New Years

CR-S01 looked around confused. Everyone was chattering about, eating and drinking glasses of wine. Once more it was 11:40 in the night. The only reason why CR-S01 was even up was because he take the loud noises small popping sounds and others he couldn't identify except chattering.

"Hey kid!"

CR-S01 jumped before turning around.

"Dr. Cunningham! You scared me." the doctor said.

"Hah, really?," Gabriel laughed. "You're jumpy kid. Anyway, Happy New Years Eve kiddo!"

CR-S01 held a confused look to the slightly intoxicated diagnostician.

"What's with the look?" Gabriel asked.

"What's New Years Eve?" CR-S01 asked back quietly, even looking down in shame for not knowing.

Gabriel chocked on his drink.

"Are you serious kid?" Gabriel said in shock. Luckily, no one noticed from all the racket.

CR-S01 nodded feeling embarrassed because he felt it was something should know but didn't.

Gabriel sighed as he patted the surgeon's shoulder as if he was consoling him.

"Okay, listen kid. New Years is a holiday. We all celebrate the beginning of a new year." Gabriel explained.

That made sense to CR-S01. Explained why no one was working, the food, slightly intoxicated staff, and booming noises. Suddenly, a woman in a red kimono appeared beside Gabriel, causing him to jump like

CR-S01 had.

"What's this?" Tomoe asked.

"Agh, it's you Tomoe." Gabriel gasped. "How many times do I have to tell not to do that?"

"Sorry about that Dr. Cunningham." Tomoe apologized solemnly. "I was just wondering what you two were doing."

"Oh, I was explaining to the kid here what New Years is." Gabriel answered.

"Eh? You don't what New Years is?" Tomoe gasped.

CR-S01 nodded a little bit.

"Well, New Years is when we celebrate the coming of a new year. I like to celebrate by writing a New Years Resolution." Tomoe immediately said, unknown to her, Gabriel had already explained it .

"New Years Resolution?" CR-S01 asked.

"It's when we decided to do something for the entire year. Like being nicer or studying harder." Tomoe said.

"Mine is to practice more often so my skills as a surgeon and a warrior do not falter."

CR-S01 and Gabriel remained silent at Tomoe.

"Hey, enjoying yourselves I see."

It was Hank Freebird. To be more specific, Hank Freebird shouldering a drunk and almost passed out Maria Torres.

"Drunk again Maria?" Gabriel sighed.

"Anyway, what were you three chatting about?" Hank aasked

"Kid here doesn't know what New Years is." Gabriel answered.

"What?" Maria yelled groggily in shock, interrupting Hank. "How could you not know what New Years is?"

"I was in prison for eight years with almost no human contact. I'm lucky I can still interact normally with another person!" CR-S01 defended.

"Well it's still no excuse not to know what an international holiday is." Maria said with her arms crossed.

"Technically, it's New Years Eve. In a couple of minutes, it'll be New Years Day!" Hank pointed out.

"I almost forgot! The countdown!" Gabriel said in shock.

Soon, Tomoe disappeared without warning and Gabriel and Hank, dragging CR-S01 and Maria behind them, ran out to the flower garden of the hospital Where they met with Tomoe again.

"Countdown?" CR-S01 asked Gabriel while trying to catch his breath.

"We count down the final minutes of this year until it's January 1! Gabriel said excitedly.

"Well, how will we know if it's January 1?" CR-S01 asked. "The clock is inside."

All four grinned at him.

"Okay people!" a drunk Esha yelled out.

"Countdown starts at…"

"10, 9, 8..." everyone began chanting except CR-S01, who remained silent, nervous since this was his first time.

Gabriel, Tomoe, Hank, and Maria noticed it.

"C'mon kid!" Gabriel whispered.

"7, 6"

"It's not the way of honor not practicing traditions with friends!" Tomoe whispered.

"5, 4"

"Yeah. There's nothing to be ashamed of!" Hank urged.

"3, 2"

"Chant with us dammit!" Maria yelled as low as she could.

"1, 0!" everyone yelled, this time with CR-S01. As soon as everyone said zero, a bright burst of red light appeared in the sky with a loud boom could be heard by everyone. Some cheered as more shot up while some awed at the flaring lights. CR-S01 couldn't help but awe along with some at the beautiful lights.

"Not bad for a first!" Gabriel laughed as he slapped CR-S01's back.

"That wasn't too hard was it?" Hank laughed along.

"And wait till next year's party!" Maria laughed. "It'll be way bigger than this!"

CR-S01 didn't know what came over him. He suddenly couldn't help but laugh along with them.

"Well, happy New Year everyone!" Tomoe yelled.

"Same to you guys too!" Gabriel said.

"Cheers to a better year!" Hank smiled.

"Yeah!" Maria said as she pumped her fist in the air.

"Happy New Year to you too." CR-S01 laughed.

The next day…

"Are you guys alright?" CR-S01 asked.

"Y-Yeah…" Gabriel answered as he a bag of ice to his head.

"Ugh…" Maria groaned.

"Don't worry about them." Tomoe reassured. "They just have hangover. They'll be alright by tomorrow. It's Esha I'm worried about. She's never absent from the hospital."

"Piece of advice. Don't drink to much like them." Hank told CR-S01 who nodded as he stared at the diagnostician and first responder who groaned in unison.