A/n This takes place right after the ending in the book not the movie. Tim is alive and John is still abroad.

Chapter 1

Somewhere in a war ravaged country...

"Sergeant Tyree, there's too many. I can't hold them off!" Corporal Ames yelled. There were rebel forces everywhere. They had gone in to free civilians and POWs. But the intel had been from dubious sources and there were being swamped. Communications were down with headquarters. John didn't know what to do. He knew he had to get to the rendezvous place at 11 hundred hours with the civilians and POWs.

"Ames, get Boyle and Patterson to shield the group while you and Dickson head off south on my call," he said, "Rocco and I will cause a distraction on the count of 5..."

John was interrupted by Ames, "Sir you can't it'll be suicide."

"There's no other way. It's an order Corporal." commanded John

"Affirmative," replied Ames.

John started counting as he and Rocco were running,

1...Rocco loaded the land to air missile launcher

2...John and Rocco ran to the spot closest to the petrol tanker

3...the civilians and the POWs were gathered

4...all were in position

5...go,go,go John shouted and all hell broke loose

John stood up and just started spraying bullets everywhere. Machine gun noise and gun powder smell filled the air. It was chaos. While Rocco stood up to fire the missile at the tanker, John took a bullet to his shoulder but yelled at Rocco, "Shoot...shoot!". In that moment, time froze. The tanker went up and everything exploded. The enemy was taken out and the ones that were left, fled with burning flesh. Ames led the civilians and POWs to safety. The plan had worked. The objective had been reached. Meanwhile...Rocco was thrown metres into the air landing against the side of a mud dwelling, his neck snapping. John was thrown as just as far, hitting the side of a jeep. He took a moment to find his bearings but there was so much pain. All he could smell was blood. He went to stand and couldn't. His hands were finding something to grasp onto then he felt the reason he couldn't stand. Protruding out of his abdomen was a metal shaft and then he stopped. He stopped fighting. His eyes glazed over and his thoughts drifted to Savannah and he lost consciousness with a grin on his face.

Once the smoke, debris and fallout settled, Ames and Patterson returned to where John and Rocco would be. They searched and searched.

"Ames...its Rocco. He's gone," he said whilst feeling his carotid artery. Ames' head nodded sadly and said, "We need to find Tyree. Keep looking Patterson."

They searched. They wouldn't leave without John and that was when Ames fell. He looked over to see what he tripped on. It was John. Oh no...crap. "John, John..." Ames yelled. He scampered towards him grabbed his shoulders, then he saw a flicker, "John!" he yelled and that's when he felt the very slow and weak heartbeat. "You son of a bitch. Wake up we need to get you out of here!" Ames trying to be positive until he saw the metal shaft. Then he panicked.

"Patterson..over here!" Ames motioned for him to come over.

"Oh shit, what do we do? We can't move him, he'll bleed to death," Patterson screamed nervously. "We need to get him out," said Ames whilst checking the metal shaft. It was short and smooth. If they were quick he might just make it. "Get the cotton pads out of the 1st aid kit, I'll pull it out, we'll pad and wrap...come on Patterson!" yelled Ames. Patterson was shell shocked yet managed to follow Ames' instructions, "On the count of 3...ready 1, 2, 3...".

The moment the shaft was pulled and hellish scream echoed throughout the silent deathly field.

At Tim and Savannah's House

Tim's family and friends had gathered around to celebrate the success of the new therapy. It was working and he was getting better. He had a long road ahead of him but he had Alan and Savannah as inspiration. People wanted him to be well and he was more determined and more hopeful than he had been in a long time. He watched her as there was no one else in the room. She was ethereal, compassionate and beautiful. How did he get so lucky? And with that thought a wave of guilt flooded his conscience. He knew how. He had used his illness to steal her away from her true love John. While he was out God knows where, risking his life for his country and freedom, he stole his girlfriend. But they all had moved on. This was his life now. If John would ever appear in Savannah's life again, he would deal with it. But for now he needed to stay positive and enjoy the love.

Outside the house...

Savannah was really enjoying the party but more so enjoying watching Tim alive and well. Wherever the mysterious donation came from she couldn't be more intrigued or more thankful. Life was good at the moment. But there were times when her thoughts wandered to John. When they did, she'd go outside and stare at the moon. This was such a time. Alan was talking to a girl and Tim was talking excitedly to some of the locals so she snuck outside. Standing on the porch and leaning on the verandah she looked out and there was the moon; brilliant and white and just as John had always said "as big as your thumb". Would she ever see him again? She had lost that right years ago. But gee, it would be nice, just to hold him one more time. Talk to him and hear his voice...yes well, if the heavens saw fit maybe one day she'd run into him. Just then she felt an all encompassing feeling of dread...John!

Suddenly someone placed his hand on her shoulder. It startled her as she spun around, "Tim...oh jeez, you scared me!" she said breathlessly.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. You must have been deep in thought," not continuing with what he was really thinking (thinking of John were you?).

"I was just staring at the moon. It's so beautiful tonight," she replied.

"It is...come on people are leaving and they want to say goodbye," he continued.

"OK let's go..." said Savannah but before she moved Tim held her by the shoulders and kissed her then said, "I feel so blessed tonight. I have you, Alan and my health. What more could a person ask for? So before I forget thank you for tonight and thank you for loving me."

"Oh you...," she didn't know what to say. She felt it to be awkward but why, because she was thinking if John. Was she betraying this wonderful man with her thoughts? "Come on...let's go and say goodbye. We have an early start tomorrow," she said linking arms and walking in unison back into the house.