Okay, so this is my attempt at poetry. :3 It's basically about a guy who's insane and alone and describes his thoughts and feelings. I think I could make him an OC in a fanfic or something...:3 Anyway, even if I don't, try to enjoy the poem! :D


I see demons in my house,

I see blasphemy out my window,

For the holiness is in no God or world,

But in invisible wounds called music...


I have none.


I have plenty.

If you need some, I

Will kindly oblige.

This poem?

The ramblings of a madman,

Or madwoman, gender

Has no meaning; not much does.

Oh, i'm getting distracted


Seemingly occupied,

My friend.

Tension in the atmosphere;

Make of this poem what you will,

But remember, adults of tools and monsters,

A poem need not rhyme to rhyme still,

And it never will.

And a poem need not make sense,

To make sense; It can live in another tense.

OMG SO DEEP. O_O I do wuv my deepness, though. :3 Anyway...*GLOMP* to you all! :D