy too. Thank you," it said to me before vanishing before our eyes.

I looked at Ginny and Blaise who nodded. Ginny went into Madam Promfrey's office to talk to her. I stood up and leaned over Dray's bed, bending my head next to his. "Blaise, Ginny and I have to go see McGonagall, Dray. I'll be back as soon as I can," I whispered in his ear, before leaning up and kissing his forehead. I could only hope that he had heard me; but something in my heart told me that he had, and he would still be here when we got back and that could either be a good or a bad thing.

Just as I leaned away from his bed, Ginny reappeared and we all left the Hospital Wing to head to McGonagall's office. We walked in silence, the inseparable couple separated to put me in between them; each one with an arm around my shoulders. When we reached the stone gargoyle, it lept aside and allowed us through without the password; most likely by order of McGonagall. Before going up the stairs, I composed myself; the Head Girl attitude that I had held earlier in her office, since I had no idea why I was back with Ginny and Blaise in tow.

Head held high, I walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. I looked to Ginny and Blaise as McGonagall said "Come in." I opened the door and walked in, Ginny and Blaise right behind me. We walked into the office with this scene: McGonagall behind her desk with her hands folded on top of it, Ron still in the chair he was in when I left except that he was now staring into the fire, Mrs. Weasley was in the chair I had sat previously and turned her head to face the three of us, and Mr. Weasley stood behind her and was also now facing us.

"You wanted to see us, Headmistress?" I asked as Ginny, Blaise, and I walked in; Blaise shutting the door behind us.

"Yes, Miss Granger," she said. "Please, sit down." She conjured three more chairs, and we each took a seat. Mrs. Weasley's chair was closer to Ron's chair then it had been; I sat beside her with Ginny beside me, and Blaise on her other side. "Miss Granger, do you have an update on Mr. Malfoy?"

"I do, Headmistress," Ginny said. "When Mr. Malfoy hit the floor, he apparently hit it hard enough to give him a little more than just a concussion." She glared at Ron before continuing, looking back at McGonagall. "After Madem Promfrey took the stunning spell off, he remained unconscious. He still is. Madem Promfrey said it may be several hours before he is conscious again."

I closed my eyes for a second. This was harder to do than I thought. "Thank you, Miss Weasley," McGonagall said as I opened my eyes. "Now, I'm sure the three of you are wondering why I requested your presence." We nodded timidly. "Well, I know what Miss Granger saw. But I would like to know what you, Miss Weasley, and you, Mr. Zabini, saw or heard."

"Minerva," Mrs. Weasley said, "after Ginny and Blaise speak, I'd like to hear Hermione if neither you nor her mind."

"I don't mind," McGonagall said. "Miss Granger, would you mind retelling what happened?" I nodded, not sure that if I spoke now that my voice wouldn't crack on me. "Alright then. Well, Miss Weasley, I need to know what you heard and saw."

"Well," Ginny said, looking at her parents and then back to McGonagall."We-Blaise and I-were coming back from dinner and decided to see Hermione and Draco. We were about five corridors from their Common Room when we heard... It wasn't yelling, but it was kind of a loud talking. It was semi-calm, but very authoritative. Then there was another voice that was suddenly shouting the stunning spell. We never heard a thud, but we knew it was there. As we got closer, pretty much right around the corner, we heard Mia yelling at Ron-in her Head Girl voice-that (and I quote) 'this will carry a severe punishment'. Right about that time, we came around the corner as she disarmed Ron. I saw her Head Girl face and almost knew immediately what had happened. After she realized we were there, she asked me and Blaise to take Draco to the Hospital Wing while briefly explaining why, we picked up Draco and took him there."

McGonagall nodded her head and looked at Blaise. "Is that all true, Mr. Zabini?"I watched as Blaise nodded while kind of mumbling "Yes, Headmistress." She nodded, lookingto me. "Miss Granger?"

I nodded, looking at Mrs. Weasley, and replaying-AGAIN-exactly what I had both seen and heard. I had seen Mrs. Weasley mad before, but now she looked furious at the end of my story. The office had gone silent after I had finished.

You had me crying for ya, honey,
And it never would have gone away;
No, you used to shine so bright
But I watched all of it fade...

McGonagall excused the three of us. As we walked out, I saw Ron's face pale and any shine left in his eyes was completely gone. He looked like a ghost; and, frankly, I believed that before the night was over, we would probably be wishing that he was.

We headed back to the Hospital Wing in silence-yet again-all of us praying that Dray would be awake soon.


"Mia... Mia!"

"Huh? Wha'?" I looked up, expecting Blaise to be the one shaking me awake; but pools of silver met my eyes. I jumped up. "Dray!" He scooped me into a hug from his bed. "Oh, baby," I mumbled into his shoulder before I broke down crying.

"It's okay, Mia," he whispered. "I'm right here... I heard every word you said to me, I promised I'd never leave you and I'm going to keep it." Draco continued to murmur into my hair. "I love you so much, Mia."

"I love you, Draco, I love you," I mumbled into his shoulder continuously while he rubbed my back lightly. It had been almost a week since the incident and he had finally woken up.

"'Mione, it's time for dinner," I heard a gentle voice say. It was Blaise.

"'Mione-?" Ginny half-began asking. I turned around, and they both saw Draco awake. "Draco!" Ginny exclaimed, running to the other side of his bed.

"You're up, Mate," Blaise said, hugging me before standing next to Ginny. "Do you remember anything?"

Draco nodded. "Yeah, Weaselbee hexed me," he said. "And now I'm waking up after a couple hours... Must've been some stunning spell." He smiled, and I looked away.


Draco's POV

My smile fell when I saw her look away. "What's wrong,love?" I asked her. I knew I was right about the Weasel hexing me, I had heard it before everything went dark... So what was there to be wrong about? I looked at Blaise and Ginny, who were also looking away from me, but at Mia. "Will someone tell me what's going on?"

Blaise sighed. "I can't tell him..."

"I will," Ginny said quietly. "It was my brother, after all..." I looked at Mia, who was looking at the other two, and she shook her head.

"I will," she said even more so quieter than Ginny had.

I threw my hands up in the air, giving a frustrated sigh; they all looked at me. "Will someone PLEASE tell me what it is you want to tell me? I'm sure it's late, and we all need to get to bed since we have Mid Terms next week." Mia looked away from me again. "Mia, love," I said. "What is wrong?"

She sighed, looking at me. "Dray," she said, her voice beginning to betray her in the fact that she was upset. "We're already a day into Mid Terms." I stared at her, shocked.

"THAT'S how you tell him he's been knocked out for almost a week?" Blaise said loudly. "You tell him we're already a day into MID TERMS?"

"Oh, how ELSE was I supposed to tell him?" Mia half-yelled back, before adopting a slightly amused and slightly upset look. "Like this: oh, I'm sorry baby, but Ron's spell was so powerful that even after it was removed from you it didn't matter because you hit your head so hard that it knocked you out for a week so what you think is actually next week is right now? BLAISE YOU IDIOT!"

"Guys," Ginny said in a tone that wasn't a normal one but was still crossed between a yell and a whisper. They both turned on her. "He IS awake, you know!" Their faces fell, and the three of them turned towards me.

"It's... It's Tuesday... Of... Next... Week... ?" I half-said, half-asked completely confused. Before anyone could answer, the doors to the Hospital Wing swung open, and in walked the idiot who cursed me. "What the fuck are YOU doing here?" I yelled.


Hermione's POV

I hadn't turned around yet, but Draco's question made me realize exactly who had just walked through the door; and I turned around. My eyes narrowed. "Ronald," I said in a slight hiss. "What do you want?"

He continued to approach the bed. "I was just coming to see you," he whispered to me. My eyes narrowed. "I haven't seen you at meals lately, I wanted to make sure you were okay."

"That's not your job anymore," barked Blaise. "And I doubt you even did it when it WAS your job. Oh, that's right, you didn't!" Ron's eyes snapped up and narrowed at Blaise. "You were to busy shagging Brown to even give two cents about how your girl was doing. Now guess what? She's Draco's, and he does a great job at making sure she's okay."

"Really? Cause it seems like he's been slacking the past week," Ron said sarcastically.

"That was because of YOU, you dolt!" Ginny practically screamed. "Get OUT Ron! You don't deserve to be in any of our presence!" Obviously, the look on Draco's and Blaise's faces told me that they had never seen Ginny like this before; but soon, Blaise's shock turned to admiration as he watched his little firey red-head of my best friend.

"I just... I wanted to... Apologize..." Ron slightly stuttered.

"To who?" Ginny asked as Draco mumbled a slightly audible "Yeah right."

"'Mione," Ron mumbled just as low as Draco had.

I scoffed."Go away, Ronald," I said viciously. "If you apologize to anyone it should be Draco. Now, OUT before I let Minerva know that you have another week added to your detention."

Ron flushed a bit, before quickly turning and leaving the Wing.

So you don't have to call anymore
I won't pick up the phone
This is the last straw
There's nothing left to beg for
And you can tell me that you're sorry
But I don't believe you baby
Like I did before
You're not sorry, no no oh

The door shut, and I let out a frustrated growl. How DARE he? The imbecile! Madem Promfrey came bustling around the corner, and began to fuss over Draco; only to make sure that he would be okay before she let him go. "I've only been awake an hour," I heard him tell the nurse behind me. "You've never released me after that soon!"

"That's because you still weren't well at the time, Mr. Malfoy," she said, finishing checking him over. "You seem better now than you have any other time you have left my presence. So, I'm going to release you."

Smiling, the four of us went down to dinner; Blaise and Draco sitting with Ginny and I and everyone at the Gryffindor table. No one but me noticed that Ron wasn't even present for his favorite meal of the day.

You're not sorry, no no oh